GMC Safari/Chevy Astro: Exteriors

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My 97 Safari van's hood used to be hard to get open. Someone would have to bang on the hood while I pulled the release. I sprayed some WD40 on it but now I fear the cable may have slipped through the clamp. I can't get it to open at all! All this is fixable of course, if I could just get the hood open! Any ideas on how to get the hood open that don't involve a torch??


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    i've read on how to open the back door but what if the linkage rod fell off how do i get in there to fix it or how do i open the door
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    Hope someone has info on this, we need to replace the exterior fuel door, as it's rusted out. But I cannot find one on the web or at the salvage yards. Any suggestions as to where in the world I can find one, Summit white preferred?
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    I have a 94 with the same problem... did you ever get an answer?

    I have to replace the bulb in the driver side tail light, but since I cannot get the door open, this is impossible...


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    I had this problem, I pulled the plastic trim that fits around the back hatch off, then used a screw drive on each side of the hach near the bottom to pop the latches back to release the door. After I fixed the linkage, I was able to put the trim back without to much issue.
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    Hi -- Saw your message from January. Im having a hard tie finding a fuel door too. Was wondering if you had any luck?


    Scott M
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