2005 pt cruiser 2.4 turbo cutting out / back fire

dgoschadgoscha Member Posts: 1
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2005 pt cruiser turbo 2.4
cam sensor replaced 3 months ago
new plugs
new air filter
always premium gas
when driving it will cut out you have to let up on the gas to get it to go again
if in park and you press gas will back fire and pop
have to hold key in start position until it starts
codes are
po128 thermostat rationality
po344 cam shaft position sensor bank 1 sensor 1
po340 cam shaft position sensor circuit
po128 thermostat rationality
po325 knock sensor 1 circuit

any help would be most appreciated!



  • Edge87Edge87 New YorkMember Posts: 42
    There could be many possibilities for this issue but give then codes you provided, I would check for proper engine timing. (Given that there is proper air, fuel spark & no other mechanical or electrical conditions)
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