Automatic Forward Braking

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My infiniti Q6 has automatic forward braking. It’s like an autopilot for the breaks. This is not emergency forward braking or eminent crash protection, but it does have that also.Cruise control does not have to be on for this to work. Infiniti calls it DCA or distance control assist. Very nice feature.
We have been new car shopping and I cannot find another manufacturer that offers this feature. Nissan has it only on some models and of course Infiniti on some models. I think the only SUV that has it the Rogue and QX50. I think Tesla has it but only when in autopilot.
This is such a great feature in my experience. I can’t understand why it’s not on other vehicles? I have talked to several dealers but not all and researched online. Do others have it and I just missed it? Any help in understanding why it’s not on other vehicles would be appreciated.


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    Every manufacture will have something similar but never be exactly the same. For ex: My Alfa Romeo & Subaru have similar systems but they both work completely different. On both makes, the Cruise control needs to be on and set to a per-determined speed threshold in order for the traffic assisted speed braking to work.
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