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Have had this vehicle about 2 months. It has the camel 2 tone leather interior. For some reason, I have a 2" strip across the back of the driver's seat about the width of my belt. I wear mostly dark colored pants for work (brown, black, blue, gray). I took this back to the dealer seeking warranty but it was denied. They said it was my clothing. What a crock......I have had vehicles with leather seats since 1975 & have never had this problem. My parents Freestyle has leather seats, the same color & it does not have this problem. Since I noticed this problem, I have started checking out other Explorer's with the same interior & have seen much the same thing. Just wondering how many have noticed this problem. My vehicle has less than 3,000 miles..........hate to see what it will look like


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    I was looking at the 2006/2007 models yesterday and noticed that there was a "used" 2006 model with only 1000 miles on it--my brother noticed the crappy looking black stains (like someone scribbled light charcoal on the seats) on the leather seats. I thought he was crazy until I looked at the 0mile 2007 model and saw what it was supposed to look like. This is probably why the 2006 model was returned to be sold as "used" and under 1000 miles.
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    My girlfriend bought a 2006 explorer about 2 months ago and we have noticed coloring on the seats as well. She has the camel leather and on the outer bottom of the seats there is a bluish coloring. We figure most likely from our jeans. But considering how much she paid extra for the seats you would think that it would be better quality. I too have had leather in a previous Saturn and NEVER had that problem.
    She has a few other problems with the truck as well...any with yours?
    Jenn :shades:
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    No, I have not had any other problems as of this date. But I agree with your statement about the leather. Leather seats are an additional charge of around $900. I will never have another vehicle with light colored interior. I don't think that I will have another one with leather seats either.
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    I have an 05 Expedition with the same issue. Both front seat covers were replace at 9k miles, just today one of the rear seat backs went bad. Leather cracks off, blue fabric underneath shows through. Car has 16k miles on it now, and probably 3 people or fewer have ever been in the back seats (meaning middle row).

    Ford has taken care of all three seats so far. No complaint about their after sales service and support.

    But, there is a problem out there with their leather it seems. This is my 3rd Expedition (1999,2003 and 2005) and the others did not do this. Maybe they switched vendors or something for 2005/6? I'm not sure but the car is cherry otherwise. Seats look like car has 116k on it, not 16k.
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    I recently purchased a 2006 Explorer with less than 15,000 miles and it has leather ( light and dark gray), 3rd row seats, sun roof,etc. So far I love this vehicle but was wondering if anyone was having any problems with their vehicles and what it was so I can be on the look out. Also this vehicle has little lights that come on under the outside mirrors. I can't for the life of me figure out why haha Any info would be appreciated Thanks
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    Have also been having issues with the leather in my 2006 Explorer looking "dirty". I do not wear dirty clothes while driving so have not been able to figure out why the driver's seat looks this way. Had no idea others were having this problem! Only have 7,000 miles on my truck but have had this going on since day 1.
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    it is usually still dark out when i go to work. i like that the puddle lights can be turned on as i walk over to the vehicle. i don't have to turn on the light in the garage, then turn it back off when after i walked over to the vehicle, or open the garage door before i want to.
    2020 Ford Explorer XLT
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    I'm in the market for an '07 Eddie Bauer--are the Preferred Suede inserts available on some as easy to clean as the regular leather seats? They definitely look more comfortable, but I'm concerned about how it will look after repeated wear and any spills.
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    I have had no problem keeping mine clean on my one year old Eddie Bauer.
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    Some people don't like it because you don't slide

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    My husband and I are seriously thinking of buying a 2006 or 2007 Explorer. Consumer Reports seems to be contradictory on the issue, at least for the 06. We heard that the V6 had problems but the V8 was the same engine as the F150 truck and will go forever. We don't need the extra towing capacity of the V8. Does anyone have any knowledge of which engine is better and an opinion of whether we would do well with the 2007 Explorer. We currently have a '99 Winstar which isn't exactly the most reliable car around.

    This is my first post - glad to join the group :-)

    SLN from Houston
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    First, the V8 is closer to the one in the Mustang than the F-150 as it uses the 3 valve head for better power.

    Second, I 4.0 V6 is an engine that has been around for over 10 years and really shouldn't be giving anyone problems.

    Now, the V6 comes with the 5 speed trans, this has reported to give people problems. The V8 comes with the new 6 speed trans.

    I think you should make your decision based on which you prefer during the test drive. You should also drive a Nissan Pathfinder.

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    I am considering purchasing my first explorer (and first new vehicle), a 2007. Was just wondering if anybody was having the same problem with the leather in the 2007? Or if anybody had any suggestions for keeping it clean. I love the camel colored leather but not if it is going to look bad 6 months down the road!

    Thanks for your help!
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    I have a 2006 with suede and had no problems cleaning them (even when I got grease on them). I like them because they are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
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    The drivers front seat hinges/metal brackets[?] have failed on our 2000 Explorer Sport. The seat back falls back [my son is using a bucket to keep the seat up]. Is this something that we can order parts to repair? Or something that a metal shop can handle? I have tried to find seats at local salvage yards, but am having almost no success.
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    I just got a this vehicle, I took it for inspection, it failed for two reasons, the parking brake dose not work, and the inspector says the drivers seat dose not go back far enough. Can anyone tell me what is the range for the Electric seats?
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    Hi, Did you get any responses? I have a 91 Explorer XLT- with red plush seats, I too have checked salvage yards, posted ads for antoher seat, I had mind welded in position for me. It's not electric it's manual. Well after a year the weld broke, now it has a super large nail jammed in with a hammer but I really need another seat or any inventive ideas that my be out there.

    I am so new to this group.
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    No, I haven't received any responses here nor amongs friends and other networks.
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