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Honda Accord Hybrid Tire/Wheel Questions

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
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  • bugsndaffybugsndaffy Member Posts: 12
    Hello everyone,
    I am a newbie and would like to thank you for all that I've learned about the HAH.
    I now have a 93Civic and plan on purchasing a HAH in the coming months. What I have not really heard about is the spare tire issue. Does anyone know if the dealer will provide you with a spare? I believe there is a space for it.
    Thanks again,
  • vietviet Member Posts: 847
    I called the Honda dealer near my home but they only sell the rim for $136. One guy said in other forum that the spare tire should be Part # is 06421-SDR-A00 (Wheel kit) at $120. You can check it out. I will probably check with Honda dealer again to buy one too. It is better to have a spare tire in place. But I will use the sealant and the pump before jacking up the car. I hate it. It happened to me a few times with my other Honda after a long distance trip.It took me over an hour to replace it in the dark near the airport/ rental car company. I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE flat tires.
  • dwynnedwynne Member Posts: 4,018
    I carry pumps in all the cars. I have not had a "blow out" in YEARS - only slow leaks. In every case I could air up the tire with the pump (no sealant) and drive carefully to a tire shop for a repair. No side of the road changes in the dark and rain, etc.

    If I decide to get a hybrid, I don't think I will be too concerned about no spare. I will probably look for an extra rim at a junk yard and get an extra tire mounted on it to keep at home. Then worst case - I get a hole in the sidewall or fast leak I can put it on the car. Maybe for a long road trip I might toss it in the car, but probably not.

    AFAIK, there is no place (except using up trunk space) for the spare in a hybrid.

  • vietviet Member Posts: 847
    Smart idea, Dennis. I follow your great advice. I also have had slow leaks. In 20+ years I got about 7 or 8 leaks.Cannot remember exact count. Not bad at all. Now I decided to buy brand name tires only or replace it before it blows up on the way.
  • rich57rich57 Member Posts: 4

    The Hybrid does indeed have space for the spare tire without taking up trunk space.

    The "tool caddy" which holds the jack, compressor, sealant et.al., is removed and the stuff put aside, revealing the area where the spare is bolted. Included in the "wheel kit" box is another caddy that fits into the spare complete with spots for the jack and lug wrench and jack handle. There is a picture of the setup under "spare tire/ Canadian " in your owner's manual. The cover of the trunk bed closes up flush just as before.

    NO trunk space is taken up. You do have to stow your compressor and sealant in the garage though. :D
  • jaxflygirljaxflygirl Member Posts: 25
    Does anyone else have a concern re: the lack of a spare tire on the HAH? I purchased a used tire&rim to put in the trunk but am wondering if the weight will affect my gas mileage. any ideas? for now it's in my garage and I plan on using it on long distance trips only.
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Member Posts: 709
    What parts does one need to order from Honda to have a complete Spare tire for the 05 HAH? There is a rim, a tire, and a foam tray to hold stuff. Is there anything else that is needed? My dealer said that tire and rim are about $210 and foam tray is $60.

    I am just wondering if I need to buy anything else.
  • vietviet Member Posts: 847
    I also will have to buy a spare rim/ tire to have my peace of mind. Oddly, my '05 HAH leaks some tiny engine oil on the garage floor. I took to nearest Honda dealer months ago. They ran some tests and said "no oil leak". Otherwise, it is really a "great piece of machinery" with smoothness, torque and thrifty fuel consumption of a 4-engine Accord. I love to hear its eerily quiet robust sound while it runs on freeway. I dont know what happens with the engine oil. It is so stupid to a Honda. My other Honda are oil-tight until "its last drop" at the end of their lives. The '06 HAH is still my consideration for the next purchase.
  • minivanmama1minivanmama1 Member Posts: 28
    I have a 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid, nearly 57000 miles on it. Maybe we should have rotated the tires earlier, but just did it recently. My husband noted the rear tires show cupping. Front tires worn more than the rear.
    Any thoughts if a maintenance issue is causing the rear tire cupping issue? Has anyone bought replacement tires they might recommend?
  • nltombanltomba Member Posts: 1
    I recently bought General altimax tires. They were tested best on tire rack (and cheap too) I bought them one size wider in 225. It makes the car look a little beefier.
    Handling has improved a lot, especially in rain. Those Michelins were lousy.
    Only diadvantage is that mileagehas suffered a little. I don't mind because the car feels a lot safer now
  • vietviet Member Posts: 847
    edited August 2010

    Sorry for the answer more than 5 years later. You can buy rim and spared tire at a tire outlet. Honda dealers do not carry those. Remove all those sealant, air pump and "big black tray" you will have a space (with bolt) for the spared tire.
  • 13margabar13margabar Member Posts: 1
    Where can I buy the spare tire kit for honda accord hybrid 2005 near Hagerstown,md?
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