2007 Lincoln MKX First Drive & Full Report

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Our first drive will soon be published. Stay tuned to post your comments about the article here.


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    Tell us what you think!

    First Drive: 2007 Lincoln MKX
  • heyjewelheyjewel Member Posts: 1,046
    Terrible brakes, cheap (but really quiet) interior, ugly grille. And they didn't even mention the stoopid D-L shifter.

    I can't fathom a reason to buy this car. The Ford is $5000 to $8000 cheaper, equipped the same, it looks much better from the front, though the Lincoln does look nicer from the rear and the powertrain is identical. Like MT said, "A Lincoln should be more than just an option package above a Ford".

    The Lexus seems to be in no trouble with this 10 year late Mazda-based wannabe. When you gonna start building real Lincolns again, Lincoln?
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    No excuse for the poor braking performance. That should be easy to fix with rotors and pads.

    As for the price difference, I'd have a hard time justifying the extra cost since the Edge offers Nav and the Vista Roof and I like the Edge styling. It sounds like they priced down from the RX350 instead of up from the Edge. Since they're not trying to sell 100K of these it might work. If it does I say more power to them. The profits will get us that much closer to a new RWD platform for Lincoln.
  • displacedtexandisplacedtexan Member Posts: 364
    Hmmm...The phrase "damning with faint praise" comes to mind. Heyjewel pretty well sums it up.

    The subjective things like grille treatment, interior or exterior design I usually ignore. In the case of the MKX, I happen to like the grille and the exterior. I'm not so keen on the interior design. Since I see more of the interior behind the wheel, that might be enough of a turnoff.

    As to interior build quality, I haven't seen the RX350, but if the interior is on par with the ES350, I can well believe the Lincoln's interior isn't up to snuff. It's probably close enough that the $3000 price difference mentioned in the article would induce me to buy it over the Lexus, though (that, and the fact that I'm going to resist the urge to join the Toyota/Lexus crowd).

    Objectively, the braking distance is distressing. That might be a deal killer, over the Lexus.

    All that said, I think the most significant statement comes at the end, when comparing it to the Edge. The MKX's nicer exterior isn't enough to offset the price difference there, and I would really have to be impressed with the ride quality and other intangibles of the Lincoln to buy it over the Ford.
  • crazyb02crazyb02 Member Posts: 4
    Lincoln has been beuilding cars for decades upon decades. Isn't it about time they got it right? The MKX clearly will not make a clear impression on consumers in the market for a luxury crossover. Mediocre performance, quality, and value will not help Lincoln become any closer to closing the gap of its competition. Ford's complacency is why Ford Motor Co. and its brands are in this predicament. Much better has to be done; the competition is strong and Lincoln needs to be fierce to get anywhere near the top.
  • morey000morey000 Member Posts: 384
    Sure they're shooting for the RX350, but given its price point, I'd compare it more with the Subaru Tribeca. Which, BTW, stops in 122ft, has great handling, an impressive AWD system, 3rd row seating, 5-star safety all around, a cool and well thought out interior, and a funny nose- which has the affect of making a great vehicle available well below invoice.
  • heyjewelheyjewel Member Posts: 1,046
    Yeah, the Tribeca interior is kinda cool. But somebody oughtta 'blow' that nose. Eeeoooohh, that thing is one ugly honker.

    How about comparing the Emm Kay Exx against the Pacifica? How does it measure up then? I'm just askin. A friend has one and it's quite a nice car.

    After I wrote my reply this AM, I realized the same might be said about my Navigator. I mean that it's not that much different from the Expedition it is based on. But it is different enough in two important areas that made it worth the price difference for me - It has a more powerful engine and it has a beautiful interior. The Emm Kay Exx has the same drivetrain as the Edge and basically the same interior, just appointed a bit differently.
  • jerseypr5jerseypr5 Member Posts: 3
    Even though the Lincoln uses plastic (like everybody else does now-a-days), it is my opinion that the Lexus is no better in its materials than the Lincoln. I have seen the vast improvements over the years for all of the big three auto manufactures, and I would have to say that in a side by side, I would buy the Lincoln over the Lexus due to a better price, the 6-speed auto and to give Ford a much needed sale.

    Although I do realize that in this market nit-picking is important, the real world is based mostly on price and quality. That is where Ford will make or break this entry into the burgining crossover market.
  • carluvr1carluvr1 Member Posts: 5
    it seems like a pretty nice ride for lincoln....but they could of did better instead of stopping short of the touchdown zone.....
  • drjamesdrjames Member Posts: 274
    I'm a little surprised to see Ford continuing to simply rebadge an existing Ford, change the grille and a few other comsmetics and sell it at a premium as a Lincoln.

    for those who have commented that since it's cheaper than the RX350, it'd sway your decision. Well, why not save even more and get the Ford Edge?
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    I'm not sure it's worth all of the extra cost over the Edge, but it is a lot more than a rebadge. The glass is thicker with more insulation making it a little quieter. The interior is a little nicer (carpet, dash, leather). You get cooled seats and different wheels/tires and suspension tuning plus a power liftgate and THX stereo.

    Unfortunately, like the Zephyr before it, it debuts with the same drivetrain as it's Ford counterpart. It will be replaced with the 3.7L which will give it more differentiation.

    Like I said - I'm not convinced that it's worth the $5K premium over the Edge, and I like the Edge styling. But it is quite a bit more than a rebadge job.
  • foxrunfoxrun Member Posts: 16
    OK OK the Lincoln might not EXACTLY measure up to the Lexus but is it fair to expect it to when it costs less? This review highlights where the Lincoln falls short of the Lexus but makes a fleeting reminder of Lincolns assets (overall cost, runs on lower octane, quiet ride, etc...). Yet when compared to the Edge it reminds us about how much it is the same but costs more to the point of making that the center of the article.

    Come on guy.
  • 310toleft310toleft Member Posts: 3
    I guess it's great timing that this comes out at a time that I am in the market for a mid-size Sux/crossover ute (whatever they are called).

    I have to say I prefer this exterior style over the Lexus, even though they are so much similar, I actually like the grill on this one.

    I'm trying to decide on which vehicle to go with. I'll probably stop in to a local Lexus dealer and take an extended look at the RX.

    One of the drawbacks for that vehicle though is that everyone and their brother owns one. I'm not trying to be flashy, but I would like to get something that doesn't blend in amongst the others quite so easily.
  • actualsizeactualsize Santa Ana, CaliforniaMember Posts: 451
    ...take an extended look at the RX. One of the drawbacks for that vehicle though is that everyone and their brother owns one.

    You must live in L.A. (310, left coast. I get it.) Now if you lived in Detroit (313tocenter?), the RX would be the rare bird. ;)

    Twitter: @Edmunds_Test

  • 310toleft310toleft Member Posts: 3
    You must live in L.A. (310, left coast. I get it.) Now if you lived in Detroit (313tocenter?), the RX would be the rare bird.

    Actually I live in NC. Asheville to be exact, I'm originally from Boston though. The 310toLeft is a reference to the left-field dimension of Fenway Park.

    Down here you can't spit without hitting an RX model.
  • drjamesdrjames Member Posts: 274
    Hi 310toleft, I own a RX, and must admit, they are common. However, there's a reason for this.... they are simply that good at everything it does. May not be great in some areas, but never falters in them either.

    That said, I've always admired and would recommend you try the FX350 aswell if you can live with a little less interior space. They're a blast to drive and in my opinion, styled very differently the the rest.
  • 310toleft310toleft Member Posts: 3
    That said, I've always admired and would recommend you try the FX350 aswell if you can live with a little less interior space. They're a blast to drive and in my opinion, styled very differently the the rest.

    Thanks Drjames. The more research I've been doing it looks like I might wind up going with the RX.

    I took an FX350 for a spin on Friday, and although the drive was great, I'm really not fond of the exterior design. A little too much like a station wagon for my taste.

    Thanks again.
  • foxrunfoxrun Member Posts: 16
    FX350? how in the world did this get to a comparison of a car that is $5000 more? People keep things in its proper perspective. The MKX is a great ENTRY level luxury CUV and these type of people are still price sensitive.

    Think about it a little guys the MKX is quieter, smoother(MKX has a 6 speed transmision while both FX350 & RX330 have 5 speeds) and cheaper in price as well as cost in gas (needs only regular 87 octane to get 265 hp while both FX & RX need ultra premium for thier hp ratings.

    All this adds up for any person who wants to pose that their rich, and lets face it any car in the $40-$50,000 range is no longer a "rich" mans car.
  • drjamesdrjames Member Posts: 274
    "FX350? how in the world did this get to a comparison of a car that is $5000 more? People keep things in its proper perspective. The MKX is a great ENTRY level luxury CUV and these type of people are still price sensitive."

    Might want to check your figures again. The FWD MKX base is $34,795 and the AWD MKX base is $36,445. Whereas the FWD FX350 base starts at $37,800 and AWD FX350 base starts at $39,300. Not quite $5000 dollars and exactly in line with the price of the RX350, which if you didn't know is who Lincoln IS comparing their MKX with.
  • foxrunfoxrun Member Posts: 16
    Glad you have an OPINION on price but I got it directly from Yahoo the MKX was just over $35,000 and the FX35 just under $40,000. Granted not exactly $5000 but not YOUR strategically bumped up and down prices either.
  • dhamiltondhamilton Member Posts: 878
    There is no such thing as a front wheel drive FX35. Also, the driving dynamics of the FX35 make it more comparable to a Porsche Cayenne, or a BMW X3. Comparing that to the Lincoln is ridiculous. Completely different mission statement for each vehicle.
  • dhamiltondhamilton Member Posts: 878
    I negotiated my wife's FX35 for 35k and change. You can guarantee that Ford will hit the MKX with a bunch of incentives and rebates eventualy so I bet you will be able to get it for pretty close to 30k real soon.
  • drjamesdrjames Member Posts: 274
    lol, you're funny. That's right, I contacted Infiniti.com USA and Edmunds.com, and had them "strategically bump" the prices up and down for me so you could be wrong. lol, which btw... you still are, lol.
  • heyjewelheyjewel Member Posts: 1,046
    You're a real riot.

    Like anyone should listen to anything you say after you quoted a price on a "FWD FX350"? Get a clue.
  • scootertrashscootertrash Member Posts: 698
    "FWD FX350"
    I'm still trying to figure out that one.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Enough - we have a MKX Prices Paid and Buying Experience discussion started up, so please go there and toss around the real numbers.

    Meanwhile, let's get back to what the editors said about the SUV eh? You know, the topic? :surprise:

  • drjamesdrjames Member Posts: 274
    It's called a typo. lol. But the prices are correct. That said, we can continue this discussion in the thread suggested by our host.
  • coldcrankercoldcranker Member Posts: 877
    How does Ford expect people to pay $9,000 more for the MKX over the Edge? I don't get it.
    Edmunds.com: MKX: $34,000
    Edge: $25,000
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    Similarly equipped, the difference is only $5K. I think they priced the MKX against the RX350 (it's $3K less) and since they're only trying to sell around 30K/yr it might work.

    The Edge is less than the Murano so maybe it's underpriced.
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    The mkZ and the mkX DO NOT have the same powertrain.

    they may share an engine, but the MKZ still uses the Aisin tranny.

    The Edge uses the new 6F tranny developed by Ford and GM.

    I have driven both vehicles and the MKX is MUCH smoother shifting than the MKZ. It feels just like a CVT it is so smooth.

  • bigtbigt Member Posts: 412
    I am in the middle of deciding between the Z, X, or Edge. Tough choice but I am planning on getting one of them. Does it make sense to just order one and use my X-plan pricing or wait until the dealerships start getting these in quanity?
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    On an MKZ in stock, you might even be able to negotiate a lower price than X-plan.

  • bigtbigt Member Posts: 412
    I see where I am offered Invoice on the Z. I thought if I went for the X that the X-plan would get me the best price. I doubt as the X's show up that they will have to discount them much. I noticed last night on NBC during the football game all of the MKX spots. Not sure why they run them when none of the dealers have any X's yet.
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    They won't be selling the MkX at invoice anytime soon, so if you can find a dealer willing to do X plan that would be the best price (X on a lincoln is just above invoice). However, if they're really selling well it may be hard to find a dealer willing to take X on a X. Most dealers still wouldn't accept X plan on a Mustang GT Convertible this past spring. That may have changed now.
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
  • bigtbigt Member Posts: 412
    No problem. I just purchased the MKZ at invoice. I am a happy camper.
  • slider7slider7 Member Posts: 33
    Nice Vehicle, nice ride, nice engine tranny package, lots of eye candy. Grill is rebirth of the 61 62 Lincolns. Now about those suicide doors.....
  • heyjewelheyjewel Member Posts: 1,046
    Forget the doors, this model has suicide brakes.
  • timmbojtimmboj Member Posts: 123
    Its too bad the "car folks" (ie: Edmunds, Motor Trend, and the like) aren't as impressed with the Edge/MKX as much as I had hoped. This is a cool vehicle, and most-likely it (they -- both Edge and MKX) will be a hit. Just wish Ford had nailed it so the automotive press could have gushed all over it. Though generally most editors seem to like it, and most of their nit-picks probably won't be noticed by the people who buy them. I like the features that Lincoln offers over Edge (like the heated/cooled seats and the adaptive headlights). Plus I'm not too keen on the SEMA-esque clear tail lights on most new Fords, so with me the MKX wins in exterior stying. I sat in a Ford Edge last weekend and was VERY impressed. Haven't driven either yet, but I'm inspired to do so.
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    I've driven plenty of RXs as loaners from my Lexus Dealer when I'm in for service. Now, I've driven the MKX - a lot. I don't notice a braking problem at all. If the Edmunds engineers hadn't tested them, none of us would probably know unless we got in an extreme situation, or drive carelessly.

    As to interior quality difference between the two, the RX is very nice, not as nice as an LS or LX, but it's good. IMO, the Lincoln comes close in most areas. Seats may be superior to the RX in leather quality and they are cooled - a big deal for those of us crazy to live in the South. The MKX has some nice features the RX lacks besides the cooled seats - speakers for the THX stereo in the roof in the back, the mega-sunroof. It is lacking two very important features however, Bluetooth, and adjustable pedals. These are fatal errors for someone like me. The RX however, has no adjustable pedals either, and Bluetooth is probably available, but only with Navigation. No luxury car should be without it, with cell phone legislation out of control as it is.

    The MKX IS quieter than the RX by quite a bit. No decibel meter is needed, you can hear the difference easily. I don't like the instruments in the MKX at all, they are archaic, retro - in a very bad way, IMO. Otherwise, the interior is quite attractive. The wood is high quality with thick verithane stuff on it. Looks nice and durable. The RX has none of these touches.

    As to the drive, they both drive very intuitively and easily. The RX sits higher, seems a little more stately, the MKX feels flatter, but is very comfy. And, the MKX is built right - no rattles, no flaws, no issues. Perfectly made out the door. We'll see how it holds up.

    Best of luck to Ford - the effort is noticeable to me in this car. Will I trade my LS430 for it? Nope. Would I trade my Explorer for it? Maybe......
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Member Posts: 490
    Edmunds is only one of many to have dissed the X-Edge brakes. And of course this particular problem is not noticeable in normal driving- they tested full-on panic stop from 60 or 70 mph. And it comes up 10 to 20 % longer than competitive models. Saying you dont notice that on a test drive is like saying there's no problem with the fuel tank in the Crown Vic police cars because you drove one around the block and it didnt explode.
    Ford should NOT be scrimping on safety at this stage, but they are. Will the 2008s have better brakes? 2009? Ever? Probably not unless:
    1) A lot of people get in rear-enders because panic braking couldnt stop them in time and they SUE Ford, that's one thing Ford understands is lawyers. - or -
    2) People who should know better STOP saying - 'gee the brakes feel fine to me going to and from 7-11' and say instead "HEY FORD - why cant you build a CUV with brakes as good as a Korean car or a [non-permissible content removed] car or even a GM?"

    I agree with you about the stupid guages. You forgot to mention the stupid shifter. I guess you didnt notice the hard tupperware plastic they used on the door panels?

    And it's nice of you to wish Ford luck - especially since you wouldnt trade a competitor's car for the Lincoln, but you might trade a Ford for it.

    Oh, and if u want bluetooth and that kind of luxury stuff, look at an expensive luxury car like say a Nissan Altima, which has as much tech as any Lincoln.
  • verdugoverdugo Member Posts: 2,286
    Bluetooth is coming next year as part of Synch, which looks pretty cool. I'm more disappointed about the lack of Xenons. :cry:
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    Oh, and if u want bluetooth and that kind of luxury stuff, look at an expensive luxury car like say a Nissan Altima, which has as much tech as any Lincoln.

    True - however, none of it works properly in the Nissan, and the quality is poor.... Nissans ain't what they used to be before Renault bought 'em.

    And your attitude! Really :surprise:
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    Among manufacturers, Nissan came in NINETEENTH! in the 2007 JD Powers IQS (Inital Quality Study). Lincoln came in Third.

    19th is lower than Chevy, Buick, even Kia and Hyundai!

  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    Exactly - and their long term track record has been horrendous lately as well. Power trains going out in the 70,000 mile range.... Though I love the style, I have been avoiding Nissans if possible.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Member Posts: 490
    A test report that hits all the right notes IMHO. The reviewer marks the Lincoln down against the competition in almost every category, as most other reviews have done.
    - Too heavy. (Heavier than Edge)
    - Too much lousy plastic inside. Interior inferior to most competition.
    - Satin-nickel == silver paint on black Ford switchgear.
    - Only D-L for transmission. Does not work well.
    - Same engine as Ford. (Slower than Edge)
    - Seats less comfortable than Edge.
    - Body roll. Oh and, Drum roll .....

    The brakes S_CK. I quote "... it's a mystery that such braking performance ever made it out of the gates of the proving ground."

    My sentiments exactly.

    Great review.
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    A lot of that criticism is warranted, but I don't get the interior comments. IMO, that is a beautiful interior, with excellent grade leather and plastics. It rivals my Lexus in interior feel quality.... Other than instrumentation, the interior is what would sell me on the car.
  • bigtbigt Member Posts: 412
    Looks like you can get one cheap here in the DC area:

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  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    And then we'll add the $1K documentation fee plus the $500 mop-n-glo package plus $300 glass etching............
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