2004 3800 Crank no start - Impala

ThunderValleyThunderValley Member Posts: 1
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I am hoping someone can offer some suggestions for me. I am TS a 2004 Impala 3800 crank- no start situation. I have checked the following.

only trouble code (battery went dead)> P0036 and pending
spark> yes all coils
fuel pressure> 60#
fuel condition> no sediment in 1 quart sample
ether start> no
crank sensor (18x)> 6.5v on/ 0 off
crank sensor (3x)> 6.5v on/ 0 off
PCM to crank sensor> 12v (not 10v like the manuals say)
NOID light (inj)> good (lights)

Most of the time while cranking there is a slight blow back when I stop cranking. No fire at all with ether, but spark on all coils. What would be my next step?

Thank you all in advance!
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