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Mitsubishi Outlander dealer network

SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
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  • growwisegrowwise Member Posts: 296
    If anyone can believe it, Mitsu did not start selling its wares in Canada until 3 years ago. As of now, for every one mitsu dealer, you could find a zillion gigantic Honda and Toyota dealers. Even those dealers who are far and few in between seem like mickey mouse operations with dealership looking like small office with a few cars here and there.

    I am sure people can get scared away thinking that they may not get dealer/parts support. Besides, Mitsu has been in doldrums stateside and their rep is so so as of now. It'd be self serving if they comes out and reassure potential customers that they did pour good bit of money into product development despite their financial woes. Oh and that quality is all there with made in japan and what not.

    I am also very skeptical at this point about pricing as in Canada, prices traditionally are very high.. so a fully decked out outlander might cost upwards of 40 grand CAD. That'd be another detriment in my book. Add to the fact that their showroom is not so appealing with dowdy vehicles which are aging rapidly guaranteed with brutal depreciation..

    They need to provide a compelling reason for folks to overlook the bustling dealerships of other makes and come into rent-a-room dealership (atleast in canada) with low traffic. Pity though since I always liked quirkyness of mitsu and suzuki..They dont deserve the bad rep they got.
  • mrmister2000mrmister2000 Member Posts: 86
    If I did my calculations right, then $40,000 CAD would be equal to about $35,500 US? Wow, you're right, that would be pretty expensive.

    And I know what you mean about the need to re-assure potential new customers that Mitsu is not leaving the states. As it is, here in NJ, USA there don't seem to be a lot of Mitsu dealerships. There are TONS of Chevy, Ford, GM, and Toyota dealerships in my area, but maybe only 2 Mitsu's.

    I honestly can't figure out why Mitsu has dropped down to it's current state. Yes, their sedans are bland... but I actually think their new Eclipse design is quite stylish and I'm surprised that more people aren't buying them. I have to admit that I don't really see a point in offering the Raider, since it seems like everyone is running out to buy Nissan Titan's these days. I also feel that the Montero is, in my opinion, way overpriced. But still, I can't believe things could be so bad that there would actually be talk of them leaving the U.S. market.

    Hopefully, the new Outlander will have the same response as it did in Japan, although the competition (especially the RAV4) will be tougher here in the U.S. I got a response from a local dealership saying that they should have them on the lot Nov. 1st, so maybe soon I'll actually get a chance to inspect one up close. I think that Outlander has an awful lot going for it feature and value-wise, although I think the interior looks a little second-rate compared to the stunning interior of the new Santa Fe.
  • njawdrivernjawdriver Member Posts: 23
    Which NJ dealer will have them on Nov 1?

    I spoke to a few recently and got answers ranging from "in a few weeks" to "next month".
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    The Canadian price estimate is exaggerated. I did studied the Mitsubishi US pricing compared to RAV4 and the LS is few hundred USD less than the Base RAV4 V6 4x4 (31,800 CAD) and the XLS is few hundred less than the RAV4 V6 4x4 Sport (33,600 CAD). Therefore I think the Canadian prices will follow the trend. The LS will be priced between 30-31K and the XLS will be between 32-33K. Also, the exchange rate used for 2007 Eclipse is about 26%, therefore my guess is that something similar will be applied to the Outlander, which will bring the LS closer to 30K CAD. Mitsubishi must stay well under the RAV4 V6 price and very close to Santa Fe (3.3 GL is 30K) otherwise they will be in trouble. Keep in mind that recently Mitsubishi Canada has separated from Mitsubishi USA and now they can make their own decisions (they report directly to Japan) specific to the Canadian market.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    I counted 5 Mitsubishi dealers in Toronto area (GTA). I have never been to one of them. The problem for Mitsu is that they do not have what to sell, except for the 2007 Eclipse. Their current cars are good somehow but unappealing. The new Outlander was a pleasant surprise for me, which I never thought of Mitsubishi before. I saw some spy shots of the new Lancer and it looks promising as well. Hopefully Mitsubishi is on the right track with their products. The marketing should spread the word out too. The dealer network will grow if they will have what to sell. Few years ago there were a hand full of Hyundai dealers in the GTA and now I counted 13.
  • growwisegrowwise Member Posts: 296
    I think the interior looks a little second-rate compared to the stunning interior of the new Santa Fe.

    Whoa :surprise: .. SantaFe and stunning in the same sentence? :sick:
  • piastpiast Member Posts: 269
    I've tested 07 outlander on 10/28 in Chicago area. They had about six of them on the lot. It's a very nice truck, bit smaller on the outside than expected, but roomy enough inside. As far as interior - sure it's not a Lexus, but comparable with Honda and better than Santa Fe or RAV4 IMO.
    Plastics are similar, front seats much more comfortable, sporty looking, back seats slide and recline. It is pretty easy to open both halves of the gate or tumble rear seats. On the road - nice and quiet, good pick up. I would give it 8 of 10.
  • xcellxcell Member Posts: 14
    Your Review....

    Could you list your



  • mrmister2000mrmister2000 Member Posts: 86
    Hi, njawdriver.

    I had received a phone call from "Prestige Volkswagen/Mitsubishi" in Turnersville, NJ.

    They sent me an email giving me an arrival date of Nov. 1st and also gave me the same date on a voicemail message which they had left on my phone.

    One thing that I liked about the email is that it says if they don't have the Outlander that you want on their lot they can find it equipped the way you want and have it on the lot for you in usually between 24-48 hours. They also said in the email that if you prefer they will factory order the truck exactly as you want it.

    If I do decide to get one after January I think that factory ordering is the route which I will probably end up taking, because something tells me that certain colors (like the "Deep Blue Metallic" I am currently in love with) will be harder to locate than others.
  • piastpiast Member Posts: 269
    Excellent value esp. in LE trim
    Fresh, good looks in and out
    Long warranty
    Refined, efficient engine, regular fuel
    5 passenger version with leather pkg. not available
    Need room for seven? Hold on to your van
    30K sticker on loaded compact non premium CUV
    "We build it, will they come?"
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    "We build it, will they come?" .... LOL so true.
    When does the 07 Outlander officially go on sale? On the Outlander's web site it says November, but would it be 1st or 30th?
    www.mitsubishicars. com still "sells" 2006 Outlander but not 2007.

    MITSUBISHI - Wake up and sell!....
  • growwisegrowwise Member Posts: 296
    Third row is indeed a plus for those who dont need it on a regular basis. How many minivans are running about everyday with third row in use? Not many IMHO. For most young families (a kid or two and perhaps a dog), outlander will do. For the occasional time with friends or relatives, third row could be used for kids to make room for adults in the second row. So, you wind up with a vehicle which is not too big that suits your needs without the baggage of a minivan. Ofcourse, carmakers know this and thats why crossover cuvs are all the rage (and higher price tag). Hopefully, mitsu will give a good bit of discount. Question is whether people will bite considering that this company has a good chance of going under in next few years and is currently on life support. I personally think mitsu should have come out with this outlander a while back. Anyways, IMHO its better than all the cute utes out there including cx7 (cx5 should be more like it) and perhaps highlander (6 long years and still no word of replacement)
  • podracerdavepodracerdave Member Posts: 10
    Yeah, these cars have been on the lots for at least a week now, yet no "Build and Price" option on the web site. Come on already...
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    Today I read that the ad campaign for 2007 Outlander will start on Nov 6. Perhaps this is the official date when the Outlander goes on sale.
  • xcellxcell Member Posts: 14
    Does anyone know if the 07 Outlander will have a "Homelink"
  • mrmister2000mrmister2000 Member Posts: 86
    I'm not sure, but I don't recall seeing any mention of Homelink in the "100 Features" section of the Outlander site. It would be odd though if it doesn't come with it.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    "Build and Price" is now available on Mitsu web site. The big disappointment is that the Outlander is not available in RED. I have seen pictures of a red Outlander LS at the press review. Mitsubishi, what's wrong with you? Every other Mitsubishi is available in RED, but not Outlander. This is a shame ....
  • 123tech123tech Member Posts: 10
    Well I saw the Outlander, and test drove it today. Since people already talked about the Interior, I won't mention the same thing. One thing I realized today though was that the leather seating is only in the XLS trim, and it looks like it's part of a package...I somehow missed that information in the last month of researching this car....did anyone else know that prior to today? That's a major downer for me. Also I wouldn't compare this car to a CX-7, or a Highlander, this car should be compared more to a CR-V, Santa-Fe, maybe the Rav-4, more of the smaller SUV brands. Overall though, I think this car has alot to offer in terms of warranty, horsepower, alot of different specs, options, and price. I was interested in the LS trim, because the 7th seating is really useless, but now that I can't get the leather with this trim, don't know if I will even get this. In terms of driving this car, I didn't go on the highway, but the engine definately has some pep to it like everyone says. It's an overall nice car, and if you accept the Outlander for what it is, you'll like it. One more thing, for the LS trim/Sun and Sound package/Bluetooth = $26,250. That's what was offered to me in NY.
  • nbmannbman Member Posts: 5
    I think it's pretty much the norm that leather is only available on the highest trim. That's the case for the Rav, CRV, probably the Santa Fe also. A side note on the CX-7, apparently there no more cargo room than in a Mazda 6 sedan.
  • outlander2007outlander2007 Member Posts: 22
    It seems that the sun-roof is not standard even on XLS:
    650-watt (max.) Rockford Fosgate® audio system nine speakers including an integrated, enclosed 10-inch rear subwoofer • 6CD/MP3-compatible in-dash changer (LS only) • Digital Signal Processing • Auxiliary input jack • Six months of pre-paid Sirius® Satellite Radio • Power glass sunroof
    Mitsubishis Canadian Site is DEAD. It does not even mention 2007 model. What a shame... What kind of % Rate are they offerring on 2007 Otlander 60 months?
  • 123tech123tech Member Posts: 10
    In terms of leather, yeah some only offer it in the highest trim others don't like the CX-7, and the ones that do have it in the highest trim, it's standard. According to what I saw online, the leather is offered as a package (Luxury package) on the XLS trim. I think that sucks that it's not a standard feature, and it should have been a package offerring on the LS trim...just my opinion.
  • 123tech123tech Member Posts: 10
    From what the dealer quoted me yesterday, the special rates are as follows.
    %3.9 - 48 months
    %4.9 - 60 months
    I can't remember if these rates are good until 12/2007 or 1/2008.
    The features that were very appealing about this car looks like things you have to pay for, even on the XLS trim...very disappointing.
  • podracerdavepodracerdave Member Posts: 10
    Finally, the "Build and Price" option is available!

    However, when I choose the 4WD XLS, and click on the "Sun and Sound Package" it automatically clicks the "Luxury Package" as well? I don't think you need to get both? Maybe a programming error.

    I hope to test drive one this afternoon.
  • outlander2007outlander2007 Member Posts: 22
    Thanks, I was expecting some sort of promotion... let's say 0.9%. I am very disapointed as well. With some ggod options and with 4.9% this car will be NOT exactly cheap. 2006 model is sold in Canada with 0% up to 60months. Like someone already said, maybe i should drive to USA and take a look at 2007 model? Websites, pictures, etc is nice but you HAVE TO see it in order to know if this is THE ONE :)
    We still have few 2006 models, and i would not wait for 2007, but i really like 3.0L engine.
  • nbmannbman Member Posts: 5
    Usually interest % goes down when the company wants to get rid of remaining year end models or if it's not selling. I would have been surprised if the interest rate would have been 0.9% right from the start.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    For a moment let's think beyond our "initial perceptions" about the vehicle and start thinking objectively. Before the official price and build tool from mitsubishi's site, there is no site accurate as to the options you'll be getting. Edmunds.com was near accurate in that respect but not 100%. As an example, I went to the 2 dealers. Dealer 1- did not know that Sun and Sound was tied up with Luxury package, I have to tell him that, as this was listed at edmunds.com, later confirmed correct from mitsu's site. Dealer 2 (a week after I visited dealer 1) - said that you can't get Navi on XLS without getting S&S and Luxury as well, meaning to get Navi, you'll have to get the 3 other factory installed options, he is correct, but Edmunds.com failed to mention that in the options. However I asked him "if I get the base, can I have the Navi installed as a dealer option?" and he said it can't be done, and he was wrong because Mitsubishi's site, as well as Edmunds.com lists a "dealer installed" Navi system, and so did all other 3 "better informed" dealerships. Too bad this dealership is closest to my location. Truth is, the Navi can be installed on ANY model of the 07 Outlander.

    In short, the official build and price tool revealed that some of our early guesses and perceptions about the vehicle are wrong, at least now we know the truth. Another case in example is the color Red, which isn't listed at all, but early press photos shows a red model.

    But is it not cheap? Of course shelling out 28K isn't gonna be cheap. But look at what you will be getting, and try to check if you can get something of the same spec from another manufacturer for the same amount of money.

    0% APR is offered in most cases as a "clearance" incentive. I don't expect it to be offered on new model. A 4.9% APR is the more realistic figure for someone with a good credit score. As for the "toys" and "blings", these aren't gonna come as bundled freebies. And as with any other manufacturer, no options are given for free. I don't think it would be fair to say "I'm disappointed with Mitsubishi for not giving me the Navigation Package and Leather seats for free with my XLS at 25,635$". You want it? then you have to pay for it.

    But don't settle at MSRP. Most dealers I talked to are offering prices for the just a few hundred dollars above invoice. That's a lot less compared to the sticker price,and even the TMV prices, especially if you're looking at a fully loaded XLS. Go to your nearest dealer, test drive it, and get a quote on your favorite trim. You'll be surprised you can still save a few hundred $ from edmunds' TMV prices.

    Being a first time car buyer in the US, I have learned that pricing will vary a lot between dealerships, and that car buying in America is more of an art rather than science. No hard and fast rules.

    I am still looking to buy an XLS with all 3 factory options in. Having seen it for real and actually tested the toys, plus, having been quoted a price very close to invoice, you just can't pass on this offer.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    The FULLY LOADED 07 Outlander XLS is $32,095 (including $625 delivery charge) and it has leather, RF upgraded sound, sunroof, navi AND entertainment. I think the entertainment is a dealer installed accessory. I noticed that you can only select ONE dealer installer package - the ones that start with ACCESSORY.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    That's correct. There is, however, one variant which I haven't seen yet. It's an XLS with all 3 factory packages, but with factory installed Rear Seat Entertainment System. This should cost at around the same MSRP you quoted. The advantage of this system is that you will be able to sync the DVD video in the RSE to the Navi screen in front. But I guess this is a "special order" item.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    What I don't get is:
    1. Why can't one get Luxury without Sun&Sound and S&S without L.
    2. Why can't one order more than one dealer installed packages.
    The good thing is that you can get almost any special option individually. I see Navi, RSE, Bluetooth interface, fog lights selling on Ebay as individual kits.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    (my 2 cents) that's to simplify the manufacturing process. Just imagine if you are going have a completely customizable car, how many variants will Mitsu manufacture? For the factory installed option in the XLS alone, that would mean 9 different variants for the 4wd XLS and 9 2WD XLS, add to that the other trims. So it just makes sense to bundle these factory options together. Even Toyota does in the RAV4.

    It's good we can have some of the options "dealer installed" like the Navi system, RSE. The Bluetooth and fog lights will be applicable only to the LS. But if you ask me, I won't be comfortable buying these off eBay.I would rather have them installed from a reputable dealer. Most dealer installed options come with a 1 year warranty. While if I buy from eBay, I'd have to look for someone to install these kits, and if it's not a Mitsu dealer, I would likely void the warranty of the vehicle just in case things don't work right the first time. Case in example is the Navi kit, I did a good hard look at the dash of the base XLS, and the one with Navi, and I don't think the Navi kit is something you can fit as easiliy as the fog light. The bluetooth kit too requires buttons on the steering wheel, and wiring into the sound system, and it doesn't look like I can install that myself either. So I guess there are pros and cons to that.
  • outlander2007outlander2007 Member Posts: 22
    I agree, however, how many Mitsubishi cars we have on the road in Canada? Very-very few compare to Honda, Toyota, Ford, etc. Mitsubishi has to do more in terms of making its cars affordable. In Canada, Outlander 2006 Limited with leather (which btw looks like leatherette) & sun-roof, with 0% interest over 60months will cost you $40,000. You have to be very crazy person to pay 40.000 for the car, which is NOT known by general public and has very bad re-sale value. People are so paranoid about negotiating 1000-1500 on a brand new car, but they prepared to pay 5-6% interest, which will make their cars more expensive by $5000-$7000 over 60months period. I would rather pay MSRP, but with 0% interest. In order to sell more cars, Mitsu has to do more than any other manufacture, and then, gradually bring their Rte and Prices Up, but NOT NOW when they sell cars from portable wagon parked next to the HUGE Ford and Kia dealership. I rest my case! :)
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    1. I agree with the factory packages, but why have two of them where if you select one you get the second one as well. This is the non-sense I cannot understand. In this case why not have one factory package to include all the options in both.
    2. Why can you only select ONE dealer installed package when more are available? Are they afraid of getting the dealers over worked installing too many packages on one car for one customer or getting too rich from doing it? Again, I just don't get it.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    Yep, if Mitsubishi does not price the Outlander right - and this is significantly under Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4 and close or below Hyundai Santa Fe, they will not sell as many of them as they could by doing it. Mitsubishi in Canada is not in the position to sell well just because they have a nice car and flashy features. Most of the people in this segment are value minded and especially in Canada where the damn cars are way more expensive than south of the border. Most people cannot care less about the paddle shifter.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    Okay, again my 2 cents:

    "1. I agree with the factory packages, but why have two of them where if you select one you get the second one as well. This is the non-sense I cannot understand. In this case why not have one factory package to include all the options in both."

    In this case, Mitsu just want their site to be non-redundant. It really makes the site less cluttered with repeating info. Let's take the case of the XLS. If you click Sun&Sound, Luxury will get auto selected. They're 1 bundle but 2 items. If you click Navi, both Sun&Sound and Luxury gets auto selected too. So it's actually 1 bundle but with 3 items. I would like to make mention of Toyota's build and price tool on their site, just compare the selection of packages with Mitsu's site. If you ask me, Toyota's site is loaded with repetitive info, while Mitsu's site is direct to the point, and easily configurable (again my 2 cents).

    I can understand this can be frustrating especially if you don't want the other options, like say I just want Navi and Sun and Sound, but I can't have it that way because you will never find an Outlander configured like that, and you will need to buy the Luxury package as well. But that is how Mitsu manufacture their vehicles. And as I've pointed out on an earlier post, it really reduces the complexity of manufacturing and marketing these vehicles.

    "2. Why can you only select ONE dealer installed package when more are available? Are they afraid of getting the dealers over worked installing too many packages on one car for one customer or getting too rich from doing it? Again, I just don't get it."

    Okay, just my observation here, as to why some accessory packages can't be chosen together. Again, let's take the XLS as an example. You can't select both Accessory Trailer Tow package and Accessory Protection Package because both of these packages have the mudguards as a component. So it makes sense you can't have two set of mudguards installed. What you can do then is to buy the Accessory protection package with the mudguards, and have the rest of the Trailer tow package installed as individual items because as you would have noticed they are available as individual items too. But as for the Navi and RSE, I don't why you can't have both as accessory packages at the same time. Might be a conflict in wiring these devices, I'm not so sure.

    (sorry another long post :))
  • njawdrivernjawdriver Member Posts: 23
    If you ask me, Toyota's site is loaded with repetitive info, while Mitsu's site is direct to the point, and easily configurable (again my 2 cents).

    Direct to the point? Hardly.

    I am staring at the Mitsu "build" site now - building an XLS with both the NAV package and an accessory Nav Unit and the site allows me to build a car with both (wow - over $4000 in NAV!). It also lets me select fog lights for $310 which I believe are a standard feature on the XLS. I can select from 3 different priced NAV units (NAV package - $1800, accessory NAV package - $2190, or NAV unit as an accessory - $2840), which is very confusing - especially since I can "build" a car with 2 of the 3 installed! I can also build a car with both the accessory trailer tow package and an accessory trailer hitch. I do not know of any other auto website that lets you build a car with the same feature added multiple times.

    I find the Mitsu site poorly done compared to Toyota, Honda, Hyundai (the other 3 cars I am looking at).

    Also - the "compare to another vehicle" section of the site does not allow me to choose the vehicle - it only uses the ones that Mitsu chooses. I would prefer to compare V6 RAV4 (not I4) and the Hyundai Sante Fe (not Tuscon).

    ....on a different subject - Mitsu should have included a back up camera in the ~$2000 NAV system.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    "I find the Mitsu site poorly done compared to Toyota, Honda, Hyundai (the other 3 cars I am looking at)."

    To each his own I guess. ;) For me I find Mitsu's site better.
  • mrmister2000mrmister2000 Member Posts: 86
    It also lets me select fog lights for $310 which I believe are a standard feature on the XLS.

    Yeah, I had noticed that, too. LOL

    Could someone please tell me what the difference is between an
    "Accessory Navigation Package" and a just, plain "Navigation Package"? My first thought was that it was merely the Navigation Package bundled with something like the Accessory Protection Package (scuff protectors, mudflaps, etc)... but from reading recent posts it seems that what it really means is that if you have the Nav system installed by the dealer and not the factory (hence it's an accessory), then they add another $400 to the price?
  • sampowerssampowers Member Posts: 30
    Dealer just called. The LS is will not be available until mid-January. Of course, this is the same dealership that told me mid-December for any '07 Outlander at all. Anyone else having trouble finding the LS?
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    It depends where you are. I have seen the LS on some dealer's web site located around Seattle.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    It's available in 3 of 4 dealerships near my area. I believe the dealers are able to a "dealer swap" as they would call it, just to find the vehicle of your specification. What I'm not sure though is if they charge extra for that.
  • piastpiast Member Posts: 269
    LS are available in Chicago area for over a week now.
    BTW, please check December Motor Trend SUV of the Year issue, they did evaluation of 22 brand new SUVs, including Outlander, Santa Fe, and Rav4 etc. Mitsu performance numbers are impressive in small SUV group, right behind RDX and CX7 except straight line acceleration (there are few with more hp). Interior received 4 stars (RAV4 - 3).
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    I don't know, but the way I see it, other than the acceleration/gas mileage combination, where the Outlander comes second after the RAV4 V6 in the class, the Outlander is the leader in regards to looks, handling and safety. Also the value, not the resale value, is favorable in my books too: LS 4WD vs. RAV4 V6 4WD Base (which it compares with) for less money you get more nice features: leather steering wheel and shift knob, alloy wheels, steering wheel audio control and cruise (the cruise control in RAV4 is silly IMO), fog lights and Bluetooth ($490 option) not to mention the 4WD which can be switched off for better gas mileage or locked for permanent 4x4.
    I haven't seen the Outlander's interior yet, but I have seen the RAV4 and I think there is noting to write back home about it - hard plastic all around with little padding on the elbow rest on the door and the centre console arm rest. And the plastics are as hollow and hard as they can be. Well put together though, minimal gaps, etc.
    However, the panel gaps don't seem to be an issue in the Outlander either based on the reviews.
    Now, if the Outlander is underpowered with it's V6 220 hp, 6-speed auto and 8.x sec. 0-60 mph, what one could say about so much praised CRV or about any of the Santa Fe and Grand Vitara? Let's get real people and judge the vehicle itself not the company that makes it - see the stupid review in December's issue of Motor Trend, where half of it talks about the Mitsubishi's poor sales and whether or not the Outlander will be a "saviour".
    Sorry for the long post.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    From that Consumer Guide review:

    We hear Outlander will offer a 4-cyl engine, but probably not until model-year '09. It's a 2.4-liter unit sourced from the new Global Alliance joint venture that Mitsubishi operates with Chrysler Group and Hyundai. The 4-cyl was supposed to be available at launch, but was reportedly delayed by budget constraints at Mitsubishi."

    What are these nuts talking about? Mitsubishi already have a 2.4L 4cyl engine fitted in the Outlander 2006, and most other 07 Outlanders models(Japan, New Zealand) have 2.4L engines on them. I don't think I'll believe that crap review.

    If Mitsubishi is in that "budget constraints" it would have been logical they've used the existing 2.4L engines from 06 models, but they opted to develop a 3.0L engine instead, which is a good decision IMO. From 3.0L V6, I don't see them going back to a 2.4L 4Cyl. Lack of power was one issue in the 06 that they've addressed in the 07 model.

    It's great to read a lot of reviews, but you need to sift through this pile of ... to get realistic and unbiased views. For me, CR is closest to being just that.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    Consumer Guide rating is pure garbage. I just looked at the 2007 CR-V and compared with the 2007 Outlander. LOL they give the same rating (5) for acceleration to both cars when CR-V is considerably slower than Outlander. Cargo room is virtually identical, but yet CRV gets 8 and Outlander gets 7. Indeed, lots of "expert" auto reviewers are full of sh....
  • piastpiast Member Posts: 269
    "see the stupid review in December's issue of Motor Trend, where half of it talks about the Mitsubishi's poor sales and whether or not the Outlander will be a "saviour". "
    Don't worry. They have to do that. Mitsu came out to close to their 2007 sport/utility of the year winner Mercedes GL450 with big V8 in performance numbers. Check it by yourself. In OCT MT issue Ron Kiino wrote:
    "Interior quality is premium and design contemporary...
    3.0 liter with MIVEC is a refined and robust unit...
    New Outlander has an air that's all SUV enhanced with such luxury as standard LED tail lamps, available Xenon headlamps and 18" wheels...Outlander can easily hang with the best in it's class...delivers excellent balance through high-speed maneuvers...Seeing that Outlander is now a legitimate contender."
    I rest my case.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    This is low ... I have the Oct. issue of MT and I will check it out.
    The sad thing is that not many people do extensive research when they buy a car and if they read Consumer Guide and Motor Trend like garbage reviews, they would walk away. Too bad..
    These guys don't serve the public at all IMO.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    From Consumer Guide - 2007 Outlander review:
    "Outlander's liftgate has opening glass and a clamshell design that creates a handy drop-down tailgate section that can hold up to 400 lb."

    What do they mean by "opening glass"?
  • growwisegrowwise Member Posts: 296
    Most rear doors open in one piece while some open in two phases. One just lift the glass and stick your groceries in without opening the entire gate (say in a tight parking lot or for light stuff).

    Some dont offer this feature which means you have to swing out the entire rear hatch to put a gallon of milk :P
  • supersailsupersail Member Posts: 5
    Has anyone seen one with a trailer hitch or know what it looks like? Pics?
    Hope it's not super ugly like some are.
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