Chevy Uplander won't move

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I have a 2008 chevy uplander. I got it a couple of months ago and when I did they told me the shifting was bad but it still runs. On my way home from buying it, it broke down.

I did a transmission overhaul because I found the forward band in the pan.
I replaced and did everything correct. I also changed a motor mount and a cv. Joint because it was bad.
I also changed the shift linkage cable. It ran great for a week. The only problem I had during that week was the new cv joint popped out and the shift indicator never did show park. It would go in park on the transmission side and the shift lever but it never would indicate it and still don't. The wrong gears keep showing.

I was on my way home and hit a bump. I heard a pop noise and after turning the uplander just quit pulling. I was able to coast to the side . The uplander starts and tries to move but after about 2 tire revolutions it quits pulling. 

I checked the cv joint making sure it didn't pop out again. It don't look like anything is wrong with it. I adjusted the shift cable, but it's still not right.. It still wont show the correct gears.
I looked for electrical problems. I checked the transmission fluid but going to do a flush because my friend who was helping me told me he put the merc transmission fluid after the overhaul. He wad short so I got some more the dex IV, I don't know  if that contaminated it. Im was getting 12 Abs codes which was all speed sensors, centering error, brake pedal position sensor etc but fixed all but one code C0045. I was getting code p0449 but  replaced the canister and it went off
  Im getting code p0523 now it just popped up. Im at loss as to why its not moving. It starts and revs but quits moving. Its like Im getting no power to the wheels after about 2 revolutions.
Im not getting any transmission codes and everything looks fine. I did unplug the module to the sliding doors. They were not working correctly.

I wss having problems with the charging but I seen a blue wire , I think it was a fusible link that was disconnected.
I assumed it went to the starter and the alt but not sure. It started charging after I hooked it back.
  Please help, any ideas more than welcome.
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