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Steering with an 85 Blazer

hmcclenneyhmcclenney Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
I have a 85 chevy blazer with the 6.2 disel. I replaced the steering gear box and now my truck has a lot of play in the wheel is there anything I can to do to correct this?


  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I assume it was a junk yard box so was it good. You can loosen the nut on top and tighten the screw adjustment down and that removes the play between the rack and gear in the box but don't over tighten or the wheel will NOT return to center by itself, it will bind. Are all the tie rods, pitman arm, idle arm, and ball joints good too? Alignment OK? Tires inflated all the same? Those heavy older trucks loved to wander and a steering stablizer often helped. If 4wd the king pins also need to be checked.
  • The steering coloumn (don't think I spelled that right,but U know what I mean) has gone CRAZY! I got in my beautiful, blue baby, started it, belted in, and when I went to adjust my steering wheel to my desired comfort it just about fell off ! It wabbled all over the place so bad I could imagine it completely coming off in my hands as I was driving down the road. I'm broke after the holidays so I just asked a few mechanics I know, what could it be? One told me ,"The bearings" someone else I know laughed at that and said he had a similiar thing happen. He told me There's three bolts inside the ' coloumn ' and they need replaced. Before I could have that done the starter went out. I had the starter replaced first and the steering wheel actually feels a little more secure. Am I crazy ? Or is this just wishful thinking? I know the 'coloumn' still needs fixed, just need to save a little more money. Anyone think either one of these guys are right about what it could be? Single mom needs your advice. Thanks :blush:
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