Weighing my Options for Upgrading to a Vehicle with Towing Capacity

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Hello Everyone!
I would really love some advice and guidance. I have been casually looking into buying a truck as a second vehicle to tow a horse trailer so I could take my horse out on some adventures. I then had the idea of selling my 2017 VW Golf Sportwagen, which I have owned for 2 and a half years, and instead purchasing an SUV with at least 5,000 lbs towing capacity that still had decent gas mileage to use as both my daily driver and for towing a lightweight horse trailer. This would avoid having me pay for insurance both cars. I want something under $15k so I could pay cash. Some options I looked at are VW Toureg (2010-2014), Chevy Traverse, V6 Hyundai Santa Fe, and even 2009 Saturn Outlook. Any other ideas for cars to look at would be appreciated!

I won't be doing a lot of towing over the winter , but I got a good offer on my car from Carvana and I am worried that if I don't sell now my car will rapidly depreciate. It is 3years old, 73k miles and has a manual transmission, and a station wagon so it is not the most sought after. Has anyone ever been in a similar situation? I am not picky on any features for the new car, I am just looking for the most economical way to tow a trailer and drive about 350 miles a week.

Thanks for any advice!


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    What weight do you actually expect to tow? Especially on a boxy trailer like a horse one, I would be wary of towing that much With those unibody smaller ones. Something heavier duty, or a PU, would probably hold up better.

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    Agree with @stickguy - I also wouldn't worry about sudden depreciation on your VW, it's already depreciating.
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