Fouling Distributor

SafariboySafariboy Member Posts: 1
edited September 2020 in GMC
Cure for fouling distributor. I had this problem and it was killing my van. It would not start. Changing distributors was the only cure until I found the answer. You must have the plug wires made for this vehicle, not brand but specification. The problem was the exact coil wire that goes to the distributor. It must be to spec. But here's the kicker. The wire jacket that is supposed to be on the coil wire cannot be absent. The coil wire receives 6 times more wear than the other plug wires. The coil wire cannot function properly without this simple but essential insulating jacket. I bought new insulator at Harbor Freight. The insulator covers the short coil cable for it's length from plug boot to plug boot. Rain, shine, storm and tropical humidity have not bothered it and she starts right up like a champ everytime. This was no easy fix. I was truly confounded. When it rained it was really horrible! Not any more. It was a two dollar insulator that nearly killed my 270k Safari mini-van! Who would have thought. No distributor foul, no problem. WOW!
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