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MY 2011 HHR 2.2ls is sometimes having a random cylinder misfire. P0300? everything is new?

edited October 2020 in Chevrolet
We bought this 2011 HHR because we own a black 2011 HHR LT2.2. Been a great car have had 0 problems with it in the 3 year's we owned him. So we decided to purchase a new to use 2011 white panel 2.2ls that had been owned by one guy who bought it brand new in 2011. I'm planning on taking a trip soon? and replaced everything? I mean everything is brand new. Throttle body /fuel injection /fuel pump /fuel line /spark plugs /Cadillac converter. A bunch of sensors? I'm thinking it's electrical? but can't find it? anywhere. I'm at a lost. I'm a great mechanic? But not great at electrical? My brother has always been that guy for me? Please HELP ME? thank everyone in advance.

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  • TRUMAINTRUMAIN Member Posts: 4
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    My other 2011 HHR has had the same parts replaced and runs great. ? Same motor 2.2lt
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