Hummer H3 Tires and Wheels

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Do your tires still look like this? Dub enough for you?



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    Glenn Kawesch
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    My friend has a H3. He has a local mechanic shop that does work for him. My friend wants to rotate the tires on the H3
    but his mechanic says he doesn't have the right equipment because of the tire pressure monitor system. Is this true since I saw a diagram that shows that there is an easy
    disconnect to the tire pressure monitor just for this purpose. Thanks.
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    Forgive me if this is a misplaced question, but I am wondering if anyone managed to get the H3x wheels (18 in) on a base H3 model. When I am building options, I don't see the larger wheel available to anything other than the H3x.

    Any ideas are appreciated!

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    Sorry, just read this thread. If you ever hit a hole from ----. you'll appreciate all the rubber sidewall between the lack of driving surface and your mag wheel.
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    I have a brand new H3 adventrue pkg – only 4 weeks old! We keep getting a low tire pressure reading in the dash area. I've taken it into the dealer 3 times most recently, Friday, to reset the sensors. Tonight(Monday) the tire pressure indicator turned on again for at least 20 min and then it'll turn off. Any ideas on what the fix might be, is, things to check out. I live in PHoenix so I know heat is a factor. But how many times do I have to take this bad boy in ?? Will totally replacing the sensors on all four tires help out? thanks frustrated NEW owner
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    Maybe not for stephie1 since looking at all vehicle options, but Rick Péwé in the October issue of Petersen's 4Wheel & Off-Road's 4XFORWARD discusses "WHAT'S SIZE GOT TO DO WITH IT?".
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    More time spent researching tires after reading other forums and noticing where the bridgestone dueller C load range ranks at tirerack. Won't be rock crawling and certainly not competing with other vehicles on the open road with 220hp and 4.56 gears.
    Bought bridgestone dueller for the crd we used to own and agree with winter2 that there is loss of feel with bridgestone(maybe that is what is reported when people complained about the malibu vague electric steering).
    Just replaced kumho's on the malibu with toyo spectrum (base tire and cheaper but with a 5ply tread and 2ply sidewall) and like them (is toyo getting better) track like the kumho but a little vague like a bridgestone - but very happy as the tires are still new.
    Hummer discussions tend to deal with off road bfg's, toyo, and the boutique brands.
    Anybody using the kumho's for highway use with some off-road.
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    A discussion or two about break-in for a new vehicle. Beat it to death to seal the rings. No, don't do that follow the manufacturer's recommendation. H3 manual shows a 500 mile break-in with no high speeds and no constant speed. Noticed Tirerack basics lists a 500 mile break-in to remove the mold release agents from the tire manufacturing process. Just a coincidence.
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    Read two other forums (lurk there only), looking for answers to some questions about tires for the H3 P-metric and LT-metric. These forums seem geared towards off-road and putting the biggest tires you can afford on it and you're good to go.

    Always wondered (like others asked elsewhere) why the LT's are "C" load range and replacement tires are "D" load range. Old favorites links go nowhere now but an old toyo pdf still lives on the hard drive. "C" is the highest load range with change ability to P-metric. Was the H3 designed for the highway and given "C"'s to accommodate the H image.

    Still thinking of replacement for the duellers [Blue Beauty is a grocery getter for now - kumho all terrain tire and toyo. (Please no buy usa only-look where your tire was really made and where were you when the rust belt tooling was shipped overseas as well as mid west shoe factories and garments industry)]Toyo a consideration since had them as oe on a base Previa, happy with spectrums on the malibu, and hall racing using toyo.

    Don't have the Industry Handbook, note that the P-metric and LT-metric H3 placard both show 35psi. H3 is at 38 now and was 40-42. What tire pressure when the replacements are "D" load range or why not drop down to a passenger tire for ride and mileage while grocery getting.

    Found new link to load range, pressures, and etc.
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    Just got off the phone with toyo 1-800-678-3250 (per the pdf - wrong-that is corp hq)and asked for the technical assistance to get correct pressure for an LT 285/75/16 D load range and was told that graph is flat for the LT size 285/75/16 and to use 35psi, the vehicle manufacturer recommendation, even though the max psi for a D is 65psi. Told to use 35psi at 55mph and at 95mph.
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    Just changed over to Kumho Roadventure KL71 Lt 285/75R15 minor road noise and vibration. sorry very little snow so no traction report but they do spray alot. truck is an 08 H3 Alpha
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    ................was told that graph is flat for the LT size 285/75/16 and to use 35psi, the vehicle manufacturer recommendation, even though the max psi for a D is 65psi. Told to use 35psi at 55mph and at 95mph.

    Sounds right to me. Don't confuse the maximum recommended pressure on the sidewall with the operating pressure recommended for a particular vehicle application.
    The max pressure is at max load, which you're unlikely to impose on it with your H3.
    Also, there's no requirement to change pressures with speed, and it would make travelling any distance on varied roads quite a chore if there was.
    However, do remember that your tire pressures will increase as your speed increases, due to the heat generated by the friction betwixt road and tire.
    On a vehicle with a constant readout of the tire pressures you can see this happening quite clearly.
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    The TPM system in Hummers not only monitors the pressure of the tires, but also monitors the wheels themselves. Specifically, if you change a flat tire, or have your tires rotated, the TPM system will need to be reset. This includes the spare. Once reset, you cannot disturb the position of the wheels, such as by changing a flat or rotating tires again without again tripping the system and needing to reset the TPM. You can reset it yourself; the instructions are in the manual. Basically, it involves turning the headlight switch while letting small amounts of air out each tire while listening the horn to sound certain signals letting you know that each wheel has been reset. I find it to be a sufficiently annoying weird dance exercise that I have a Hummer dealer do it for me when I need it done.
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