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2004 Mountaineer, LEMON

callicocallico Member Posts: 5
Bought 04 Mountaineer new in Dec of that year.V-8, AWD, premier, leather heated seats, etc. This was my very first new car at 36 and likely my last at todays prices. It was a big deal. It is a lemon.
The rear window hatch panle has cracked and been replaced 4 times, and has now cracked again. The hatch leaks etc. etc. The paint on the roof of the car chipped off 6 mos. after purchase. Rear windows stuck ,failed. Driver window stuck. Windshield improperly installed by manufacturer, replaced, problems with wipers ever since. The transmission is now jerking.
This vehicle has been in for repair 11 times in 22 months, over 35 days total in the shop. I only have 8300 miles on it. Because of the continued issue with rear hatch cracking around the emblem the value of the vehicle has plummeted. We owe 20k and could never get out money out of it now.
The dealership has been horrendous and has made it clear that they want us to go away. Every problem I have brought the vehicle in for, Mercury had already issued a TSB repair bulletin for.
Now I have discovered that there have been 52 recall or repair bulletins issued for this year make and model, 16 of those were issued before we bought this SUV. This info can be online. Had we known that, we would not have purchased it.
This suv had everything I wanted and needed, I am disabled and the stress of rental cars, etc. etc. has been a complete nightmare.
I could not find anyone else online who had these continuous cosmetic complaints and yet the repair bulletins were issued so I know I'm not the only one. I joined here to post this because this info needs to get out there.
The 2004 Mountaineer has tons of potential, it also has 52 current repair bulletins, including a problem with the rear axle and multiple transmission problems, and is a lemon. Mercury needs to recall these vehicles.
If my windshield had come out it could have resulted in my death.
Has anyone else had these problems ?


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    pulleydogpulleydog Member Posts: 61
    Wow, callico - I'd be very upset too.
    The one good thing going for you is the fact that you are still fully covered by the original warranty for another year.
    We have a 2004 Mountaineer, V-8 Luxury with about 38K miles. We leased this almost 3 years ago. We have had very good luck with this vehicle so far and we tow a heavy boat a few times during the summer. The only issue we have had so far is a slight 'squeak' that we had taken care of just before the warranty expired - it ended up being something in the A/C system but they had the vehicle for a full week before they figured out what it was. Thankfully, we were given a free loaner for the entire period. Which brings up an important point...
    If you aren't happy with your dealer, bring it somewhere else! We bought our MM from a dealership in Vermont (4 hours away) - only because they had exactly what we wanted, but we get the vehicle serviced at a local Ford dealership. Some people think they have to have their vehicles serviced at the dealership they bought it from and that's is certainly NOT the case.

    Other than the 'squeak', the only thing I have noticed that may be related to what you have experienced is our Driver side window ocassionally hesitates when going up/down...but (knock on wood) it always works (after the hesitation). Ironically, my wife just told me tonight that the turn signal for one side is flashing in 'double-time'. Hopefully that's just a faulty flasher unit - I hope they are as easy to replace as they used to be in older vehicles.

    I wish you the best - take it to another dealership and see if you can get some better treatment....a Ford or Mercury dealership. If you feel it necessary, write down everything you have experinced and send it off to Ford customer relations. You should find some contact information in your owners manual.
    Good luck callico!
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    callicocallico Member Posts: 5
    The point was that this is a thirty seven thousand dollar vehicle that has been in for service 12 times in two years. One of the reasons for buying a new vehicle is becasue you do not want the hassle of constant repairs. For 37k I expect to have NO PROBLEMS. Ford has issued a TSB for this repair and they aware that it is a manufacturing defect. However because it is an ongoing problem, I have to take the vehicle to the dealership that has previously done the repair BECAUSE it is a warranty claim. I would like very much to take it to another dealership but because it is a continuing problem I cannot, unless Ford agrees to it. The theory being that that the dealership who did the original repair is responsible for making it right. I have spoken with Ford. They were supossed to get back to me and have not.
    YOU SHOULD TAKE your Mountaineer in about the windows...three of your window motors have failed and had to be replaced, Ford issued a TSB repair bulletin for this also as they are well aware of window problems.
    This is the second holiday season in a row now where I have been without my new car, forced to drive an unfamiliar vehicle in inclement weather, carry extra keys etc. Imagine that on average every three four weeks you get to "move out" of your car, all you cds, unmbrellas, phone chargers, what have you. And then everytime you get your car back it's been damaged in some other way.
    These Mountaineers are on the Consumer Reports list of used SUV's to avoid purchasing.
    I'm glad you have had no problems. I really like this vehicle or I would not have shelled out the money for it. But that's just the thing, when you pay that much for something it ought to be right, and this isn't and I am gettig the run around from the dealership, the body shop and Ford, all of them balming each other and I am the one who gets stuck. So I will spread the word about these SUVs and locally about this dealership.
    Good luck to you !
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    callicocallico Member Posts: 5
    I meant...3 of OUR window motors failed !
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    nbtvee6nbtvee6 Member Posts: 1
    Man, I am glad to see I am not the only sucker with one of these trucks. I have an 2003 premier loaded also and have had nothing but problems with this thing. It is in the shop right now getting a new transmission after only 55K miles. As soon as it is out of the shop I am driving it to Carmax and trading it in for a Nissan Armada. No more domestic cars for me. I should have known better. :mad:

    I have also had to replace the entire A/C system this summer to the tune of $2K. I am so mad at myself for buying this truck. :mad:
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    callicocallico Member Posts: 5
    This remains an ongoing situation. After 8 repairs to the rea hatch now, 14 times in the shop and over 40 trips back and forth to the dealership we will no longer be dealing with that dealership. As the cosmetic problem has been fixed, for the 8th time, but it is currently fixed, FORD is now balking, if you email them they refer you to a cusomer care specialist, who then gets on the phone with you and basically tells you that they will fix it and that's all they can do...Letters have been sent etc. and their response is unchanged. As a result of these repeated repairs, the plastic on the inside of the rear window hatch now rattles incessently while the vehicle is in motion. This car was virtually silent to ride in and like new the first we took it in for this repair over a year ago. The rattle is absolutley the result of the repeated repairs. We owe more on it than it's worth, we couldn't trade it in right now and have it do us any good.
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    terrirose54terrirose54 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same vehicle but it is a V6. I am leasing it and it will be finished at the end of this month. I have the same problem with the hatch and the crack. I spoke to Ford but they were not very helpful. They told me that I am responsible for it.
    The lease was for four years and of course the warranty is over. The crack surfaced this year. I am within the alotted miles. I work for a Ford dealer and they said it is common. Could you let me know if there is any bulliten put out by Ford saying this is a defect on their part. If so, how can I get a copy of it. I am frustated.
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    callicocallico Member Posts: 5
    What you are looking for is called a "Technical Service Bulletin" or TSB, it's what the manufacturer's issue to the dealers service departments whenever they become aware of a defect or recall etc. I believe that the first TSB for the hatch was released by Ford in Dec. of 05. They know KNOW this is a manufacturing problem. I suggest you go to the Ford website and contact Ford directly and tell them the name of the Dealership you are working with, see if that gets you anywhere. Knock on wood the last repair they did has held even though they put the lettering back on crooked, yes they did. I will never own another Ford, Lincoln, Mercury product and will not take my Mountaineer back to the dealer where we bought it.

    I suggest you try to contact Ford directly as they are very aware that this issue exists with the 03-04 Mountaineers. There was also an actual recall on the transmission fluid in the 04's, since yours is a lease they probably already took care of that before you got it.
    There is no way you should have to pay to have it fixed.

    try this list


    and here is another site with a lot of people complaining about the cracked lift gate

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    akaangelicaakaangelica Member Posts: 1
    I did a search to find out how much a new transmission would cost for my '04 Mountaineer, which I bought used, only a year ago. Then came across this forum. The transmission is going out and I have also have a crack on the back window by the logo. I usually buy foreign cars. This is my first American built car and I am really disappointed, mostly that Lincoln Mercury will not stand behind their product and fix these issues. I am trying to figure out how I can trade it in and get a new vehicle without being upside down in my car note.

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    suvalertsuvalert Member Posts: 1
    My 2004 Mercury Mountaineer "DEFECTIVE" latch system on the rear window fell apart. My wife was in a Wall Mart parking lot with my 3 year old daughter after (just arriving). She walked to the rear of the car, and noticed the defective latch on the rear window then the window simultaneously exploded. Sounded like a gun shot. (Normally my daughter would be in a shopping cart right behind that window by that time, but for some odd reason on this day she was still strapped into her car seat.)

    My wife sustained cuts, and tiny glass shards in her arm and face. When she got home I received cuts and abrasions helping her out of the truck and also getting things organized. We heard from the service, body /paint and rental part of the agency at HOLMAN LINCOLN MERCURY /MAPLE SHADE NJ that cars have been arriving with same repairs, and that service is trying to "hang" windows and "fit" windows for cars of similar make and model in an attempt to fit the defective latch system, and windows with suitable parts.

    What does this mean? It means that Ford has an ongoing Liability, and problem with this model SUV that they have complaints piling up for. FORD/LINCOLN MERCURY are not NOTIFYING, paying for, taking responsibility for, dealing with the issue which is unconscionable, and grossly negligent. They took the better part of 3 weeks @ $650 in rental fees to fit my window which I have yet to pick up. I have a huge rental fee and a deductible, and FORD refused to cover any of my costs sighting my expired warranty as their excuse. It's taken 3 weeks because there was a Mountaineer ahead of us for 4 weeks with defective rear latch/window blown out, and an additional 3 defective windows that were already ordered. They could not order any more windows until FORD sat down with their Glass manufacturer to find out the real problem. They got clearance last Friday for our new batch of windows, and hung it all weekend. So this is what I am stuck paying for. Their unproven test run. Sound reasonable to anyone out there?

    Now mind you they know that it is not my problem that they have cars piling up all over the place that they have to test fit with "their" defective parts. The dealership refers to FORD, and will not own up to their responsibility (on anything) where liability is concerned. They are acting like micro managed MORONS taking my calls referring me on, and having some receptionist double speak me in a circumlocutory fashion.

    I reminded them that they have a documented liability issue with many cases from 2003 forward and no recall on my vin number, nor any others which more than places the onus back on them.The proof is right here on these web sites, and I have 20 or so pages like it. If the problem existed then they should have informed the public!

    The Agency in Maple Shade NJ, and FORD are a disgrace and are so lucky that I did not sue them for the injury to my wife, and that my kid was not injured. I merely asked to walk away with no financial costs.

    I am going to inform all of my neighbors and there are SO MANY POTENTIAL MOUNTAINEER VICTIMS out there. Remember guys, and Gals there is no recall, and this matter is of ongoing concern as the cars are still out there until FORD ACTS.- FORD has taken ZERO RESPONSIBILITY today. I am going to call news agencies, Any Media, and put a nice sign in my car window, and HOLMAN LINCOLN MERCURY will have them lined up for their gross over sight and stupidity.

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    rolerroler Member Posts: 1
    I am having the same issue on a 2005 mountaineer.Cracked around the emblem.Called Ford they did nothing .Did You get any financial help? :sick:
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    mtnman1mtnman1 Member Posts: 431
    I just had my 04 cracked liftgate replaced on 12/30. The Ford Dealership only charged me $100 and they took care of the rest of the bill. I had a great relationship with the Mercury dealership that I bought it from and had all my maintenance work done there. They would have taken care of it for free but Unfortunetly they closed back in July. I bought a loaded Fusion V6 SEL from the Ford dealership which probably helped when I asked the GM there what he could do to help me out with the bill. If you haven't been taking your vehicle in for regular maintenance and have not developed a good relationship with a Service Advisor you may be out of luck.
    2012 Highlander Limited AWD V6 and 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
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    mtnman1mtnman1 Member Posts: 431
    My wife has been telling me that every once in a while she will put our '04 Mountaineer AWD V8 in reverse to back out of our garage it will make a loud noise like you have just backed into something. I could never get the same thing until this afternoon. I went to back out and went about 4 feet and it made like a boom sound or it felt like the transmission locked up and it came to a sudden stop. It was as if I had shifted the transmission into park while I was moving without stopping first. I applied the brake and shifted it into drive and drove forward a couple of feet and back into reverse and it was fine. Is this a problem with the transmission, rear end, or possibly the parking brake after it sat in the garage engaged for two days?
    2012 Highlander Limited AWD V6 and 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
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    threekids66threekids66 Member Posts: 1
    I have had a problem within the last year with my 2003 mountaineer rear window which I think everyone should know about. After taking my wife shopping I unlocked my rear hatch window to put groceries in and the entire window shattered all around me sending the entire bottom frame with the wiper attached crashing to the ground. What happened was one of the side gas pistons seized causing the pad attached to the window glass to twist causing ithe glass to shatter. When I was having this problem repaired I was told that my insurance wasn't covering the replacement of the pistons which would cause the same problem if not replaced. So I paid out of pocket around 30 dollars each for 2 new pistons. I was informed that before winter sits in every year to spray the pistons with silicone and if I feel that the pistons are seizing even just a little to have them replaced immediately. As for the rattling I just started have the wiper cover come loose causing my hatch to not want to close properly. Put some glue to reattach it to the frame and it might stop your noise.
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