2000 Trooper Acceleration Problem

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Bare with me as I know little to nothing about cars.

Recently I had a problem where my trooper would stall on start up. Engine would fluctuate between 0-1500 rpms. After start up, the engine would either die or come close to it. Reving the engine rarely helped. Didn't matter if i was starting the engine cold or hot. This would go on 4-5 times until the engine finally just worked normally. I brought my trooper in numerous times for this issue which the dealership said they had 'fixed' each and every time i brought it in. Well finally it seemed like they did fix it, what they did im completely un aware of. Now that i've gotten it back, its giving me a new problem.

Engine has started up fine ever since my old problem. However, when im driving around, i will randomly loose pressure in my acceleration pedal. When the problem happens, no matter how hard i push on the pedal it doesnt do anything, no response at all. Doesnt matter how fast or slow im going. The engine just completely looses power for 1-2 seconds then it just regains power and i can accelerate again. I know the car/engine are still running becuase 1. i can hear it and 2. i still have power steering, so i know the car doesnt shut off during these 1-2 seconds.

Both these problems occured and progressivly became worse after an even bigger issue when one of my lifters broke off and I had to get my engine completely replaced.

Its quite hard for me to explain since again i know nothing about cars, but I figured i'd give this a try before I bring it into the dealership for weeks on end.


  • nwakingnwaking Member Posts: 1
    my 2000 isuzu trooper sudenly stopped accelerating while in motion and it was pushed back home, the next morning it started fine but as i was still worming it up at a spot, it failed again and has refused to accelerate till now. the engine starts and run smoot even with A/C on but no acceleration please may you help me with the cause of the prolem and a possible remedy?
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    Some auto parts stores will check your vehicle for trouble codes for free. Not all codes will light the check engine light, so I would start there before trying to guess. I am no expert. There are troubleshooting steps to diagnose this an other problems, but narrowing down things first that are easy to check is cheaper and easier. Have you changed the fuel filter lately? Fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump or TPS (The throttle position sensor) can all make a vehicle behave like you describe. good luck.
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    My 2001 Trooper "flutters" between 40-50 mph. Of course it won't do that at the dealership! It usually happens if I am light footed on the gas pedal. The dealer replaced a control box and my mechanic replaced a throttle position sensor. Still I get the flutter intermittently. This has been going on for a year and I'm really frustrated. Can anyone help with this problem?
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    What was the cause of the initial problem with the engine stalling at start up? My 2000 Trooper is doing the same thing. It also stalls when shift into gear i.e. from reverse to drive.
  • davetechdavetech Member Posts: 2
    Did you ever determine the cause of the problem? My 2000 Trooper is doing the same thing. I guess that I could replace the TPS sensor, the fuel pump and the fuel pressure regulator in sequence until the problem is fixed. That takes time and money. I am hoping to learn from your experiences first.
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    I was driving about 55 when I heard a low weeee noise and lost drive acceleration, I pull to the side of the road engine still running but when I step on the gas it reb's up but does not engage into gear. I try other gears and none of them engage either. I Turn off, I turn key to start car again, engine turns and tries to start but something is just spinning and spinning and only stops when I tune key all the way off...........
    (auto transmission)
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