Financing issues with recent Mercedes Benz purchase

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I recently went to Nissan of Carson City car dealership located near where I live. I had my eyes on a 2008 Mercedes Benz C300 priced at around 8k. The vehicle had 150000 Miles with not a scratch on the exterior. . Many mistakes were made throughout this car purchasing Journey. I went and spoke with the sales manager in another room for about 10 minutes came back to me with a few papers. They wanted to let me know that they think it's great that I'm an entrepreneur and that I work for myself and that it's just super awesome. I know sales tactics used in selling vehicles so all this was not a surprise to me. Show me a few papers with numbers on them and total cost that they said I would be out the door was $10500 and a little change. At this time I had a friend give me a ride to the dealership and I had already planned to drive this vehicle home. And it was about 30 or 40 miles away from where I live at so I was pretty much dedicated to getting this vehicle. I told the salesman I'm okay with the price and I don't want to haggle or anything like that I do not have the time and that everything will work out if they can get the price down to $9000 flat not a penny more. It was either $8000 or $9000 flat we spoke for about 3 hours talking about things non car related and before I knew it it was almost 9 pm and they were closing. Finance department at this time was not there nor were they credit companies that they would be getting the loan from we're closed. I explained to them my Financial capabilities and what would be okay for me to pay on a monthly basis. They said they will get the loan either way it might take a little bit extra ultimately they would be able to get the loan for me. I signed the papers and agreed to pay what I did not realize at the time was $10,500 and some change. They totally ignored my request to not have it with them as long as they can get the price down to $8,000 I would pay it no issues no haggling or anything like that. The agreement was that I pay $1,000 right then and there and in a few days when I get my settlement for my totaled vehicle I would pay additional $3,000. Giving a total down payment of $4,000. About a week later I get a voicemail from the salesman saying that he needs to get the remaining part of the down payment and that they want to repo the car if they have to they will. So I drive down there and let them know that I wanted to make another payment $2,500. They were okay with this at the time. So they process the payment and as I'm on my way out somebody has not spoken to from the dealership comes out to me and says that I'm not authorized to take the vehicle because I have not been accepted for the loan yet. Then the salesman comes out to me that sold me the car and says that there's some confusion going on because the sales manager is not there that day and that's everything is alright I'm able to take the car back home and go about my way. About two months later the sales manager send me a text message saying that I need to contact his son to finalize the loan. Whoever it is wants to repo the vehicle. And to contact his son that works at a credit union in Utah. He asks me for a few documents such as bank statements from a few years ago and some Schedule C tax forms. Email those forms to him the next day. I have not heard back from anybody regarding this vehicle on who I have to make the payments to, how much it will be, what company the Loan is coming from or anything for that matter. From my understanding the issue is is that they cannot find a loan for me and or are having serious troubles getting one. All I know is I got $6,400 paid towards the $10,000 vehicle and that I have no idea who to make these payments to. Since then I have met up with the sales manager of this car dealership and spoke with him for a few hours and was told that he's not concerned about the vehicle at all and that he knows we'll get it taken care of regardless. After I drove the car off the lot I started realizing things that were issues with the car. First one being but the passenger door does not open from the outside and has to be open from the inside. The second one is that the passenger headlight went out. The third issue is that the fuse box in the trunk of the vehicle has been replaced all together with a complete new unit. I know this because the old one was left in the trunk next to it with nothing plugged into it and a blue x mark on each side of the unit. My question here is who's at fault here dealership letting me drive off the lot in a car without getting the financing and accepting additional money on top of the down payment towards the vehicle. How should I go about figuring this out and or how do I go about returning a vehicle. I've had this car for going on 4 months or so. And from my understanding they're still having trouble getting this loan. What do I do and or how do I go about it. To be honest I would like to return the vehicle and get a truck. This car is no good in the snow and it's no good on the ice it's too expensive to service and I'm limited as to what I can put in it size-wise. Would it be wise to get a lawyer and go back to the dealership try to return the vehicle or what's my best course of action. Who's at fault? Any insight to this would help and would be greatly appreciated


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    I wanted to add that I have no paperwork for this vehicle, no title no nothing other than some expired dealership plates.
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