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We gave the H3 a workout in Texas Hill Country this week. Only a couple of times was tired_old_dave not completely enthused about the engine/rear end gearing. But all in all, the H3 is a fine combo.

We spent two nights at the Escondida Resort in Medina, Texas on Hwy 16. tired_old_dave didn't fully appreciate the yellow caution signs on Hwy 16 from Kerrville to the Escondida, but the handling on the H3 took care of us.

We enjoyed the peaceful surroundings and wildlife. One of the guests commented about visiting Montana and never seeing an elk - we saw the same one eating at dusk across the creek both evenings.


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    oooh, that's Lost Maples country. Someone must have been out peeping. :shades: Nice!
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    Yes, we drove past Lost Maples State Park, but we decided to walk the nature trail another time. The drive on Hwy 39 back to Kerrville was beautiful. We did the usual tourista stuff: apple soft serve ice cream, peach cider, and schnitzel in Fredericksberg. We also helped two couples older than tod with celeste fig and crepe myrtle tree advice and I shared two jars of my pickled okra with the good people at Escondida.

    To keep this relevant to the Hummer forum, we did all of this while in the H3.
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    had an experience (other than Moab) for all of us to enjoy?
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    Tire-old-dave....I know that you do not want to know about the CRD saga, but DCX just put the TC of the tranny on a recall. We like you in the other side and I want you to know that we felt the sorrow that you did with your CRD. Some times i stop by and read about your antenna problem and your happiness with your H2. We love you and your better half, so stop by some times and tell us about your happiness.

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    Since I spent so much time online (and in garages) with the CRD, it was not easy to forget. I check here and lost every so often. The antenna was not a problem but an inconvenience that was easily remedied. After the crd it would take a bad yugo to get me frustrated. I am calmer now.

    We think we will keep buying hummers. Consensus here and two other hummer forums is that the H3 will get the V-8 next summer and a lowering (just like the second year liberty)and a softening to appeal to the ladies (just like the gas liberty appeals to the most ladies).

    Now that the pain (and love/hate)of the jeep is well gone, I find that I got my life back. Better_half just drives the H3 (Blue Beauty) and has Onstar if she needs it someday. I see the pain in farout now and wish that he never had to feel it.
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    Had to jump in, have you tried driving 16 through Bandera and then out to Utopia? That would work the H3 handling out pretty well.

    It sounds like you had a bad experience with the Jeep diesel, I am getting ready ot be all excited about a 4-door wrangler with a diesel engine (some time in the next couple of years) and wondered if you would warn off it?
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    Thanks for the road info. We had limited time then but are looking forward to more visits. Grew up in pgh and rode a r69s/us after a year long asian visit. We like n.ark too.

    Always wanted a half ton diesel truck or settle for a cummins/dodge. We test drove a dodge/cummins 2004.5 when new. The crd cured me of diesel. Tow, then buy a real truck. Great mileage then buy a cheap econobox or mileage and performance then a good general with a push rod engine. Still want a diesel wait for an asian? answer and better fuel and support. But maybe there is a better powerplant coming. But like you said, couple of years.
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    Well at least Petersen's 4w&or is answering the call for more than moab in Rick's In Box in the July issue.
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