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Toyota Avalon starting issue

95_Runner95_Runner Member Posts: 3
edited October 2020 in Toyota
I have a 1995 Avalon. It starts immediately on the first try when first started in the morning. But after that it often struggles to start the rest of the day, I need to crank and turn the key off usually 3 times. What could be causing this?


  • Edge87Edge87 Member Posts: 43
    There are many possibilities that can be causing this issue. You will need to have a qualified mechanic diagnose this issue. If I were to start with diag, I would first check fuel & spark. Has the vehicle been tuned up recently? Is the engine getting proper fuel pressure before the issue occurs & during the issue occurring?
  • 95_Runner95_Runner Member Posts: 3
    thanks 4 answer. I installed new plugs last summer. Starting issue may have something to do with air intake. On back rt. of 1mz-fe engine is plastic box that connect to air intake hose after maf sensor. It can be turned in different directions. Car is still starting. Unfortunately, the diagnostics on this vehicle(1 yr b4 obd-II) employ diagnostics box on engine, Requi8res jumping 2 termnals than reading morse code of flashing dash light. Mine doesn't work however.
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