Lexus GX 470 Tires

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Got questions about your wheels or pressure sensors? Getting new snow tires for the rig? How big a dub can your GX manage anyway? :shades:


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    Hi -
    I live in Wisconsin, and this year started out pretty white. I have 29000 miles on Dunlop factory supplied tires, which seem fine in summer but not great on cold snow. Thinking about buying a set of snow specific tires. Any suggestions? Comments?
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    I've got a set of Nokia hakkapeliittas on my 2003 4Runner, which uses the same frame and drivetrain as the GX 470. They are noticeably louder and cut my fuel economy by at least 1 mpg. But they are awesome in the snow. I've driven through 18" of fresh snow (dragging the frame) without any problems. Far, far better braking and turning ability than when I drove it in the snow with the OEM Dunlops.
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    Hey thanks - will look into it. As you say, this is about braking and cornering - to many people think the 4 wheel drive gives them something they don't have!
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    On the Dunlops, I had a couple short slides at low speeds with just a little bit of snow on the ground. Way too exciting for me. The Nokians are much better. But they are a lot louder and cost me 1-2 mpg.

    Your GX470 probably has more sound insulation than my 4Runner, so perhaps they won't increase the cabin noise as much on your truck.

    You still have to use significant caution in the snow, even with the Nokians. It is really easy to get over confident because you have so much traction from a stop, with the tires and full-time 4WD. So test braking often when driving in the snow...
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    I am buying an 08 470 and don't like the look of the wheels or size. I am not looking to pimp it out, but would like a larger wheel that looks better and a 4 season tire. Any suggestions? I would prefer to have the dealer swap them out in the deal. Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.
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    The Tire Rack has a View on Vehicle gizmo that will let you see how various wheels will look on your 08. link

    Whether the dealer will work with the Tire Rack or has their own supplier is something you'll have to ask your salesperson about I guess, and who know what kind of deal they may be willing to do.

    Any other new '08 owners getting new shoes for their new GX-470?
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    I recently bought a 2008 GX 470 .On standart equipment and installed options it desribes the tires as: 265/65SR17 Mud and snow tires.

    But, the tires on my car are Bridgestone 265/65R17 840 Dueler. This is not a snow and mud tire. (it is infact described as a summer tire):

    1) I was wondering what kind of tires your 2008 GX came with.
    2) We have 2-3 months of snow. Are these tires good enough, or would you recommend changing them?

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    My 08 came with Dunlop Grandtrek. Go to and look at the reviews for your Bridgestones. I wanted to swap before I bought but I wanted a larger rim and they would not do that swap. I can only say that my Dunlops did fine this winter in MN but I would not say these were excellent snows. I prefer a quieter smoother tire than a really aggressive noisy tire. I live in civilization with good snow removal and have 4 wheel drive. If I get stuck, I am an idiot.
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    Thanks, looks like I'll need some winter tires also.
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