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Cadillac SRX Tires and Wheels


  • marcy42marcy42 Member Posts: 6
    Cadillac says you can't rotate the tires because the frt and rear are difference sizes. The wear on the frt tires is terrible and require replacement yearly. What problems will I encounter if I buy 4 of the frt tire size and then rotate them I can't understand why Cadillac would use different size tires in the first place!
  • sls002sls002 Member Posts: 2,788
    If they are not unidirectional tires, you could move them from one side to the other and run them in the reverse direction which may help with wear. The wheels seem to be the same size front and back, so the 235 tires could be used both front and back. This would probably limit the load that could be carried in back.
  • b4zb4z Member Posts: 3,372
    If your front tires are wearing that quickly there is an alignment or pressure problem. I got 37K out of mine and there was still good tread.
  • sls002sls002 Member Posts: 2,788
    I had not really looked at the 20 inch wheel sport option that is new for 2007, but with this option the tires are 255/50's both FRONT and rear. This suggests to me that one could put 255/55's in front to replace the 235/60's. However, one should mount the rear wheels/tires on the front to make sure there is enough clearance. I would think that this would work on 2007 models for sure. Pre-2007 models are less clear, but by mounting the rear wheels/tires in front to check the full right/left turn to see if there is clearance should clear up any question.

    The point is that one could then rotate the wheels/tires with 255's on all wheels.
  • srx2008srx2008 Member Posts: 1
    I own an 2005 SRX with 18 inch wheels...I too wanted the 255s all around........the 255s fit in front no problem...
    The dealer did not recommend as it would put unnecessary stress on the front end and may cause hydroplaning in extreme conditions.......and if 255s in front caused any damage or premature wear the warranty would not cover...
    For winter I put 235s all problem......
    I am looking for a set of 2006 2007 SRX 18 inch wheels...
  • bombshellbombshell Member Posts: 2
    I took my srx into have it serviced and they rotated my tires!(tires rubbed on front fender) The next time I took it in they were going to rotate my tires but told me they couldn't because they are different sizes! Next day I went back and asked if tires were in their right position? They weren't. Could this cause damage to my car?
  • sls002sls002 Member Posts: 2,788
    I had assumed that prior to 2007 the 255 tires were too wide to fit in front. My guess is that any damage would be visible, but your tires may have been damaged more that the fenders. You should have 235/60 tires on the front wheels and 255/55 tires on the rear wheels.

    I have the 20 inch wheels that come with 255/50 tires on all 4 wheels. The turning circle is still just under 40 feet, so I don't know what has changed.
  • srxmansrxman Member Posts: 6
    I bought a 2004 SRX new. I included the 20" wheel package, boy, what a mistake. 6 months later the chrome was peeling off, so the dealer replaces all four. Now, 3 years later the chrome is peeling off again. Note, they are constantly being cleaned and waxed. I brought my SRX back to the dealer with a clicking noise when I would make a turn. It was discovered that one of the spokes was cracked! Ready for this, I was told that the company who made the wheels is no longer in business!!!!! Any ideas of what I could do with my dealer? Am I stuck buying all new wheels, out-of-pocket????
  • sls002sls002 Member Posts: 2,788
    The 20 inch wheels are a new for 2007 option. The 2004, 2005 and 2006 models only offered 18 inch wheels. I don't know what kind of warranty the wheel dealer included, but these wheels probably could invalidate the Cadillac warranty if they cause any damage to your SRX.
  • dynengineerdynengineer Member Posts: 1
    The two tire sizes are identical in diameter - this was critical for AWD vehicles. You can use all 4 235/65 tires. The load capacity exceeds the design loads as listed on the door placard. It will not affect any components of the car. The larger rear tire was used for aesthetic purposes.
  • cbgb99cbgb99 Member Posts: 2
    2006 SRX, 32000 mi, my right front tire outside edge has tremendous wear. Left side is normal wear. Am I looking at an allignment problem? Is it under warranty?
  • cathlee325cathlee325 Member Posts: 1
    Since the first week I owned my 2005 SRX (now 40,000 miles) I have had problems with low tire pressure in the left rear tire. First shop visit said there was a pin hole in the tire and it had to be replaced (never believed them). Consistently since then I have lived with low tire pressure messages. The sensor has been replaced and the bead seal redone. I've been asked to "monitor it" and the tire has been remounted. Just this week I had two new tires put on the rear because the tire pressure said it was down to 10. There was a small piece of metal near the rim so the tire had to be replaced. This was two days ago. Tonight I get in the car and the tire pressure was down to 17. I'm beginning to think its the rim. Has this been a problem for anyone?
  • b4zb4z Member Posts: 3,372
    both my srx's have not held tire pressure well.
    I bought my '07 july 30, 2007 and took it on the tail of the dragon october 10, 2007 with only 2200 miles on it, and found it after i ran the road at high speeds that i only had 26lbs of air in the tires.
    couldn't figure out why it felt more floppy than my '04 did, thought it was the ultraview taking structure out of the car vs. my '04 base with solid roof.

    i also think i have an out of round rear wheel. both of my srxs have a vibration at high speeds. steering wheel doesn't shake so that means the issue is in the rear of the car.
  • pscheidpscheid Member Posts: 190
    I'm not sure if this helps clarify things regarding the front to rear tire size differences on the SRX. But here I go..

    The narrower tire width in the front (235MM) does help reduce hydroplaning in the wet and also a similar issue in the snow. This is because a narrower tire with a given downforce (weight) exerts more pounds per square inch on the contact area than the wider 255MM tire. Conversely (and theoretically) the wider P255 tire provides more pavement contact area on dry pavement and hence more grip in the dry. The best extreme comparison is a 100 pound woman standing on your hand with a spiked heal shoe. That spiked heal exerts more pounds per square inch force on your hand than a 200 pound woman wearing a flat soled shoe!

    Personally, I find the different sized tires rear versus front, for practical everyday use, ridiculous for the reason others have pointed out. The fronts wear out faster due to the forces of steering, cornering, and weight. And you wind up unable to balance the overall wear of your tires through front to back rotation. I have this problem with my Infinity. You find you are replacing the tires in pairs rather than all at once.

    Same sized tires that satisfy your personal wants and needs should drive your decision. And since you are buying this vehicle for more practical purposes and are not likely to go racing or autocrossing, go for the inclement weather traction and the simplicity of 4 same sized tires that can be rotated front to back. For this discussion, the better inclement weather tire would be 4 tires sized P235-60-18 tires all around.

    I was told that the conversion to a single sized tire insures the same tire diameter all the way around, which one poster said is important for safety. Agreed. The P235-60-18 front tires are the same diameter as the P255-55-18 rear tires.

    Note that as the tire width goes up or down between 235mm and 255mm (change of 20MM), the aspect ratio (essentially the sidewall height, second number) changes to keep the diameters the same. Going from a P235 tire to a wider P255 requires an aspect ratio reduction from the 60 series tire to the 55 series.

    Summary: each 20mm change down or up in tire width requires a one size increase or reduction in the aspect ratio to achieve the same tire/wheel diameter. Up 20MM to P255 and down to 55. Down 20MM to P235 and up to 60.

    Your tire dealer should be able to verify this, especially with a specific tire......they have the diameter charts by brand and tire down to 1/10 of an inch!

    Sorry if what I have written isn't 100% correct, and don't hesitate to point it out if I am wrong. I am just trying to simplify things for those who are less knowledgeable about tire sizes and the safety physics involved.
  • zorro99zorro99 Member Posts: 1
    I took the advise of purchasing the same size (Kuhmo) tires for front and rear, and dropped shipped them to the dealer, but they refused to install. They told me that other customers actually had drive train damage on AWD models. The problem is the AWD transaxle setup conflicting with the difference in rolling diameter between front and rear. Plus it would nullify my warranty. So, I exchanged the rear tires for the spec'd larger ones.
  • roadnoiseroadnoise Member Posts: 1
    I just came from the Goodyear dealership and my 09 SRX4 has tire problems. Started around 18k miles with some rear vibration due to cupping. dealer checked balance and pressure, all perfect, and recommended an all-wheel alignment at my expense- nearly perfect only 1/2 degree off. They recommended running slightly increased tire pressure to minimize vibration. I've got 27k on the car now and the vibration and tire wear is getting too much to tolerate. They are telling me that they cannot rotate so I can just plan on new tires every 25k miles! I've had the car to 2 different tire shops and nobody finds any reason other than "lack of tire rotation" which they tell me I can not do, so... Why in the world would some idiot design and build a car with 2 different sizes? It's a luxury crossover for cryin out loud, not a formula race unit.
  • pscheidpscheid Member Posts: 190
    edited March 2010

    The first generation 2007-2009 SRX had the factory Sport Package Option: 20" wheels, all with exact matching P255-50-R20 tires on all four corners. Straight from Cadillac/GM. Same rolling diameter.

    Second, a zillion people during the winter run either winter tires on their original rims or a dedicated tire//wheel package on first generation SRXs, all exact same size tires on the four corners with the same rolling diameter.

    Third, for those with offset tire sizes that came with the car.....the same diameter between the fronts and the backs is achieved by using different aspect ratio tires (the middle number). For those with factory (or aftermarket)18 inch rims : P235-60-18 fronts and P255-55-18 rears. Same rolling diameter.

    Find yourself another tire dealer.
  • klasboyklasboy Member Posts: 2
    edited January 2011
    I have a 2004 CADILLAC SRX. I have had multiple problems to say the least.
    Now there is a recall for the exhaust System. Cadillac orderd the part.
    Now the SRX will not start. You turn the key and it does not crank at all.
    Is this a Starter issue or the anti theft system built in the car. I am so so
    angry. I can not even get the Truck to Cadillac because it will not start.
    One problem after another. Does anyone have any advice. [email protected]
    I am told the starter is under the middle of the Engine and it is a 700.00 JOB
    The truck does not even have 90,000 miles on it. I am so sick and tired my wife would not even drive the truck because she is so afraid of something else going wrong. What is going on with American made Truck??????
  • klasboyklasboy Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 SRX. I have had so many issues with this truck since it was brand new.
    The Brakes need to be changed every 10,000 miles. I was told it was the way my wife drives.
    My wife drives 4 miles a day back and forth to work. I have had Stability issues, which I see is a major problem with these trucks. It is also a very serious saftey issue. I have had a check engine light on due to a faulty exhaust converter problem. Cadillac has issued a recall on the converter issue. I ordered the parts from the Dealer, finally a fix. Well now guess what? The car will not start. It has a brand new battery...............When you turn the key the lights come on, however the car does not crank over. To make things worse. I do not have a Dealer in Staten Island. I wonder why????? I have to go to New Jersey. The Cadillac will not start. I can not even get the Truck to New Jersey. My Wife has gotten herself mentally sick over this truck.
    I do not know where to go with my problem. Does anyone have a Class Action Suit against Cadillac??I would lke any information. I was told the Starter issue could be one of 50
    issues. The truck needs to be connected to a GM Computer at the Dealership. OK I live in Staten Island how can I get my SRX to New Jersey, if any of you nice people out there have some advice.....................Please help. Thses issues have caused us some much extra stress
    in my family that I do not know what to do. How can Cadillac produce such an expensive truck
    with some many mechcanical problems. We are at our witts end.
  • bigtime1779bigtime1779 Member Posts: 1
    The dealer has been rotating my tires from front to back. Will this cause a problem? My 2006 SRX only has 20,000 miles.
    I love in Anchorage Alaska, what type of winter tires should i be usoing for ice and snow?
  • capriracercapriracer Member Posts: 906
    Rotating tires front to rear - as opposed to cross - is fine. It is more important that the tires be rotated in some form than not rotated at all. While a modified X pattern is best, it is only slightly more advantageous than front to rear.
  • jweigandjweigand Member Posts: 1
    Beware. My 2005 AWD V8 SRX transmission failed and dealership determined due to wrong tire size 255 55 18 all around which were installed by Cadillac prior to purchase and Cadillac factory rep certified car when purchased. In 2 month fight with GM and dealer as they installed the tires their current offer is $1,500. plus I have to purchase 4 new tires $950. Ran into another owner with identical issue only his wasn't a certified vehicle his dealer finally replaced both tires and transmission free and it wasn't even a Cadillac shop.
  • 2108jimmy2108jimmy Member Posts: 1
    no spare tire for 2010 srx . when sealer & air pump do not work dealerships tire shop closed even with road service you are left with no way to hotel or resturant this happend to me on vaction luke fruia sold me anew tire 244 $ rotate tires oil change $322.28 hub cap came off less than 500 mi after they worked on it they were on for 17000 and did not come off .they did not want ot repace home town dealer try to talk to them to no avale can not answere from cadillac (gmc)
  • roll1roll1 Member Posts: 1
    The problem is---you are calling it a truck! Call it a SUV, a Crossover or the Cadillac, Caddy or some other pet name, but never a truck.. They do have a soul and like to be talked to fondly, as do you--Best of luck FM
  • wheels25wheels25 Member Posts: 1
    Have 2007 SRX with 18" Machined Wheels in luxury package. The wheels are badly corroded and have been for years. Cadillac says that it is NOT their problem and will do nothing about the wheels. It is my problem.
    Is there a safety hazard here??
    Has other poeople have a similar QUALITY problem?
    The car is Diamond White with all the bells and whistles and terrible looking wheels. Appears to me that a clear plastic stick on, like scotch tape, was used to cover the machined wheels and is falling off. The wheels corrode where the stick on falls off.
    Be careful when you buy any of the machined wheels.
  • crucialmaxcrucialmax Member Posts: 1
    I have an 04 with corroded wheels, we bought it used and the previous owner drove the SRX year round. The mag chloride/salt from the winter is very hard on chrome and wheels in general. Have you used the same wheels in the winter? If so, I suspect that is the problem.
  • tangokilogolftangokilogolf Member Posts: 1
    This dealer ripoff of customer warranty due to the "supposed" damage of the flimsy Cadillac transmission due to the customer having all-four tires the same size -- is ridiculous.

    Remind me to NEVER, EVER purchase another Cadillac.

    Someone on this forum said, "it's not a Formula vehicle" (it's a station wagon with AWD). Correct.

    And with the same size tire of all fours, the rolling diameter is the same as it is with the mix of 235/60R18 and 255/55R18. So asinine that any GM / Cadillac shop would tell a loyal customer they're "not honoring the warranty because the customer used the same size tire - all around".

    Yep, my last Cadillac.
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