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Introduce yourself to other Entourage owners here :-)


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  • lightingguylightingguy Member Posts: 2
    After a few months of research, I purchased a 2007 Entourage SE for my wife. From what I could tell the Honda had the best overall rating but for me the Entourage was the best value. The sticker price was 27.500 and with our trade I paid 24,500. I paid close to the same money for my last van (2002 Winstar) and the Hyundai is three times the vehicle.
    It now has 300 miles on it and we really like it. The only thing I wish was available on the SE model was a power rear hatch. The climate control system is a bit confusing for my wife.

    If the dealer would have had a limited version on the lot I probably would have purchased it.
  • bspikebspike Member Posts: 9
    I did the same, purchased a 2007 Entourage SE for my wife. She loves it. And yes, the climate control is also a bit confusing for her. For me however, I still can't tell for sure whether the air conditioning unit runs in manual mode. It seems as though it does because we get cool air but the AC button is not lit, which is the case in Auto mode.

    Does anyone know how to prevent the air conditining unit from running in manual mode?
  • hrngffcrhrngffcr Member Posts: 90
    I think I have just the opposite problem or question. On mine, on auto the AC light is not lit and I'm not sure whether the AC is on when the climate control is on auto.
  • insuainsua Member Posts: 1
    :shades: Hi you beauties and Merry Christmas. I'm delivering gasoline to gas stations in a big truck 5 days a week on 12 hour shifts. The bouncin around and standing around waiting wears me out. But I have something nice I look forward to at the end of my shift. That pretty good looking 2007 Hyundai Entourage. On Nov 2nd I traded in my cute gas saving 2004 Toyota Corolla S with moon roof. I needed more seat belts to stay legal. And Bam whalla a van. Sure the mpg's are decreased in comparison. But to tell the truth theres no comparison. I, we, everyone is enjoying the Hyundai, no regrets at all. We loaded up six and skipped across the border to Mexico 40 miles south of Puerto Nuevo. Comfort all the way.

    Pre-trip 91oct and a K&N air filter

    I've owned motorcycles, volkeswagon squarebacks/fastbacks, 1969 4 speed 383 Roadrunner, 1984 Suzuki Samuri, 1976 Dodge Van, 1989 Chrysler Landua, 1970 Ford pick-up, and for 7 years I've been driving commercial trucks. International, Kenworth, Freightliner, Mac.

    The Hyundai is the cream of the crop.

    I would enjoy a telescopic steering wheel and a pocket sized Rumba to keep the carpet clean. A dust fairy and self cleaning glass. But hey! I'll live.

    I don't get free gas. I don't recieve a discount. I have a budget, darn. When I was in Denmark 1993 the price of Gasoline was $ 5.25 a liter. I was a jobless, car less and careless party animal and yet I could see what the U.S. was headed for, higher gas prices. Well the higher prices are here and their is no visible ceiling. It's invisible, it parades around us as supply and demand. So, I know what it's like not having money that exceedes my desires and I say, get used to it. The car we have is a luxury car. So if you've come this far your enjoying life. While most people are suffering poverty without the fancy ride. We suffer thru our mpg missery in comfort and style. My kids don't pay for the gas and all they tell me is they love the van and don't miss the little Corolla. My wife is very happy and is out driving the van around now. Bling costs. Do you like your Bling? You did when you bought it. Don't let that little mpg indicator ruin it for you. Write your mileage down on your fuel reciepts and stick them in a folder to keep track, then just throw them away when you get tired of the bunch. Reset the mpg indicator often to see the 25 mpg more often then turn it to compass, temperature or off. I'm not sugesting that you ignore or pretend the mpgs bother you or any other peves you may have. What I am saying is for you middle class, upper middle class beauties Face it, if this were a RollsRoyce you wouldn't be crying about how much gas you used. You would drive it regardless. You want to be fancy pants but you only want to shop at Ross. Understood. Stop your crying. Wake up. We aren't rich and we can't afford the best. An outrageous car with our own personel driver, a corporate gas card and free car washes.

    Get real. Get Hyundai. A fantasticlly designed 7 passenger van, with removable mid seats and fold into the floor rear seats.

    So, there I have to go eat Chinese food in East Los Angeles, CA my wife is here to pick us up. She just called me on her cell from outside our 1 bedroom rented duplex upon returning from Wal-mart. The buffet will be filling no doubt. And theres sure to be plenty of room for my fattened belly when were done.

    Please excuse me if I seemed rude at any time. My upbringing was not so posh. But I'm working on it. I'm a Christian too so if you must bash me, I'll take it with a grain of salt.

    Keep the Christ in Christmas and the Hyundai in the proper perpective.

    Bye and Thank You for your forum my Hyundai is Super Cool and so is YOURS!">link title
  • hiomoosehiomoose Member Posts: 1
    We recently purchased this pre-owned (one owner) 2007 Entourage with 35K miles, from CARMAX. for $14,995. Now have 41K miles on it and love it. The SE version has an inordinate amount of nice extras that are worth the slight extra $$$ you'll pay for them. Power sliding doors, seat heaters, power drivers seat, back up sensors, better climate controls, compass-fuel mode console, power third seat wing windows, etc.

    I've heard complaints about gas mileage but this vehicle is awesome. Gets 20 - 22 all around type mileage and on highway 23 -24 mpg.
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