Mazda RX-8 Alarm Problems

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A coupel of weeks ago I purchased a 2007 RX-8 Grand Touring. It comes standard with the keyless entry system. According to the Mazda website, and the printed brochure, there is a shock sensor add-in to the alarm that will add the detection of broken windows to the alarm.

The day I purchased my car I ordered this part. When it came in they had problems, and told me that the unit would not accept calibration. They ordered a replacement, which had the same problem; and they noticed it getting hot to the touch.

They are now telling me that the engineers at Mazda think the shock sensor may not be compatible with the keyless entry module. Seems odd to me that the car can be ordered with this feature combination, but they never tested it?

Has anyone else had a similar problem, or success where my dealership not?



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    I have a 2006 rx8 loaded that came with the keyless entry system and the alarm shock senser upgrade. It works fine with mine, the only thing I can say about it is that it is a bit sensitive when a big truck drives by and sets it off. other that that works as it should.

    My rx8 is only 6 weeks old and it has a lot of rattles and noises with the interior. I know that a sports car with stiff suspencion makes it noiser that one with a softer ride. I just think it should not be as noisy.

    How does yours ride?
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    My 05 rx8 alarm is stuck on. I pulled the fuses to the horn and emergency flashers and and pulled the negative cable on the battery to see if it would reset the alarm.
    The next day I started the car, put the fuses in and hooked up the batter cable. Everything seemed fine until I shut the hood. The alarm set off again. So now I've pulled the fuses again.
    How can I reset or disarm the alarm?
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    Hey dude. I'm in the same boat you are. Just today the same thing happened to me. Did you get it fixed? If you did how'd you do it? I imagine others have had this set back. Let me know so I can put my fuses back on.
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    I am going through this problem right now, my factory alarm is going off like crazy and i dont know how to shut it off. How did you guys do it?
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    I am in the same fix. My alarm goes off all of the time on my Mazda Miata 2002. There is a reset for it that the dealer told me about, but I don't remember how it was done. It was something with the key and the buttons on the alarm at the same time, but I don't remember exactly. Has anyone else found a solution?
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    I have a Mazda RX8 and a few days ago my alarm started going off for no reason, Whenever i would touch the doors in any way, if i went to shut off or turn on the car the alarm would start going off. {SOOO EMBARRASSING} But found there is a super easy way to fix it. Even if your car is unlocked stick the key in the door and lock then unlock the door, it shut my car up. Hopefully this helps.
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