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Dodge Caliber Suspension Problems

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,372
Discuss Caliber suspension problems here


  • caliberqueencaliberqueen Member Posts: 2
    I live in the UK..and I am driving my second caliber..the first one had steering issues, engine cut outs..and a host of other problems..in the end I gave my car back to the finance company..two years on, I am able to get another this time the caliber is the same model 2L CVT..SXT trim...very nice and noticed some of the features have been removed auto dimming on the rear view mirror, tyre pressure system and engine cover?? anyway I now have a 2008(58 reg) model...the car had 6500 on the clock and drove like a dream..well it still does.but.basically now at slow speeds..minor potholes...etc I am hearing a "hollow, popping" like noise coming from the suspension?? as I drive over these areas of the road..my other Caliber had this also but I had that one from NEW and it started straight away..took it to the Dealers and they heard the noises and applied a "fixing kit" and problem solved..to be honest I had forgotten all about this and my car has just started showing the same symptons it has 13,500 on the clock now....I have it booked in on Thursday(12 nov) to take it for a test with the mechanic..I am hoping they will "hear" the noise as all the staff are the same people from the previous dealership...a bit long winded but just wondering if anyone..anywhere has the same problem and what might be causing this?? :(
  • tamimitamimi Member Posts: 1
    I am driving an SE 2008, CVT caliber purchased from Dodge Sales Agency (Zero mileage), I live in Jordan (middle east) and has travelled 16,000km so far, and currently encountering the same noise problem coming from the suspension! took it to the Dodge service partner, they tried to adjust the back trunk to ensure there is no lose within, but the noise is still there. had checked the shock absorbers, and the rubbers all looked in good condition. I would appreciate to know if yours has been successfully fixed and what did the repair center apply to resolve this issue?
  • bioenginebioengine Member Posts: 1
    New in Jan 2007 Caliber, 10,900 miles....less than two months out of warranty, I fail NYS inspection because of bad tie rods, The Chrysler/dealer gave a "goodwill repair", only cost me $108.00 of the $325.00 estimate b4 hand.

    My Problem is, the dealer didn't see any problem with that???????????????.....under 11k, and the tie rods are shot....hmmm?

    This car is babied!....no reason for failure!

    Anyway, yea...."BOTH outers" were loose....like something you'd see on a 100k car.
  • hellionxhellionx Member Posts: 1
    No doubt I like my Caliber alot...but I have all the same issues I have read in this forum. At 27k my front suspension blew, 1000 dollars to fix because my tie rods were also shot. Now I have a loud clunking noise when the car goes off camber like turning into a steep driveway. Anyone know what the bad clunking would be? My tie rods and struts were replaced and the noise is still evident. :mad:
  • shleppyshleppy Member Posts: 1
    May want to have a shop put it up in the air and check floor pan bolts.... one of which may have backed out a bit and is contacting your exhaust system. That was what happened to mine.
  • caliberwoescaliberwoes Member Posts: 3
    Have you tried the control arms my list of things to do include shocks control arms brakes all around I have done the tie rod ends and it goes on only have a 130,000 km on her and she seem's to need more every day
  • turtle217turtle217 Member Posts: 1
    my 2007 dodge caliber has bad rear shocks. i like to replace my own parts on my car. when i get to the top part of the shock i can not get to it. is there anyway i can get to it without destroying my car?
  • hawk34hawk34 Member Posts: 1
    There are knockouts on the outer sides of the unibody under the rear fender top ot the tire area. Im sure that you figured it out by now
  • valjo70valjo70 Member Posts: 1
  • msims734msims734 Member Posts: 2
    I bought my '11 caliber new last August. About 3 months later (3000 miles), it started to make a loud creaking noise from the front left when going over bumps. I took it back to the dealership 6 times and they replaced a whole list of things, finally telling me that it is a normal noise. But I don think it is. If anyone has had similar a experience with their car. Or know what it could be PLEASE let me know.(also it has 13000 miles now and makes the noise randomly.)
  • ajr006ajr006 Member Posts: 2
    I bought a used 2007 caliber..about 70k. But I've had similar issues. Within the first 3 weeks I heard noises coming from the front driver side and rear passenger. It failed inspection. Needed to replace front ball joint and rear struts. Got the car back...A week later I'm hearing loud creaking popping grinding sounds from the front. When I go over even minor bumps its like the whole car is being pounded from the bottom by sledge hammers. Brought it to a private mechanic. He said both rear lower arm bushings and both front hub units need replacing. The rear issue is supposedly for suspension. As for the front MAJOR safety issue. My tires could lock and the car could flip...going to the dealership for the 6th time to complain tomorrow. PS the sounds in the front happen when I back out of my hill driveway, going from a stopped position and turning.
  • dougw64dougw64 Member Posts: 3
    Hello, the noise you are hearing believe it or not is because the emergancy brake cable is a bit to short and is rubbing on the rubber gromet through the frame. No big problem just an anoying sound.
  • dougw64dougw64 Member Posts: 3
    My 2007 Caliber is scuffing tires :( off like crazy. Anyone else have this problem. New rear control arms are $450 each and i dont know if that is the fix or not.
  • dougw64dougw64 Member Posts: 3
    Had similar noise it was the control arm bushings.
  • butterfly6988butterfly6988 Member Posts: 2
    Well, i bought my 07 2 yrs ago and omg i have changed the shocks and struts after 6 months and now then need changed again.. I found out that caliber are prone to needing them done after i had them changed the first time.. wish i never bought this car..:( :P
  • nomoredodges02nomoredodges02 Member Posts: 1
    I also bought a 2011 Caliber mainstreet.My tires started cupping at around 8000 mi.I took it in they advised me to rotate more often.Of course I did. then all four tires were cupped.So, what was cupping the front end problem or a back end problem.I was told the back schocks were bad by a tire dealer.The another tire dealer told me it was just poor quality of the car. Dodge told me they couldn't find anything.Meanwhile the road noise was driving me mad.I replaced the tires muself and had an alignment.The car ran quite no road noise but, when I hit the smallest of bumps.It sounded like bare metal parts hitting together.I took it back to dodge and told them to get to the problem and tell me the truth.They changed out the left and right lower arm controls and the noise stopped.By the time I went through all this I had 22000 mi. on the car.I decided I would not go through this again so, I traded it in on a 2013 Hundai Sonata.Now I enjoy a nice quiet ride.
    good luck with yours.
  • cqueencqueen Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2012 Caliber and I have the same problems and noises. I have 21000 miles on it and the noises didnt start until 18000. I have taken it numerous times and have had all kinds of parts replaced and the noise is still there and It Is Not Normal!
  • butterfly6988butterfly6988 Member Posts: 2
    Do what I just did and traded it in.. I've seen so many posts about a ton of different problems that will continue until u do get rid of it.. :lemon:
  • steveatssteveats Member Posts: 1
    Wow..I have been going through this exact same thing. Just bought new tires due to "cupping;" but, noise is already back and it hasn't even been a month yet.
  • tomahawk576tomahawk576 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. I took mine in at 18,000 miles complaining of excessive road noise and creaky suspension. The dealership replaced the rear struts and lower control arms. Noise never went away. Took the car in again at 29,000 miles complaining of the same issues, dealer replaced trailing arms; noise still never went away. Now at 55,000 miles, my rear tires are scalloped (i.e. there is no tread on the insides) indicating a rear end out of alignment; need to replace the struts again because they are leaking... So this will be my third pair of rear struts in ONLY 55,000 miles which is absolutely unacceptable!! I will also need another set of rear lower control arms, and front upper and lower control arms! And on top of that new rear tires, but that isn't as big of a deal. :sick: My advice don't buy this car and hopefully Chrysler customer service and I can work out some kind of deal.
  • rivalbossmamrivalbossmam Member Posts: 1
    My 2010 dodge caliber has been scaring me since last winter. It skates across the road, back and forth. It sways. It feels like its un controllable. Tires appear ok. Even ware on them. The back end squeaks like an old chuck wagon from the back end. Its summer now and it still feels jumpy in the road. Any idea what I should look out for. This car scares me?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJMember Posts: 3,516
    Definitely sounds like a rear suspension problem... could be as simple as a blown shock, or could be more involved. But definitely have the rear suspension checked as quickly as possible.

    KCRam - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Host
  • tesiloutesilou Member Posts: 4
    I have a 2012 Caliber and I am going through the same thing! Creaking noise in the front along with clunks, rattles, squeaks like metal on metal. It started around 18,000 miles and it now has 24,000. I have had front struts replaced and something on the front brake calipers. They said the noise is gone and it isn't!! I ma SO at my witts end and I don't know what to do! I am hearing these noises in the rear as well now. I seriously REGRET buying this car!
  • nomoredodges2nomoredodges2 Member Posts: 3
    I had a 2012 caliber mainstreet.My tires started cupping by 8000 mi.The dealer couldn't find a problem.Just said you need to rotate the tires more often.I tried a few tire dealers.They told me to try a different make automobile.Due to the rotations all my tires became cupped and the noise was horrendous.I replaced the tires the road noise went away but, there was a noise of metal clanging under the car that I didn't hear before because of the tire noise i guess.They replaced the control arms on the front and I immediately traded the car for a 2013 Hyundai.I now have 12000 mi. on it and have a noise similar to the tire noise on the caliber.But, the service techs. cannot hear the noise.So,I must have better hearing at 75yrs. old than the much younger service tech.
  • tesiloutesilou Member Posts: 4
    My 2012 Dodge Caliber is currently in service for the 4th time within the past month & 1/2. They have had to replace nearly EVERYTHING underneath. All 4 struts were bad, control armS, ball joint, stabilizer bar, evaporative system, and much more. Note this car has only 23000 miles on it with noises from all under the car beginning around 18000. Do not buy a Caliber !! It has been a nightmare. I am dealing with the manufacturer on this matter and they are being very slow at responding. Next up .... LAWYER!! This car is totally unsafe!! Anyone else having problems I would love to hear from you!
  • nomoredodges2nomoredodges2 Member Posts: 3
    I had problems with my 2012 caliber.The tires were cupping.This was noticeable at 12000 mi.I had only rotated my tires once.The dealer said this was the problem.But, because I had rotated the tires all four were cupping.I talked to a tire dealer and he said it was the kind of inferior car I was driving.It got so noisy that I replaced the tires.Most of the noise went away.But then I could hear metal clanging under the front of the car.I took it in and said can you hear this? and they did.They replaced the upper support arms .It seemed alright for a short time then I could hear some noise start again so, I traded it for a Hyundai Sonata.Took a tremendous loss but, I don't go to sleep and wake up thinking about it.I did go on the internet and found out that the Caliber has had front end problems since 2005 or 2006.I wish I had checked this out before I bought the Caliber.My advise is get rid of it and don't ever buy another Chrysler product.They knew of this problem and didn't do anything to correct it.They don't deserve your business.
  • tesiloutesilou Member Posts: 4
    I will not go out without a fight............ >:-{ !!! They should be ashamed of themselves for selling PURE JUNK! I had used cars that were in better shape than this !!! My car is going in for the 5th time. Each time I have taken it in it is a different problem. The whole suspension system fell and is still ,falling apart!! Absolutely unbelievable!!
  • nomoredodges2nomoredodges2 Member Posts: 3
    I was having a senior moment when I said I had a 2012 Caliber.Actually it was a 2011.That happens when you get old.
  • lashed68lashed68 Member Posts: 1
    Just recently rolled my 2010 caliber I should have known better the very first week I had it felt a very squirrely I attributed it to it being new to me and I was driving on a newly finished highway. Had another incident in June steering went out when husband was driving on highway wet rainy conditions. The good thing is not one window was broken and me and my sister walked away even though steering failed and we were thrown into a ditch and into oncoming traffic was very scary but no injuries would like to know if anybody else has had rollovers in this car or any loss of steering.
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