'07 denali XL light bulb type?

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trying to get a xenon HID aftermarket...
what type of bulb do these things have? 9003 or is it a H11 ? it's a single bulb with dual filament;

also, i need to be able to permanently turn off the DRL; is it possible by programming? otherwise the HID ballast will get low power and just flicker the HID Bulb constantly, unless you turn the low beam ON fully....

had a 9006 HID and it was GREAT; much brighter....

james R
07 denali XL


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    I wonder if the Cadillac Escalade lights will fit the Denali? They look very similar in size, etc. I am looking for a similar solution.
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    well, i agree, if we can put the new escalade into our denalis, and also put the LED rear lights into ours, it'd be sweet.... the issue is whether the mounting tabs are the same..
    i bet they will be different..and wirings will need some reverse engineering....all of which is doable, if the housing will fit....
    o/w, we have to wait for a bixenon for H13.... so far, no one has a dual filament/biXenon for the H13 - which the denali's have, as i've been told it is....
    the suburbans are still using two diff high/low beams...

    let's keep looking and see who comes up with a solution 'cause i love the new denali, except for the non-xenon and non-LED...but i didn't think escalade as worth the extra $$$...plus, it's the hightest stolen suv now....

    my denali is $600/year here in so.calif...can't beat that.

    jim R
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    Does anyone know where to get HID headlightd for the new Denali? Its the one option GMC doesn't provide for this truck and I really need them bad!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi, as far as LED lights for the rear, I have replaced the OEM bulbs in mine as this is the least costly way to me. In case you are interested, I purchased the LED bulbs (#3157)from Autolumination, URL below as FYI:
    Oh, BTW, for the L/R turn signals, you will also need Load balancer/equalizer to keep the flasher/blinker happy.

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    Have you checked:
    Look under "Replacement Bulb/Ballast".
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    wow, that web site had HUGE selection of LED bulbs...i can't decide ! i'm waiting for ipcw.com guys to make the LED rear assembly in the next few months but may just go with some of these LED bulbs....
    what type do i need for the brake and turns..all dual 3157s?
    reverse i'll leave alone...

    how about replacing the amber bulb in the front assembly above the H13? is that a single fil 3156?

    will check the hid-sin site....


    jim R
    07 denali XL
    dvd unlock module
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    Yeah, I felt the same way about the reverse, left them unchanged. As far as the Turn and Brake bulbs, they both use the same type. I didn't want to mess with adding the load balancer, so, I only replaced the rear Brake lights with LEDs. A Cheap way to go... The front Amber (L/R turn) bulbs above the H13s, I believe they are also the same type with the rear, with dual filaments.

    BTW, I'm with ya about waiting for the whole assembly from ipcw.com, they look sharp! Thanks for mentioning it.
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    Hey rsht, okay the site you mentioned about the hids, if I want to order them do I just get the h13 bulb with the 1200 kit, and what number bulb is to replace the rear brake lights? Did you pit hids on your tuck and if so which ones?
    I only have my truck for one month so I'm still learning. Thanks for the info!!
  • rshtrsht Member Posts: 277
    As far as the HID light kit, I was only to point out a website that I have came across. I have not made any such conversion, nor plan to do so as I have tried something like that before with my other car. The result, although with a "whiter" light, the light pattern was not desirable to me. About the LED bulbs, per GM spec, 2007 GMC Yukon Denalis use the 7443s (NOT the 3157)... Sorry about my previous post, which mentioned the 3157 number.
  • rshtrsht Member Posts: 277
    Readers, please note in my previous post, my reference to the 3157 type bulb for the 2007 GMC Yukon Denali is Incorrect. According to my dealership, its the 7443 type of Bulb.
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    Hey Jim did you do an after market conversion Hid kit to your new 07 denali? Just curious I want to but dont want to put the wrong type in. I'm trying to get the look like the new escalade.
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    well, i haven't yet but will. i just haven't decided on which h13-2 system to go with; some are H13-2 low with HID xenon, high with halogen and some are dual xenon while there's a bulb that is h13-1 element but with a reflector that moves to make it a high beam- which i'm not sure of....

    most are chinese made, a few are european made and $400 for set..

    i'm gonna get a 6000K temp bulb; it would be white but not too blue... escalade is probably about there...

    it's interesting in that no one seems to have a simple plug/play set up yet.... i just want to be able to plug the harnesses w/o doing any soldering/wiring.... o/w, i have to have the H13 harness and plug the wires to low/high/gnd-common ,etc...

    as for the rear bulbs, they sure look like typical 3157s...what's the difference btwn the two ?!?!?

    maybe i will just wait another few months for the ipcw people to sell their new unit...o/w, anyone know if the escalade rear LED assembly can be placed into the denali body? although i bet the factory assembly would be quite expensive...

    jim R
    so calif
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    Yea I agree,I want to change them but I don't want to have to deal with a whole wiring system. I thought that website that was mentioned before in another message was a plug and play system. Also how easy was it to install the GM lock pit?
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    very easy..just hairy taking off the face plate...
    got another unit/2nd gen unit from costaletech.
    have a unit from g-net but not using it; won't let me change volume while it's unlocked...

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    Hey guys does any one know how to remove a 2008 GMC Yukon XL headlights...? Tried contacting a local dealer but the wont help... I wanted to install my HID kit that I had receive for X-Mas.... Please help me.... :)
  • rshtrsht Member Posts: 277
    A side from the two screws that you see from the top of each headlight unit/assembly, there is another screw hidden inside/behind the bumper where you can only get to by partially pull open the black plastic wheel-wall (need to first remove the 2-screws & 2-plastic anchors towards the front side of the wheel-wall). Once you have all three (3) headlight assembly screws removed, then you can skillfully angle the assembly out...

    Just thought I ask, do you really want to take the whole headlight assembly out, or just want to replace the bulbs? If just to replace the bulbs, I found an easier way so you won't need to remove the whole assembly but only to remove a few plastic anchors off the splash shields (a soft tar material) directly behind the headlight unit. For the 07 Yukons, on the passenger side, this "shield" is right next to the Air filter housing; for the driver side, its right next to the windshield washer fluid tank. Yes, the access space is quite small (so be careful removing/installing the bulbs - not to drop them), but to me its a hack of a lot easier to get to the bulbs than the factory way and still end-up not able to angle the unit out of its mounting space...
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