Coolant Leak, what now?

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Hi, so I had noticed a slight burnt smell from the hood after driving and exiting the car. Then While driving the Temp gauge went all the way into the red. I went home, and next day drove to mechanic 3 Miles away, on the way it went into the red again, started slowing down slightly (the engine) then it stalled at a red light...It started up again, and Idrove normally through residential streets until I made it to the shop. Turns out it was a coolant leak, there was NO coolant left in Basin or Radiator, Radiator fans were on low (barely on) because there was no coolant left to sense it to be on. My question is: After he fixes the coolant leak, PLEASE tell me that the engine should still be okay? I could hardly see just a little driving in the red temp would damage the engine. Anyone have a heated problem like that and these engines are tough to take some temporary stress test? Thanks
2000 Buick Le Sabre 230,000K
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