07 Tahoe Radio CD Problem

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My parents recently bought a 07 Tahoe LT2 and are having a problem with the audio receiver (radio/cdplayer).

I was told when the vehicle is turned on the receiver display begins to flash and gradually flashes quicker then turns off and is unresponsive, there is nothing on the screen.

I was wondering if any of have came across this problem, it sounds like the receiver is in a "lock out" mode or something.



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    I have problems with ours too. If we are watching a movie and stop the car, in order for the movie to show up again on the rear screen, we have to restart the dvd from the beginning. It only shows up at first on the front screen. Not very user friendly
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    This is the way it is designed. The rear screen has to be turned back on with the remote control after the ignition is cycled. The DVD will resume playing where it stopped when the vehicle was turned off. This "feature" is a pain especially with small kids who can't run a remote yet.

    -- Gregg
    Boston, Mass
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    Hi All,
    Quick update on the problem we were experiencing. The Tahoe was taken back to the dealership and the head unit was "reprogrammed". Everything seems to be working fine now. Guess it was a glitch in the application.

    - Tim
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    Hi, The problem started again but this time I was home to take a look at what is going on. After the truck is started the radio display flashes but there is a lock next to the time. (top left hand corner.) Anyone know how to unlock the radio? I don't understand why there would be a locking functionality in a vehicle.
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    My friend has a CTS-V and found a method on-line to enable his DVD player to play on the front screen while vehicle is in gear. I know the reason it doesn't automatically is safety. It would be nice for my wife to be able to watch a movie from the front passenger's seat... instead of talking to me the entire trip! ;)
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    where did he find it... sounds like something I would be interested in doing to my tahoe in the future ;)
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    Try this:

    link title

    Lots of guys on other forums have tried and like. Probably illegal in most states tho.
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    Well the dealership “reprogrammed” the unit, a few days ago the problem started back up again. Below is a link of a quick video I took of the problem. I think it has something to do with an anti-theft functionality. Any thoughts? We are going to take the vehicle back to the dealership but they don’t seem to be much help. They said they never came across this problem and are puzzled.

    You Tube Video of Problem
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    This has happened to me twice:
    I turn the Tahoe off, the radio stays on, even when the drivers door is open. I turn it on and off again, and it eventually turns off. When i come back out of the building or place i am at and turn it on, the radio doesn't work. after a while once i'm home, i'll turn it on again, and the radio works fine. Is it an overheating problem? :confuse:
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