Buy or not: Jetta SE 2017

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I am going to be out of college next year and moving coast to coast. I am contemplating buying a black jetta SE with 25k miles, leather interior for $10k. It has no issues as I know the buyer, it's in great condition.

What are your thoughts? Is 10k too much for a first car?


  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 45,913
    not if you have the money available. That is actually a very smart price/age/mileage combo for a first car like that. Not terribly expensive, but still new enough to be reliable for a long time. Plus has all the modern comfort and safety tech features.

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    Edmunds has a valuation tool which can tell you what the private party market value is for that car.

    Knowing the buyer is not a guarantee that the car has no issues. I would recommend that you have a mechanic put a scanner on it. When it comes to used cars I wouldn’t trust my own grandma.

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