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Honda CR-V Bulb Replacement

johnsljohnsl Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Honda
Need to repace a burnt out brake light bulb. Tried getting panel off as Manual says, remove screws pull off but panel seems to still be attached. IS ther more to undo??


  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Unscrew the bulb. Twist it. No need to disconnect the socket, I believe.

    Does anyone else know?
  • Am not that far in. Panel I cannot get off is the full piece you see when standing directly behind the vehicle. Supposed to be pulled off once two screws are removed but will not pull of to expose all the 4 possible bulbs within.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    I would carefully try a small flat bladed screwdriver, and prying it.
  • sky23213sky23213 Posts: 300
    I wonder if the instructions/pictures in the manual are a reprint from an earlier version and there's stuff not added... Just had a low beam bulb burn out this week. Looked up the manual - simple enough, pretty much the same as my other car. Bought bulb. Opened the hood - well, simple indeed, just very hard to reach in. Had to remove the connector above (for the blinker) to be able to reach in. And unclipping/clipping back the retaining wire has to be done by feel and imagination - impossible to see exactly what you're doing.
  • does anyone know how to replace the overhead interior light bulb? The one that comes on when the car door opens?
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    does anyone know how to replace the overhead interior light bulb? The one that comes on when the car door opens?

    Year or generation would help.

    The instructions are probably in the Owner's Manual.
  • Sorry. It is a 2004 CRV. There are no instructions on interior lights in the owner's manual.
  • hofamehofame Posts: 3
    Would someone please post the interior bulb replacement info for a 2008 CR-V, specifically the front overhead spotlights. I need to access the front screws that hold the panel in place.
  • hofamehofame Posts: 3
    Info no longer needed. Mission accomplished.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Now that you have that figured out perhaps you would consider sharing what you found with others. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • 51985198 Posts: 11
    I too need help on replacing the back brake light. 06-CRV...thks
  • johnsljohnsl Posts: 3
    Post #4 was the trick. Remove screws and had to pry the assembly off, snaps back on. But that was a 2002 version. 06-CRV is still similar so may work.
  • hofamehofame Posts: 3
    Sure! I wanted to access a hot wire in the forward upper interior light so that I could hook up the feed to my radar detector and have it exit at the top of the windshield. I was not certain how to get to the front bolts that hold the light unit in place. The rear bolts are visible inside the holder for glasses. A service tech told me just to pop off the lenses by prying with a screwdriver. I was leery of breaking something but it worked. That is also how you access the bulbs for replacement. Hope this helps.
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