Land Rover Wiper Blade Problems

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My wiper blades on automatic are very noisy. Dealer says thats the way it is. Does anyone have the same issue? (2006 LR3 SE7)


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    Not unless they are trying to wipe a dry windshield... I noticed that in very light rain, my '06 LR3 HSE's auto windshield wipers wipe too much - even with just a tiny bit of mist.. so that would be the only time it makes extra noise - but that is the same as any other car I've owned..

    I just turn off the auto-wipe when the rain is too light.

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    I turned my wipers on for the first time today (Brand new LR3 V6 SE). They were virtually silent for about the first 20 minutes worth of light rain, then they got REALLY noisy. They even left a little rubber residue on the windshield. I don't know what to do...

    Keith :confuse:
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    I saw on that they sell the Valeo Ultimate Wiper Blade. This appears to be identical to the factory front wiper blades. They are on sale for $20 each with a buy one get one free. They also have a 16 inch rear one but I don't know if it will fit our LR3's. I googled Valeo and saw it on other sites also. I think I'm just going to buy the PIAA Super Silicone blades myself, but if anybody buys the Valeo one, please report back to the list.
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    Has anyone had luck talking to a dealer about this? its not good when the wiper blades on a $57K LR# sounds worse than a cheap rental hyundai..I have to imagine there is a solution. This cant be something that cant be solved.
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    I purchased a set of blades from Tire Rack for my 2006 LR-3. They are horrible. The don't conform to the curvature of the windshield. They're headed for the trash as soon as a get a chance to buy some decent blades.
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    I actually went to a diff dealer. The service writer said that the blades get dried out sitting on the lot before the car is sold. Thats actually plausable. They replaced them and its been very quiet since when using them. I learned my lesson the hard way several years ago with my Disco II, getting third party blades put on. Never do that again
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    a new blades will be introduced soon.
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    I have a LR3 2006 same problem with the noisy blades and dealer will do nothing. New Land Rover blades very expensive and only sold in pairs.
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    We sell single wiper blades all the time.

    Someone makes a replacement blade, Bosch I think, that doesn't have the squeaky problem and the newer OEM blades that came out in the last few months don't seem to do it either.
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    I brought my 06 LR3 into the dealer and they replaced the blades-after that no problems. Was told it was due to the blades drying out. Made sense and the dealer should just replace them. I guess some dealers want new and continuing business and others dont give a _____. Simple steps can keep customers. Heck i have referred 2 Ranger Rover purchasers so far and one more pending. I will be on my third purchase in a few months all from the same dealer. Pisses me off when i hear dealers treating their customers poory over a few hundred dollars or less.
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    A friend had a similar problem with his 06 LR3 where his head lights and rear wiper would not go off. They had to order a new stalk. It did take 3 months to get. His real problem also was that at time the lights would come on with the car shut off and parked some place Over the 3 months hae ran down his battery at least 7 times and needed road service to jump him.
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    I have a 2006 LR3 whose rear wiper will not stop. It appears to be stuck at the intermittent mode. It's been annoying, to say the least. Any tips?
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    I had the same problem - replace a chip should fix it...
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    Regarding Wiper Blades for the Land Rover LR3...
    I've had great success with the "Bosch Icon" Wiper Blades for the front!
    For the single rear wiper blade, Bosch makes the "Rear View" wiper blade!
    The front blades have a swept look to them. They also look superior, (my opinion), to the stock blades that originally came with the vehicle. They are also infinately more quiet and do a very nice job.
    The rear wiper blade has the familiar black metal arm and does a very good job.
    Unfortunately, (for styling) the rear wiper does not resemble the front wipers at all. It would be great if Bosch could produce a rear wiper to resemble the front wipers. Until then, this has been a livable alternative to the factory original wiper blade(s) dilema. These wipers should easily retrofit for years 2005 through 2008. They are sold through Advance Auto Parts Stores. Incidentally, I had to inform the Parts Manager of the local Land Rover Dealership about them!
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    I totally agree!!!! I put the Bosch blades on my '06 LR3 recently and man they are great. A hell of alot better than paying $98 to have the dealer do it. Saved about $60 bucks!!!! They definitely look better than the OEM blades.
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    I agree as well. Actually, the ICON blades I bought at AutoZone are the best wiper blades I have every owned. Superior to Land Rovers. Although, AutoZone's website does not make them an option for the LR3. Install them any way. They are perfect!
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    I have a 2006 LR3 SE and use the Bosch 422A ICON Wiper Blade - 22". I paid $20 on Amazon. The wiper blades are awesome, much better than the originals. I also use Rain-X glass treatment for optimum results. Very smooth.
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    I have a 1961 Series II Military Landrover. It has 2 individual wiper motors attached each side of the 2 front screens. I need to replace the wiper blades. they are 9 1/2 inches long. (anything longer will hit over the metal window frames.) These blades are a simple rubber blade pressed into a metal band, they are not spring loaded and simply push on & button clip to the wiper arm, (not hook type) Any idea where I may find replacement wipers like this, I seem to have tried most places online without success. Thank you. Terry
    (p.s. Someone did say that these blades where the same style on the early & late 1950's Austin & Morris Mini's)
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