Ignition, has a place to use key, but we never use it,

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I was having trouble with the ignition switch locking on me for serveral weeks. Moving the steering wheel, an try an jarring geer shift, had it turning and starting the car for me. Last Thursday, my husband and I were stuck at home for over three hours, trying to get it to turn on. No luck. Later on, it came on magicly, we shut it off and had trouble again. once we got the engine started again, we gently shut it off and left car with out slamming the door. We got it to switch on again, the following morning and got it to our dealer ship, today Monday morning. Now they say they haven't had any problems with it, and don't want to try any parts, that might not be the problem, cause our warrenty would not cover it. I don't feel safe at all taking it home, and being left, some where on the side of the road. I drive for Lyft, so I have missed 5 days already, knowing the car is not safe for work. Help any ideas? its a 2015 Armada.


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    I'am sure this has happened before the dealer ship says, they have never had this problem, and told me to do everything we did try to do. like taking weight of key ring. we don't even use the key. move steering wheel back and forth. park car on level ( it was in my garage when it happen, where those things didn't help.
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