Mitsubishi Eclipse Engine Problems



  • sguidrysguidry Member Posts: 2
    Okayy so i changed the mass air flow sensor and that was not the problem. no codes were pulled from the motor. so al the sensors are good. its getting fire and plenty of gas. but the throttle body is cracked would that cause it to just turn over and not start up???
  • kpeclipsevakpeclipseva Member Posts: 2
    I had the same problem with my 2003 Eclipse GTS (bought brand new); I found the rear passenger floorboard soaking wet one day. The dealer eventually did a pressure test in order to locate the source of the leak; a tiny hole under the weather stripping on the roof edge. Get someone to do a pressure/leak test ; otherwise they'll just keep telling you they can't find the source of the leak.
  • murph86murph86 Member Posts: 1
    i have a 99 with the 420a engine, i rebuilt the top end cuz the water pump went out and needed to replace a head gasket. well it has a really hard time starting, it turns over nice and fast, but once it starts it runs perfect. what could be causing the hard start?
  • jessfreyjessfrey Member Posts: 1
    i have a 95 eagle talon that has wierd motor problems. we can start the car and drive it, but once the car warms up to normal temperature the car stalls. once it cools back down it can start back up. HELP ME!!
  • speedfeak22speedfeak22 Member Posts: 1
    im not real sure but it sounds like it could be you throttle postitioning sensor, i have a 1997 eclipse and it does the same thing. once you disconnect the plug that connects to the TPS it idles funny up and down til it warms up then it runs pretty good just a little off so thats my first suggestion.
  • jtakacsjtakacs Member Posts: 1
    i have the same problem with my 2003 eclips there is no spark got fuel but no spark
  • freakin_outfreakin_out Member Posts: 1
    Hey im new to this forum. Thanks in advance. My car died while i was on the way home one day. Ive check to see if the timing belt broke and nope, i then checked the compression, and it has(but the first and fourth fills up with fuel). ive changed the maf, crankshaft sensor, fuel filter, and pump. The injectors spray even, and it has spark. The thing is it starts but indles rough and turns off. It feels as if it was out of timing but i took it apart and everything lines up. One of my friends told me that i bent a valve or two. I just need to know if there is something that im missing before i take the cylinder head apart.
  • rk0972rk0972 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 Eclipse 2.0 turbo GST and I need to rebuild or replace the engine. I have never worked on a car that was front wheel drive, My question is, How do I pull the engine? Where can I find a step by step guide? Does the transmission come out with the engie or leave the transmission in the car?
    I also I heard some cars the engine comes out from underneath? I bought a CHiltons manual but it does not cover engine removal.
    any help is greatly appreciated, Thank You
    Also, I noticed a motor mount bolts to the head?
  • marc121974marc121974 Member Posts: 2
    We had the same problem on our 2001 Eclipse GS, in the engine compartment close to the bottom of the car on the firewall, there is a plastic nipple that comes out of the condenser under the dash. I put a piece of rubber hose that was about 4 inches long and bent in an L shape on that nipple, pointing down, no more water on the floor.
  • marc121974marc121974 Member Posts: 2
    Okay, I've been having this problem when the car gets hot, when I shut it off, the radiator starts to bubble and the reservoir fills up and over flows. The car doesn't over heat, it just does this, especially on days that are over or close to 100F degrees. Could this be a water pump problem?
  • sewastysewasty Member Posts: 1
    Several months ago, the service engine light in my 2000 eclipse came on and posted O2 sensor codes, so I had them replaced. About 2 months ago, the engine started to sound like it was missing, I took it in to my mechanic, whom I trust, and he said there was a short because and replaced the plugs and wires. He wasn't the one who installed the new O2 sensors. That seemed to solve the problem but now the engine is missing again. The SES light has been lit ever since it originally came on and is still posting an O2 sensor code. Has anyone else had this problem before? Or is this something with my electrical system?
  • chamorgachamorga Member Posts: 2
    I had the same problem on two different cars. Both were the ignition sensor in the distributor.
  • chamorgachamorga Member Posts: 2
    Try replacing the radiator cap. On mine there is a small plastic piece in the center of the cap that broke. Replaced cap and all is good.
  • carfixer007carfixer007 Member Posts: 1
    last week took car for a simple tune-up, while that was the subject, the mechanic asked, if i wanted to have the timing belt done at the same time, well it was a good idea at that time since we got the 02 eclipse auto-5speed two years ago, with 88k now it has 108k, i got a call a few day past, that the crankshaft gear to the timing belt was broken, the belt was in good shape, with slight grease on back not much. i was asked if i had done any work on it, or if i knew of it beeing broken, i said no, the only thing i changed was the starter and ac/alternator belts months before. anyway he asked me if i wanted the belt changed, i said yes. he said it was a good idea to change the water pump while in that area, also acquired for me in a junk yard a crankshaft to timing belt gear, from a pontiac engine which fit, i thought now my car was going to be fixed.but just got a call that the spark plugs are hitting on something..he asked if i had over heated the engine,that one of the heads seems to be warped and that the intake manifold was warped also. question is this car was driven to and from work ..just having problems once in a while starting, but once you gave it gas it would keep on running. car was working just fine prior,,but it did need a tune up, ..found out distributor cap and rotor were worn it stands that the front head or heads are warped. my question is could the timing belt be off ,causing one of the heads cam sprockets to be off.. just like as, if timing the belt had busted while driving offsetting valve piston clearance? or what else could cause plugs not to fit properly..assuming the plugs are the same length..i have not seen them yet,but i know they must be.the mechanic is going away for a few days. is any one out-there that has worked with 02-03 eclipses or other years that might have a good idea what the problem might be and what might be the best fix action to take, thanks for any help.
  • niedernieder Member Posts: 1
    Ever since i bought the car 2007 ive had an idle problem. when i would slow down or stop at red light the car would idle funny and then just die out then it would fire right back up as long as i was in park it would idel fine but as soon as i put it in gear it would idle funny again and die out but if i stayed on the gas it would stay running. so i took it to a shop and they unpluged the EGR valve and said that it would be fine to drive so i did for awhile and then i went to a pick and pull and changed it out and it still did the same thing. so i just unplugged it and drove it rather then mess with it. now its been about two years and i was goin to work and i was doin about 80 on the highway i was about to go around another truck on the highway so i stoped on the gas and had nothing it picked up a little speed but not like it should have. it was like i lost all compression. i looked down at my temp gage and it was peged out i looked behind me and nothin but white smoke rollin out the back so i pulled over and it just died on me after it cooled down i tried to start it but it wouldnt turn over so i popped the hood and the radiator had some whit pasty stuff come out of it and it was everywhere but from what i could tell it only came from the radiator then i noticed that one of my spark plug connectors was pushed up and out of the valve cover so i pushed it back down. i called a buddy of mine and he said to turn the key on and see if my fans would kick on and they did not. now im have ing trouble getting the valve cover off. i checked the oil and found no trace of a blown head gasket. the engin will still turn over but it sounds different and it wont start. if any one has any information for please feel free to reply. thank you.
  • ih72003ih72003 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 eclipse have had trouble getting it to start. Its now starting but last week it wouldnt start, it acted like it wanted to turn over and didnt.i was able to start in neutral and one day it wouldnt start in park or neutral. I have had my battery, starter and alternator checked and they are all you think it could be the neutral safety switch or maybe the ignition switch?? anyone ever have this issue?
  • mak1974mak1974 Member Posts: 1
    You said it sounds different when it turns over, have you checked the timing belt? As far as white pasty stuff in the radiator, you could very well have a blown head gasket. There won't always be evidence in the oil, sometimes it allows oil to get into the radiator, but not antifreeze in the oil. You also said it got hot while you were on the gas, that is another sign of a blown head gasket. Also, your water pump is timing belt driven, if it messed up; it could have very well messed up your timing, which is most likely. If your timing belt has broken or slipped significantly you might have smashed a few valves, which will effect the way it sounds while cranking. I would suggest a compression test, if there is no compression: your timing belt most likely broke.
  • slor7slor7 Member Posts: 1
    i got a new fuel pump for it..nothing happends...checked the fuses nothing...battery works... i just changed the oil..still nothing..can anybody help me out???
  • lari1lari1 Member Posts: 1
    my eclipse wouldn't start after class today, there was no power to anything. first i checked to make sure it the lights n everything werent on then I wiggled the wires n got the lights to turn on but it lasted for 30 seconds and died while i tried to start it.. the battery is only 6 months old in that car. can anybody tell me what to try next..
  • wildwally698wildwally698 Member Posts: 1
    My girlfriend owns a 2001 eclipe and while driving to pa the service engine light came on,well when she came back she took it to auto-zone and they hooked it up and said they couldnt get a reading that her electrical system appears to be bad due to her g.p.s. that it must have done something to her electrial system...has anyone ever heard of anything like this before?
  • eclipseflame93eclipseflame93 Member Posts: 1
    So my 2003 Mitsubishi Spyder Eclipse is running hot.
    The thermometer says the temperature is standard, even when the car is overheating. Therefore the fans won't turn on.
    I just replaced the radiator due to a 3" hairline crack in the top-front of the plastic that was caused by this problem.
    I don't know if this issue is the cpu for the coolant system, or if it is the water pump, or engine temperature sensor.
    Any help or ideas are welcome.
  • davisdetaili1davisdetaili1 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, is your car the V 6 and did you ever fix the problem if so what did you do? my car has the same problem with an engine Lt on thart reads random misfire any ideas?
  • aguirrj1aguirrj1 Member Posts: 1
    So i have a 2001 2.4 GS Eclipse. I came to a stop i gained speed to about 20Mph then i just died out for some odd reason. I swapped out the Fuel pump. Still doesnt start.... I checked fuel line to injectors.;good. I do not have a pressure stem so i cannot check the pressure. I checked the cables and i am getting a spark, I removed all relays in engine compartment sprayed off with contactor cleaner. Any suggestions?
    I do not know how to check the timing belt. Its in place..... A little Help Please.
  • 2000sebring2000sebring Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Sebring with the same 2.5 liter Misu engine. My engine has a PSI of 175 per cylinder. This is normal. If your psi is so low then your valves are not seating right or the timing of opening and closing is wrong. Your compression is compromised.
  • stpnscottstpnscott Member Posts: 3
    Hello everybody!
    I have a 2001 Mitsubishi montero sport 4WD. I want to put in a Kenwood KFC-w3012 subwoofer and a Rockfordfosgate p400-4 amp. Any suggestions here please....
  • stpnscottstpnscott Member Posts: 3
    I have a 1991 Mazda MX5 Eunos MK1 1.6 running on petrol and I'm wondering what type of oil to use for my oil change.

    Any help would be great!
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    Hi, stpnscott,

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  • ray0207ray0207 Member Posts: 1
    I had same problem before. After reading through, I found out that it is caused by clogged drain hole for sun roof. All you need to do is open your sunroof and get few cotton swipe and clear up the drain hole located near two corners toward front.
  • deadeye2deadeye2 Member Posts: 1
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