Honda Civic Hybrid Dash & Instrumentation Questions

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Has anyone had the IMA battery level gauge on their Hybrid show more than six "units"? The gauge on my recently acquired '06 Hybrid usually fluctuates between four and six "units" but has never risen above six, even after a few hours of driving.


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    Hi, I think 4-6 is within normal range. You'll probably get above that when coasting for long periods (e.g., downhill). Hours of driving will only completely charge the battery if you are doing a lot of coasting with your foot off the gas.
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    Thanks for the reply. You're right, the gauge fluctuates between 4 and 6 most of the time, although last week, I noticed it was up to 7 for a time. Watching that gauge makes one realize how easy it can be to get hooked on playing slot machines! ;>)
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    This is normal. The batteries last longest if they're never fully charged, so the computer tries to keep them between 60 and 80%. (Making possible the 80,000 mile proration warranty, I suppose.) The other night I saw my 2006 charge full for the first time since we got it -- and it was after a lot of coasting.

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    Does any body know the location of the reset button and how to reset the required maintenance warning light on a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid?
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    :) Please give me some info about the location and how to reset the maintenance warning light on a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid. I would save if anyone will give me this info because I can do most of the routine maintenance. Thanks.
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    Source: Civic Hybrid Owners Manual

    For the first 8,000 miles (12,800km) after the Maintenance Required Indicator is reset, it will come on for two seconds when you turn the ignition switch to ON (II).

    Between 8,000 miles (12,800km) and 10,000 miles (16,000km) this indicator will light for two seconds when you first turn the ignition switch to ON (II), and then flash for ten seconds.

    If you exceed 10,000 miles (16,000km) without having the scheduled maintenance performed, this indicator will remain on as a constant reminder.

    Your dealer will reset this indicator after completing the scheduled maintenance. If this maintenance is done by someone other than your Honda dealer, reset the indicator as follows:

    1. Turn off the engine.

    2. Press and hold the select/reset button on the instrument panel, then turn the ignition switch ON (II).

    3. Hold the button until the indicator resets (approximately ten seconds).

    The following is NOT in the Civic Hybrid Owners Manual:

    NOTE: The select/reset button is the one you use to view the Main/A/B odometers. It is located below and to the right of the speedometer. Also, if you look at the ignition switch you will notice the three positions are marked I, II and III. If you start the car while performing this procedure you turned the key too far. Turn the engine OFF and try again stopping at position II. Hold the select/reset button long enough and you will be rewarded by the light going out.

    Alternatively, a small piece of black electrical tape may be used to cover the indicator light. (Just kidding).
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    Thanks for the Hint. Its been bugging since my last oil change by the dealer after he charged my $42.00 for the oil & Filter change. I was so MAD I couldn't stop thinking about it. I am now going to do the next oil change myself and was again wondering How to turn off that indicator light. I had hoped it was something similiar to the Odyssey procedure, but I thinks its a bit different. Thanks again.
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    Every since I purchased my 2003 Civic Hybrid in 2006 I have heard this annoying rattling sound under the dash. It sounds like it's coming from near the passenger air bag. It is usually at speeds between 5 and 35 mph and worse on certain surfaces. I read about other Honda models having rattling noises, but does anyone else have a similar problem with their Civic Hybrid? I am wondering if just my bad luck or if it's a defect with the hybrid. (like the bad transmissions!).

    I should mention, I've taken it to the dealership a few times about it and they either "can't reproduce the sound" or want to charge a bunch of money to just find out what it is.
    Also, I've taken everything out of the glove box and tightened screws and bolts in the door and anywhere around there that i can find. So I know it's nothing of mine rattling around. (that's another thing they tried to tell me is the cause of the noise.)
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    I brought my Honda civic 2003 hybrid to MIDAS for oil change/front break pads change and since then the current fuel mileage display stopped working.

    Reading the manual you can supposedly turn it on/off by pressing the reset button 10 seconds with the key on position "II", which is also how they did turn off the maintenance light. Unfortunately they tried everything to turned it back on but the instant fuel mileage indicator refuses to show up.

    Any suggestion? This indicator is really useful to save gas.

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    I have the same issue with the instant fuel mileage indicator. Did you ever heard back and find a solution?

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    I had a similar noise that started at 18mph and stopped at 25mph and would come on when braking down near 5 mph.
    It is in the shop now and Honda says it in the "ABS control" and they should be able to fix it?

    But they heard it! It was not an auditory hallucination on my part.
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    I am getting a message "Check Fuel Cap". I checked the cap and it was tightly shut. Thoughts on this message?
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    By checking the cap I assume you made sure it was turned enough to seal it. With the light still on youmay simply need to replace the gas cap as it apparently is not sealing properly. That's the simplest and cheapest explanation and that's where I'd start.
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    Thanks for the tip. I may follow that path. This morning, I started the car and the sign did not come up. So it must have been a temporary unseating of the cap! I can't imagine how that can happen though!
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