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Mitsubishi Outlander Reviews

SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
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What is the industry saying?


  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    Yep, I saw your post earlier before I went to the dealer, and I thought I'd check it out myself. Yep, only the middle part of the door handles are padded.

    I saw that episode too. It was good Motortweek's review was objective (just my 2cents). In fact I like reviews that make unbiased comparison with the competition.Consumers like us need more of those.

    As for the 0-60 and the braking,I don't really look to push the car to those limits, and the difference would be insignificant on normal day to day driving. But noteworhty though that the Outlander will do a 19/26mpg on regular unleaded, while a Mazda CX7 of equal configuration will consume 18/24mpg of Premium gasoline.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    I agree with you in regards to the day-to-day driving performance. I still cannot understand why some people - some of them so called car people, keep comparing Outlander with Mazda CX-7. CX-7 is a sport oriented SUV, while the Outlander is primarily a compact, utilitarian SUV which happens to be good looking and fun to drive. In my opinion, the direct competition for Outlander is limited to RAV4 V6, Escape V6, Grand Vitara and perhaps Santa Fe (I would compare Santa Fe with Highlander instead). End of the story. CX-7 should strictly compare with RDX - both I4 turbocharged. It's like comparing apple to orange. Waste of time IMO.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    Although Acura is a luxury brand versus CX-7 non-luxury, but with enough upscale touches to allow the comparison.
  • pontiacgtppontiacgtp Member Posts: 15
    I would also add the new Suzuki XL-7 as competition to the Outlander. I looked at one today and its very similar to the Outlander in size, price, power, and available options (3rd row seats, navigation, etc.).
  • ghettofabulousghettofabulous Member Posts: 15
    I looked at this car too and it is very nice. It rides very smooth and actually looks more plush inside than the outlander. The 3rd row seats in the one I drove were leather and nice as well and it is comparably priced with the outlander. It has a larger motor and more hp. I didn't select this car mainly because it was too big for me at 197" and I am trying to downsize after driving astro vans (189") for 21 years. If this car had been available when my four children were younger and didn't have cars of their own, I would have selected the XL.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    IMO, the Outlander looks better than the 07 CRV or 07 RAV4. Good looks + good value for money = my next SUV :P
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    The eternal question comes back - why some people say the interior quality is premium and some say it's poor - see above review. Could the owners comment on that? I know it's a personal feeling, but most of the comments are opposite.
  • piastpiast Member Posts: 269
    Yes, it is personal, so with everything else being better, or equal with the competition, you have to decide if the interior is good enough for you. I liked it more than RAV4, much more.
    And cargo volume is 39 cu ft in Outlander, not 36 like they stated .
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    I, too,like the Outlander's interior better, but I don't know how well it's executed and how decent the materials are.
  • integrarcintegrarc Member Posts: 1
    I test drove a fully loaded Outlander XLS last week, and most parts of the interior felt high quality. There are just a few cheap parts, such as the plastic panels on the doors and the sun visors. So basically many parts are premium, but some parts are less impressive. The leather was nice and I really liked the seat bolsters, but neither I, nor my family liked the cloth seats at all.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    "I drove an Outlander for about a week, and I was surprised at how close in personality it was to a larger SUV. It had a good, solid ride, deep throaty exhaust, and plenty of sportiness. I was also intrigued by an unusual tailgate -- the lower part of it is built into the bumper and thus affords a bit more room for loading things, etc."

    Mitsubishi has a badly needed hit with Outlander (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
  • mucoolmucool Member Posts: 24
    It had a good, solid ride, deep throaty exhaust, and plenty of sportiness

    Is a good way to sum up the experience. The "solid ride" part is really true, I didn't get the same feeling test driving the new CR-V. The Outlander , just feels more sturdy, meaner and on the ground :). I have really encouraged most of my friends looking for a new compact SUV , to "experience" this themselves..rather then rejecting the Outlander because its a Mitsubishi(those days are history). The mix of features/power/design/pricing/warranty just hits a very good spot, other SUVs didn't in this class.
    With the Outlander , I definitely think things are going to change for Mitsubishi.
  • craigm3craigm3 Member Posts: 20
    I'm trying to choose between these two cars. Any thoughts?

    My initial impressions lead me towards the Outlander because of the room (7 in a pinch, mainly for my kids), the stereo/NAV system, the better fuel economy, and slightly lower price. However, I love the CX-7's styling and interior, and based on reports it seems to be a bit more fun to drive. Any other thoughts that might asway me one way or another? Thanks.
  • gene_vgene_v Member Posts: 235
    I believe the CX-7 requires premium gas due to its turbo engine. That may not be a problem for some.
  • solowalkersolowalker Member Posts: 118
    How long is the warranty on the CX7?

    also, some people on the Mazda message boards who live in the hotter areas of USA have issues with the Mazda A.C. efficiency...

    Mazda does have the best interior and driver seat though..
  • mucoolmucool Member Posts: 24
    I went through the same decision making process, and ended up choosing the Outlander over the CX-7. I was comparing a 2WD XLS Outlander (with sun & sound & nav package, leather seats and FAST entry[standard on xls] ) versus FWD Sport CX-7 + Tech Package (Nav system, Bose Sound, key fob that allows you to open windows remotely), no leather seats. The pricing was almost similar (Touring and Grand Touring were more expensive)
    Pros : Looks, Bose System , Remote Windows, One touch full folding back seats, rear view camera, 5 star NHTSA crash test rating.
    Cons : turbo charged engine (with distinct turbo lag), premium fuel, smaller warranty compared to Mitsubishi, image more targetted for couples with no kids, known AC issues!

    Pros : V6,Rockford Fosgate, FAST entry, pricing , longer warranty, 3rd row seat(handy occassionally), Xenon HID, IIHS high rating, leather seats standard, HDD based nav system with 6 gb user space, regular fuel, better mileage, family car.

    Cons: Mitsubishi prev track record, 220 hp (as compared to 244 hp on CX-7), comparitively less sporty/ less smoother handling, slightly higher cabin/wind noise.

    All of the above are purely my personal opinion, I am sure the pros and cons can be shifted around.
    In the end, I am very satisfied with my decision, no regrets at all :shades:
  • johnny98johnny98 Member Posts: 88
    In addition to the points mentioned previously, the Mazda has a significantly smaller interior. The Mazda rear door is about a foot shorter due to the higher floor and lower roof. This restricts your ability to carry bulky items. I doubt you could fit 2 bicycles in the back of the Mazda without piling them on top of each other. One of the main reasons I am looking at the Mitsubishi is the cargo space. Otherwise, I would probably get the Acura RDX, which has better handling and better quality.
  • craigm3craigm3 Member Posts: 20
    Thanks for the input everyone. My dealer has located a fully loaded deep blue metallic XLS, and I'm going to put the deposit on it today. :)
  • mucoolmucool Member Posts: 24
    When I talked to the Mazda dealer about space/cargo area, V6 and 3 rd row seat issues on CX-7, they were quick to point out that CX-9 is the way to go if all those things are higher in wishlist, but obviously at a higher price point.
    The good thing that happened having the Outlander and the CX-7 in the market, was all of a sudden there were more fun choices available rather then settling for a Toyota/Honda.
  • craigm3craigm3 Member Posts: 20
    I thought about the CX-9 too, but the big problem there is it won't fit in my garage! :) At least, not next to my wife's Odyssey...

    You're right about the Outlander and CX-7 bringing some much needed competition to Honda and Toyota. While they're both great cars, I'd rather break away from the herd a little.
  • bearishly4ubearishly4u Member Posts: 38
    As an owner of an ES (the cheapie model) I have to say that I consider the interior no nonsense with a sporty "new york" look to the interior. I would not consider an interior premium when it includes cheap plastic sun visors. For me though, it works and it works better at 19K than at 26K or more. I didn't see any upgrades in the xls to those bits that made it feel "cheap" and had I spent a lot more, I would probably be a bit disappointed.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    Outlander's interior is not premium by any means, but it looks good and with some exceptions, is decent. The few short comings in fit and finish are compensated by the price and feature set. I will still buy it.
  • craigm3craigm3 Member Posts: 20
    I agree with dodo2. I finally got my Outlander yesterday, a graphite gray XLS with S&S, Luxury, and NAV. I thought about going a little more upscale (Acura, BMW, etc.), but for the price and with all the features a fully loaded Outlander meets all my needs. I'm not concerned about the somewhat basic interior, because I (and my kids) tend to beat up my cars anyway. :)

    Speaking of which, are the all-season mats available yet? I forgot to ask at the dealership.
  • bearishly4ubearishly4u Member Posts: 38
    I bought some aftermarket ones that trim down to fit...not bad but the rubber smells! It killed my "new car smell" so be forewarned.
  • johnny98johnny98 Member Posts: 88
    There's a detailed 2007 Outlander review on autobytel.com:
    http://www.autobytel.com/content/shared/articles/templates/index.cfm/article_id_- int/2127
    The main review is fairly good, but the "second opinion" columns really dump on the transmission and the interior quality. Any comments?
  • spaceman210spaceman210 Member Posts: 50
    Does anyone know why Mitsu perforated the leather in the side bolsters, but not in the bottom & back where it would provide extra breathability? The leather seats seemed very hard to me - do the cushions conform/soften any after break-in?

    Has anyone concerned about cheap interior appearance looked into aftermarket dash kits? On my '97 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC, a $300 wood kit made a huge improvement and has held up perfectly for eight years, no fade or peel.

    I see there are floor mat price concerns - anyone tried mats/liners from the custom places advertised in the back of car magazines?

    Has anyone concerned about road noise tried to pop off door or kick panels to install soundproofing such as Dynamat? Would like to see tips if so.

    Is it possible to carry extended cargo such as lumber by leaving half of the clamshell door open and latching or tying the other half?

  • ken4nyken4ny Member Posts: 40
    I have the Outie for 1 week now and I love it more and more. I thought I have the mirror rattle problem but I don't. The noise actually came from the paper that the dealer put on the floor to protect the new floor mat. The wind noise happen on the first day only. It was very windy day and I drove over 60 MPH on the highway. Also, I don't have the front end knocking sound that like the early production. The stereo is working perfectly. The only bad part was that I ordered the CUV on Dec. 10th and I just picked it up last week. It's worth it. I also see some changes from the Mitsubishi. It has more colors. I saw an ES model with rear privacy glass at the showroom when I picked up my CUV. I was told by the salesman that my XLS came with heated mirror but I can't confirm it because it's been over 40 since I picked it up. I was also told that you now can order the entertainment package with the Navi for the XLS. It wasn't available before. I ordered the cargo cover from the ebay for $113 + shipping. The next improvement I would love to see is the rear camera. So far, my friends and family love this CUV a lot.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    Just another idiotic review. What puzzles me is how these guys get paid for writing such lousy articles.
  • solowalkersolowalker Member Posts: 118
    One thing these "reviewers" :( don't mention in the review is that the Outies 4WD is far and away more superior to the AWD of the RaV...

    another thing, the RAV4 is a "chick" ride...The Outie is a "guy's" ride...
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    First of all they should compare the closest trims possible from each manufacturer. Examples:
    LS vs. AWD V6 Base or
    XLS vs. AWD V6 Sport or
    XLS fully loaded vs. AWD V6 LTD fully loaded.

    What I would be interested to read in a side by side comparo, for the cargo versatility for example, would be things like min/max cargo height, depth with the rear seats up and down, width.
    To this point, we all know that the rear seats in the Outlander flip forward and in the RAV4 fold flat. Now my question is what is the distance from the back door to the front seats in each vehicle? How tall is the cargo area in each (min/max), how big the rear opening? How wide (min/max)? This are relevant things IMO.
    Anyone can compare 72.6 sq ft vs 73 sq. ft. max cargo space from the manufacturer's spec. The trick is how this cargo is laid out. Point out short comings and good features in each vehicle and weight them. If some of the materials are of poor quality in one vehicle or another, or the panels do not fit together, just explain where, so if I go to check out the vehicle I know what to look for. Generic statements don't mean anything.
    Test braking distance in the same environmental conditions from the safety perspective.
    This are things that matters to the consumers.
    I don't give a damn if Joe Doe likes the interior/exterior design or not. I can judge that for myself without anybody's help.
    Rating vehicles on subjective assessments has no value for the consumer at all.
  • johnny98johnny98 Member Posts: 88
    Consumer magazines used to give much more useful measures of cargo space in SUVs and trucks. I would like to see 2 measures:
    1. what is the largest sheet of plywood that will fit inside (width x length)
    2. what is the largest box that will fit inside (width x length x height)
    I agree that cubic feet is kind of worthless if that is oddly shaped. The fold flat seats in the RAV4 create a much more useful cargo area than the tumble seats in the Outlander (that waste 1+ foot of floor space).
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    "The fold flat seats in the RAV4 create a much more useful cargo area than the tumble seats in the Outlander (that waste 1+ foot of floor space)."

    Do you know what the distance is in the Outlander from the tumbled seats to the rear hatch versus the back of the front seats to the rear door in the RAV4? This measurement would determine which car has a longer cargo floor with the rear seats down. For the RAV4, a min. and max. should be measured depending on the front seats position. For the Outlander, this distance is constant.
  • mirde98mirde98 Member Posts: 95
    Well that review seems empty and rather dry. Looks like the opinion of 1 or 2 people who decided to write something to feel good and important. All they emphazise is the styling. According to them, styling is better on Rav4 than Outlander. And pretty much thats the base of that article. Now i WILL say something about both vehicles, i work daily with Toyota and Mitsubishi vehicles. I have tested both the Rav4 and Outlander. The Outlander drives more solidly than the Rav4. The Rav4 has more mainstream styling so it blends in the crowd. Both and i mean BOTH vehicles have plastic interiors, the Rav4 layout is more "mature" lets say, the Outlander is more youthful and interesting in the eye. Both are excellent vehicles. If people are looking an inoffensive styling then the Rav4 is the choice. If people are looking for a more exciting ,sporty look then the Outlander is a perfect choice. Both Rav4 and Outlander are excellent vehicles. The differences are mostly in the handling and looks department. :)
  • piastpiast Member Posts: 269
    This one is not that new, but it makes perfect sense to me:

    Mitsubishi Outlander: Outperform and Underpay
    Jan 01 '07 (Updated Mar 16 '07)
  • johnny98johnny98 Member Posts: 88
    fyi - Consumer Reports magazine reviews the Outlander in the May 2007 issue (home subscribers should receive this magazine this week). They generally liked the Outlander, especially the powertrain and handling. The did not like the stiff ride, road noise, interior fit and finish, radio controls on the nav system, and headlight low beams. They do not predict reliability or make recommendations on new models.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Member Posts: 2,743
    They might not have liked the stiff ride, but they noted how good the handling was (including steering and braking). You usually don't get that without trading some ride softness, especially with a tall vehicle. In fact, it posted the best speed out of the 5 in their avoidance test.

    They also noted how nearly useless the 3rd row seat is...even had a nice photo of it. Looks like an Apollo couch: fabric stretched inside a metal frame and not much else.
  • solowalkersolowalker Member Posts: 118
    Also, the reviewers probably didn't lower the air pressure in the tires down to 32 PSI..High pressure in the tires will transduce every defect in the road back into the cabin...All Outies are shipped with 46 PSI in the tires.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    "Just weeks ago we filled the vacant space in our long-term test garage with a 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS in Cool Silver Metallic. We chose the XLS trim for our second-generation Outlander over the midlevel LS and economy-level ES choices. All three trim levels are powered by a 3.0-liter MIVEC V6 producing 220 horsepower and matched to a six-speed automatic transmission with manual shifting capability"

    Long-Term Test: 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS 4WD
  • gene_vgene_v Member Posts: 235
    "Our desire for a heated driver seat meant we needed the $1,600 luxury package. To our surprise, this included our prescribed bun warmers for both front- and second-row seats."

    News to me. I don't have second-row seat heaters.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    Is that an "ooops"? :D I have an XLS with everything from the factory, no 2nd row seat warmers either.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    Sure it's an "ooops" and there are few more:
    1. The curb weight for the XLS 4WD is 3791 lb. and they say 3885 lb. Wow, the additional equipment weights 94 lb. more or Mitsu is lying? Did they actually weight the car or this is another "OOOPS"?
    2. 30 feet braking distance 60-0 mph I think is just a typo, but still....
    3. I think they misunderstood the difference between "sporty" and "sports" car. I hope they will not continue to say "... nah..., the Outlander it's a lame sports car...blah, blah...". This would be lame indeed.
    Please tell the readers how the Outlander performs against RAV4, SantaFe and CRV in the performance compartment not how it fairs against Corvette (just an example).
    4. Mileage - did he actually drive the car on the highway, at 60 mph constant speed, for a full tank? No car precisely matches the EPA estimate in the real world driving.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    The author's email is posted at the top of the article - I'm sure he'd love to hear from y'all.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    Thanks for the suggestion, but this is an open discussion and this is what makes it fun. No need for one-to-one conversations.
    The authors could come here and comment with us if they feel like. If not, we will still comment amongst us, members, I guess.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    I hear you. And sometimes the authors do show up in the discussions.

    You'll also be able to comment when the Long-Term Road Tests blogging starts up with the Outlander (in addition to coming back to the discussion to rag on their reports, LOL).
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    Yes, when the blog starts, I will comment if I have something to say. And yes, I will come back here if it will be a discussion and I have something to say.
    In case you wonder why I comment on these "expert reviews" is that it bugs me how most of these reviewers don't seem to know squat about the car they are supposed to review (they don't even read the manufacturer's specs which would only take few minutes), they write all sort of crap and inaccurate information, and people go by what they say.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Yeah, but here they can fix errors. More malleable type you know. :shades:
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    Not sure about that. All the errors in the previous reviews are still there and they keep adding some more. Oh well... it's fine by me, I just wanted to point them out. That's all.
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