Seems to be starving for fuel

TJ76TJ76 Henderson Member Posts: 1
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I have a 2008 Infiniti QX56. It drives fine going 0-55 mph but once I try to accelerate to a higher speed and in the highway when trying to maintain a speed it wants to spit and sputter. I can pull over and turn the engine off for a few mins and start it back and the problem relieves itself for a short period of time. Even parked in neutral I can floor the pedal and just spits and sputters and sounds like I am pressing the pedal and letting off. I don’t know if I should try changing the fuel pump or something else. There are no check engine lights on.


  • Ahmadski03Ahmadski03 North PotomacMember Posts: 11
    The Nissan Armada and the INF QX56 SUV's were known for it, especially if you have high miles on it. I would try different things but nothing over $500. After that, it's save up and time to consider a replacement. Good luck ~
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