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Electrical draw

TDuke7TDuke7 Member Posts: 2
edited November 2020 in INFINITI
I have a 2011 Infinity M37 and experiencing a high 700 draw that kills my battery in a week. Any ideas which module is causing this?


  • jackbauerjackbauer Member Posts: 20
    700 what? mA?
    I'd try putting a voltmeter on the battery, and pulling fuses one by one until you see the battery voltage change. If it really is something drawing a ton of power you should see voltage change. Better to get a clamp-on ammeter but those are less common for someone to have laying around.
  • TDuke7TDuke7 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks, a friend of mine found out it is the control module for the seat. He actually got in and tried to adjust the seat and it wouldn't work and he found it to drain exactly 700 mv. I didn't notice as i have the seat memory feature so it is always in the same position and I am the only driver. Thanks for your assistance, though, I really appreciate it.
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