Starting and window.

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We believe its the ECU (i think thats what he said something computer) heating up for some reason. So when the engine is parked in the direct AZ sun is wont always start sometimes its laggy in and out and cuts off but only when its in the sun and it can be in the sun roughly 30 mins or longer and it will pull this... If i park in shade it starts just fine... If it helps its a 2001 chevy suburban K2500..... The other thing im so lost on we may be iver looking something as well but the front passanger window wont roll down... We hear it working it falls a little on its own but when we take the foor panel off everything looks fine and sounds fine and the window is on track.. Any ideas on either if these issues?


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    There could be many possibilites for your issue but you just narrowed it down to heat. Sounds like the engine is getting heat soaked or the heat is causing your ECM to not function properly. To rule out the ECM, try checking the for proper fuel pressure when its parked in the shade and compare when you park it out in the sun. What you can also do it park the truck in the shade and obtain a heat gun to heat up your ECM, just be careful not burn any wires or the the ECM it self. If the truck wont start after its parked in the shade but with the ECM heated up then you just found your potential issue.

    As for your window issue, something could be binding within the door panel, door window channels or have an electrical fault. have you tried to lube the window channels and retest operation?
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