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To all the car buffs out there: we all love our cars and baby them, but the real pleasure is taking them on drives to the shows or across the country to visit automotive museums, auto races, tours, and so on.

What is a car related place you'd like to visit or have visited? The Nurburgring? Hot Rod Tour? Jay Leno's garage? One Lap of America? Drive the Autobahn?

Here's my list of places I have to visit/drive in this lifetime:

One Lap Of America
Be in a Hot Rod Tour
24 Hours of Lemans
Daytona 500
Be in a Superstreet Tour
Drive the Autobahn
Drive the Nurburgring
Monaco Grand Prix
Indy 500
Petersen Automotive Museum
Jay Leno's garage (don't know how but it would be nice)
A tour of an automotive factory
A tour of Ferrari or Lamborghini factory
Attend SEMA
Attend the Frankfurt Auto Show
Bonneville Salt Flats
NOPI Nationals
Barrett Jackson

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    Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, most definitely. I'd be in heaven.

    I'm planning on taking a long trip in the next few years, that place will certainly be a stop. An autobahn cruise would be a necessity, too. Lots of factory tours in Germany would also be something to do.

    A friend of mine dropped in to the Bentley factory in 03 and got a tour, even though they usually require appointments - someone was a no-show. He still talks about it.
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    Is #1 on my list !!!

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    There is so much traffic in so many places so much of the time that you won't have that many opportunities to drive as quickly as you might have thought. There are some fast cars, but where it isn't congested, a lot of the traffic is moving at 80 mph or so, not really much different than in the US.

    I went to the Mercedes Museum years ago, and it was really impressive. Very nice large facility, located inside the gates of the Daimler factory, with a good collection of cars. If you are a fan of the three-pointed star, you will like it.

    The BMW Museum in Munich is also worth a visit, if you like BMW's. They have factory tours, but you need to plan ahead if you want to attend an English-language tour. Unfortunately, I didn't plan ahead, so I missed out.
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    There are places in West Texas about 4 1/2 hours south of me where the posted speed limit is 80 mph and in some area's it's so deserted one can go as fast as they want without cops radaring them. ;)

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    Sounds like we have found the new replacement for Montana. Maybe they should call it the Texasbahn, and turn it into a driving enthusiasts' tourist destination.
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    I 100% agree..... ;)

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    was on the hwy from LA to Vegas at midnight. There was no traffic and we drove 100mph all the way.

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    Don't forget the Autostrada of Italy. Same rules as Germany. Cities have speed limits and country doesn't. I drove a BMW 325i rental car on there with the throttle open wide (240 click or around 140 or so)and had a Ferrari come up and spank that Beemer. Italians are just nuts anyway. :shades:

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    I STILL want to go to Indy on Race Day, but just visiting the Speedway is worth doing if you happen to be in the area. The size and scale of the place does NOT come across on television. And it's an inexpensive thing to do as well. $3 to get in the museum, which the wife and kids enjoyed for 3 hours,and $3 to take a tour of the track.
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    the AACA Museum in Hershey, PA is a really nice place to check out. I couldn't believe all the cars they have in there.

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    I've been to LA many times but always seem to miss the Petersen Automotive Museum. I know they have different themes all the time, but on my next trip down there I gotta see it.

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    The main attractions are the aircraft, but they also have an extensive collection of vehicles at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

    Like this 1911 Baker Electric

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