squealing sound

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I have changed both belts and power steering pump. It still squeals when i start it up but eventually goes away. Any suggestions?


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    Did someone put belt dressing on the belt and pulleys? That stuff will cause trouble forever.

    The alternator may be trying to charge a battery that's requiring a high amp load at first
    causing the belt to slip.

    The belt may need more tension from the adjusting pulley--IIRC those still had pulleys to adjust
    rather than tensioners. If a tensioner, the spring may be weak causing the belt to have too little tension.

    You might try the alternator load theory by putting on the rear window defroster, the AC with its fans to add load along with the headlights when starting the car to see if that intensifies the slip.

    Your pulleys could be misaligned especially if something was replaced on the belt and the pulley is not
    in the right position or is not straight.

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