Toyota 4Runner Audio/Entertainment System Questions

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I have an '05 4Runner Limited with the built in dvd player. We were told when we bought the car new, that we could play the sound through the speakers rather than the wireless headphones. We didn't ask many questions because we weren't planning on using it. Now we are interested in using it, but we can't figure out how to get the sound through the speakers. Any ideas on what we should do? Thanks.


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    I recently purchased a 2006 4Runner with factory nav. I want to gain access to the back of the nav system to add an ipod adapter cable but can't seem to figure out how the audio console disassembles. Has anyone done this yet or have the manuals?
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    DM, sorry but I don't have the manual but I do know that most of the trim is held in with spring clips.

    If you go to your dealer, they should be more than happy to print you out the detailed directions for accessing the radio.

    Good luck to you!
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    I never thought of that, guess I just figured they'd want to do the work and charge me for it :) Thanks for the tip!
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    Has anyone's antenna diconect from motor?
    Motor moves but antenna stays put.
    The antenna can be moved my hand, and there are no kinks or dents?
    I'm puzzled.
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    I am having the same problem with my 1997 4Runner.... antenna motor runs, but the antenna won't go up or down... its stuck at about half heighth....

    I was going to install a new one but can't figure out where to dis-connect the solid black wire, which is the one that brings the reception to the radio.... any ideas?

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    Same here! :confuse:
    Just waiting for some one to tell us how to ! :)
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    I had this exact problem. The "chain" lift is made of plastic, and had broken. My dealer repaired it for $180.00. They said it would have been less if no parts of the chain had fallen down into the antenna motor. Of course, mine had. This was a quick repair. You also get a new antenna with this fix. Hope this helps.
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    Check these out (it's for Lexus, but should be similar):

    The black wire is disconnected by simply pulling down on the top part of the wire. It's a snug fit, so just grab it and gently twist and pull.

    You can buy a new mast from ebay for about $20. Simple install, even if you have to open up the motor. Well worth it to DIY to save big $$.
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    I went to the dealer, $50 and in stock Sold!
    Went home and took front tire off (so fat head will fit in wheel well)
    Removed the plastic skirt that is between the inner fender and the outer fender.
    Motor/antenna held in place with one bolt and odd nut up top!
    The odd nut was removed (needle nose pliers opened up ) did it nicely.
    The nut under unit was removed.
    The wire harness can be poped off from engine side .
    Removed screws holding the area were the plastic cable ends up.
    Removed broken cable and reassemble the unit and put it back in place.
    Put key in the acc. position and turned on the radio.
    Put down window so could reach inside.
    Removed odd nut and set to side then fed new cable into neck of antenna (same way the old one was)
    Turned off radio and helped ( watched)the antenna set it's self.
    If didn't go in , turn radio back on and feed the cable 180~ then turn off radio.
    Replaced the odd nut .
    Replace that black plastic skirt (took longer than radio fix)
    Not much blood was lost.
    Almost forgot !
    Replace tire! :shades:
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    2000 4runner (limited 4WD)
    My Auto door open and lock does not work when I press the button on my remote key. Is it the actuator on the door? Do you know? Can I fix it myself or do I have to take it in?

  • amphonamphon Member Posts: 3
    2000 4runner (limited 4WD)
    My Auto door open and lock does not work when I press the button on my remote key. Is it the actuator on the door? Do you know? Can I fix it myself or do I have to take it in?

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    2000 4runner (limited 4WD)

    My CD player skips every 3 seconds. The light on the radio console is broken. Does anyone know how to fix these items or is it time to get a completely new one installed. How much does it cost for new (material and labor)?

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    The same thing happened to my '99 4 Runner. I managed to unhook the power cable that goes to the motor. It's hard to reach. Of course, now my antenna won't ever go down and I can't go through an automated car wash. The motorized antenna is something I prefer to do without , anyway. Too annoying when switching from radio to CD to radio to cassette to radio , etc......
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    Get a catalog off the internet from Crutchfield (located in Charlottesville,VA). Loads of great info!!
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    took a jvc cd player from another car to replace the toyota factory cassette in my 95 4runner.

    Acccording to the jvc instructions, I should touch the wires with a AA battery and when I hear static through the speakers I have the correct pair for each speaker but I hear nothing when I touch any of the wires and the battery is good.

    Already cut the plug off and now I have the dash of the truck on the floor and no idea how to proceed.

    I have the battery and ignition wires connected so when I turn the key to accessory; I have power and the radio will search for stations but I had no sound with my first connection attempts when I tried to follow the instructions. It will also start to pull a cd in but rejects it half way through without even attempting to scan it.

    Help! I'm in Alaska and not connected by road to anywhere. Would cost a few hundred dollars and take 2-3 days for me to go to an install place and I've never had problems doing car repair or maintenance before.

    Where do I go from here?
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    I was going to recommend - did you try Try too? You might find some free wiring diagrams online with one of the links in the Online Repair Manuals guide.

    When I hit an impasse like this, I go back to square one and start over.

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    I looked at Crutchfield but their info is all for the wiring harnesses and as per the JVC install instructions, I cut that out.

    The install dr wiring diagram of the plug is close to what's in my truck but apparently not close enough.

    The cd player worked fine in my old Trooper.

    Nothing I do with the battery will cause static in the speakers. Any idea on that?

    I'm ready to just try combos of wiring but don't want to short anything.
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    The last time I put a radio in was 1982. :blush:

    Some sites say to use a 9 volt battery to check the speakers for a short, not AAs. You should hear a pop or thump if they are ok.

    Only thing else I can think of is a short in the speaker wire, flaky fuse somewhere or a bad ground. Unless you managed to turn the balance or fade button so far when you were swapping stuff around that you killed the sound that way.

    Here's another link to look at. Oh, here's another.
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    I have a 1995 Toyota 4runner, and I am having problems with the CD player. Whenever I put a CD into the CD slot, it spits it right out and goes back to the radio. Every single time it does this. Why is it doing this? If you know, please let me know....
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    I really only have this problem with burnt CD's....Probably just the laser is old and new technology is too much for our old school CD/tape players.
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