Chrysler Sebring problem

buikkibuikki Member Posts: 1
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Hello hello... Greetings from across the pond. I own quite an old car Chrysler Sebring LX from 2003. I just recently changed a new engine and new lambdas to it and the problem began. Every time I have driven approximately 300-400 kilometers ( a mile is 1,6 kilometers ) the engine warning light lights up. I get these two codes p0141 and p1684. All the lambdas are similar and BRAND NEW. Does anyone know what causes this error announcement? It cannot be the new lambdas. Is the catalyst converter broken?
I live in Europe and most garages fixing cars here are not at all familiar with American made cars. I will highly appreciate your knowledge, help and suggestions. Otherwise my car is in great condition. Thank so much in advance.
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