1978 cadillac eldorado

les78eldoradoles78eldorado Member Posts: 2
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Recently purchased a 1978 cadillac eldorado and radio worked fine until we inserted an eight track tape. Eight track tape played fine but when ejected out it didn't switch back to radio. It also sounds like eight track is still running. ?
Any suggestions?


  • les78eldoradoles78eldorado Member Posts: 2
    Update eight track wasn't running as I had thought. Just radio will not work now.
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,696
    The tape deck has switches that detect when the 8-track cassette is installed, it's likely that one of them has failed, or is just sticking. You might try re-inserting and removing the 8-track and see if that gets it working again. If not then it might need to be sent out for repair.
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