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Nissan Quest Transmission Problems



  • Hi Hugo,
    there' re 2 problems:
    1/ TCM = transmission computerized module. Need to be replace.
    2/ Lay down on the floor in front of vehicle at the driver side, you will see the trans.
    fluid pan. Check for dents or damage. It so visible you can't miss it.
    If dented on pan, take your tools out and unscrew 10-12 bolts, the gasket should
    comes out with pan. If gasket broken, buy another.
    Put pan on flat surface , use a piece of wood to knock flat the dent. Do not damage
    surrounding pan lip which the bolts connect to trans housing.
    Clean the fluid residue.
    Check the filter, if damage, replace or use tool to straighten out the metal mesh.
    Put bolts in order when remove pan then put back together in order.
    Check manual book to see how much fluid to fill in. Done. Good luck. BTW,
    not too difficult to do, don't panic and do it slowly.
  • Hi Aderik,
    lay down on floor at driver side to see any damage, dent on trans. fluid pan.
    Big black pan, won't miss it.
    If dented, take it off from trans. pan from trans. housing and flatten the dent by
    mallet or piece of wood. Try not to damage the bolt holes and gasket.
    Gasket should comes off easily with pan, if broken, replace it.
    If no dents, then replace the TCM = transmission computerized module.
    Problems will fix. Not too expensive to have new TCM. Good luck.
  • my nissan is cutting out when ever it is warm outside, even though the motor is not over heating. Now im having trouble getting the speed over 45 mph. ive had it to two reputable mechanics and the nissan dealer mechanics, still no-one can fix. any ideas?
  • I'm having very similar problems in my 2004 Quest. Earlier, I used to have situations where it seemed to get stuck in a higher gear and it looked like all the power wasnt getting transmitted to the wheels. After pulling over and putting it back in park, it seemed to fix itself. Dealer had typical response "Could not reproduce the issue reported". I had a transmission flush done some months ago try and fix this issue.

    Now it seems to be getting worse - on three / four different occasions, the gas pedal would just not work - you pump it and it was just coasting. The most recent ones were the most scary - not only did it stop transmitting power, but the brakes LOCKED UP !! It's coasting and I cannot brake - all lights on the panel came on, almost as if I was in park, but I am in motion, in the highway, and I cannot stop. Luckily, I rolled to a stop without too much traffic on the multi lane highway, put my hazard lights on and switched off/switched on a few times and it seemed to fix itself. Guess what the dealer had to say? "Cannot reproduce the issue on test drive".
  • It's getting critical as a safety issue for me, since my wife drives this most of the time on major highways. If anyone has found a solution, please post it ???
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    About the only thing you can do is pressure the dealer to take a look at it further. Or try another dealer.

    Another idea is call Nissan consumer Affairs (number is in the owner's manual) and log a complaint with them. Be very, very specific with details.
  • would a faulty knock sensor cause my quest to shift hard as it changes gears?
  • Narrowcaster,

    I have a 99 Nissan Quest and it is doing the same thing, when it is in gear Drive or Reverse, it idles and makes a lot of noise and won't drive at all, right now it is parked and not driveable. Did you find out what was wrong, and could you share with me what the problem was please!

    Thank you!
  • My issue ended up being the ECM was rotten and had to be replaced. I think that issue was unique to the 2004 Quest because prior to that the van was completely different (same as a Mercury Villager) and after that year Nissan moved the ECM to a different place under the engine that wasn't so exposed.

    Your issue sounds like a transmission problem to me. Especially all the noise that it makes and it is consistent.
  • Hi Folks.
    I have 2002 nissan quest se. Its transmision is working like manual transmision, car does not move in drive mode. First I have to put it in #1 gear, when it moves then I put it in 2nd gear and when it reaches above 30 miles per hour then I put it in drive. it runs fine. If speed reduce to under 30 then I have to put it in 2nd gear. Is there any body who can help me with this matter.
  • Hey Sparks16,
    The problem you posted about your 99 Quest sounds exactly like my 99 Villager. It groans when I try to put in Reverse; feels like it gets into Drive but doesn't really move; also feels like it goes into Neutral but the wheels still locked.

    What did you find out about yours? Thanks!

    or if anyone else may have any info, much thanks.

  • Transmission is shot in my 95 Quest. Found one on Craigslist for a 95 Maxima for a great price. Before I buy it could someone who knows please verify that it will work? They are both listed as a RE4F04A. This is time sensitive, I don't want to lose this Maxima transmission if it will fit, so please respond ASAP.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited August 2012
    No idea, but most auto salvage yards have big cross reference books. Maybe you can get one of those places to look it up for you.

    Although the first generation Quests weren't all that big, I'd still be a bit concerned about whether the sedan transmission is beefy enough to handle the extra bulk of the minivan.

    I'm not a mechanic and I don't know why your transmission is shot. If mine went, I'd be looking first at the solenoid pack. There's some guys keeping these older vans going over on Yahoo so look there too.

    Steve, visiting host
  • The van intermittently has no pull but simply revs when the pedal is pushed. Usually when going up a hill, but sometimes on flat. If I let off the pedal it will 'catch up' and engage.

    I can also go the whole day without it happening, though. It will also sometimes start from a stop in a very high gear and I'll have to put it into low to get it going at normal speed. This one is cured by turning it off and back on again.

    I've seen this problem in the posts but not my other one. Are they related?

    I've noticed that when the check engine light is not on the car acts normally. A code scan while the light was on produced the following:
    PO744,PO7880,PO797(came up twice!)PO420,PO430. There's no cam sensor code as mentioned in some other posts, though.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Here's some information on the codes in case you are still looking:

    P0420 -

    P0430 -

    P0744 -

    P0780 -

    P0797 -

    I've never had any of these codes but have experienced the "no power" issue. Like you mentioned, turning off the van and turning back on normally cures it. The best I can tell there might be a problem with the TCM. Mine is so intermitent and I don't have any codes, so I haven't addressed it.

    Good luck.
  • sdabrowskisdabrowski Posts: 1
    edited September 2012
    I've got a 2000 Quest. When going up hills, the engine stays in low gear and moves really slow. If I press on the gas, the engine jumps into high gear, and whines, but the van goes faster, then falls back into low gear. I've broken a couple of engine mounts due to this all of a sudden, violent acceleration. It's like it jumps into passing gear.

    Basically, the van doesn't shift into higher gears when under load, unless I smash the gas pedal. On the freeweay, it's fine, though, and goes through all the gears automatically.

    I've been told this is probably a computer problem. Does this mean an 'engine' computer, or a 'transmission' computer problem? Are both/either easily replaceable by the do-it-yourselfer? Does either/both have to be programmed by the dealer.

    Thanks in advance.

  • As far as I know there is only one computer that also controls the transmission. It sits on the wall behind the glove compartment on the passenger side of the vehicle. I would be looking at the electronics on the transmission before replacing the computer.
  • ginat2ginat2 Posts: 1
    I took my 05 Quest in to a transmission shop yesterday only to be told I was looking at a rebuild. I started having a problem about a month ago. When I put the van in drive after having it in the park position, it hesitates for about 5 seconds before going into drive. It seems to happen only after being driven and putting it in park. It does not seem to do it in the morning, or on any start up, but only after being driven. It shifts out fine. I bought it used and it has 138,000 miles on it.
  • Hi, my 01 quest made a clunk/bang sound yesterday when my daughter was backing out of the driveway and then it wouldnt move after that. I jacked up each front wheel and was not able to move them so i assume the cv axles are ok and not the problem. is there something else i should check before replacing the trans? Also will the trans from a 99 Nissan fit? Please let me know. Thank You
  • Your van is of second generation, 1999-2002, so I assume you could fit a 99 transmission on it.
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