Honda Civic Hybrid Brake Questions

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    2003 Hybrid with CVT (newly replaced, of course) and 70,000 miles.
    So, like the title says, if I'm braking and I hit a bump the ABS kicks in with a heavy thudding, effectively negating my braking. The computer at the dealership came up clean. After repeatedly talking to the service manager about the problem (who would only say, "ABS, I know how it works"), I'm trying to meet with a customer service rep from the Honda corporate office. I would like to know if anyone else has had this problem; or if anyone knows what's going on. I don't think loss of braking when the car isn't in a skid should happen ever.
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    05 HCH with 15K miles. Generally satisfied with it but recently when first starting the car - usually after sitting for the night - the first few times braking there is a clicking, actually closer to a crunching sound. It actually sounds like it is coming from the battery area behind the rear seats. I have had plenty of cars with ABS and this doesn't sound like an ABS issue. Although girlfriend's mother has an Acura MDX that makes the same crunching sound when braking, so maybe not hybrid specific. I am yet to take it to the dealer - thought I'd see if anyone else had a similar experience. We're in stop and go Los Angeles, so it's possible that brakes need to be replaced after only 15K miles.
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    my car has 54,000 miles on it, mainly hwy. at my recent oil change the dealer said I was due for an air/fuel induction flush ($210) which would improve my mileage. I am happy with the mileage (45+) and have never heard of such a thing. any ideas? they also recommend the brake flush every 30,000 miles ($130). Is this really necessary? Would appreciate any feedback.
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    I have already written and replied about this problem but will say again that the ABS problem my new Honda Fit has strted with a crunching sensation....the dealers act as though they havnt a clue about that so here I am in some sort of self- help group.
    I am going back to dealer 4th time tomorrow and Honda Co. opened a case for me and are trying to get it dont delay.
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    Air -fuel induction flush ? lol, i have some swamp land in Fl. for you... The brake flush is useful and normal, however: check around, i can get that done just about anywhere for 39.95.
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    First of all I am sorry for my bad english
    I have HCH 2006
    I went to mechanical engineering to repair something in the axis of the right front wheel and after he repair it, the light of (ABS) & (Break System) always on, I don't know why and the mechanical try to rest the diagnostic codes and the problem is still there..

    The big problem also when this lights appeared in the same time the autostop feature doesn't work at all, and I feel like the engine want to stop and the PRM drop slightly and return to normal position...

    What I can do ? The not professional mechanical engineering told me I have to replace the ABS sensor in the right front wheel, is that right ?
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