Toyota Corolla - Instrument Cluster Questions

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Hi folks -

new to the forum - and hoping to get some help with an issue. I have a 1993 Corolla, which has been pretty good to me. I just got a new instrument cluster off of eBay - my speedo head had gone bad, and I could not deal with out a speedometer.

The cluster came in good shape, and is mostly working OK. The biggest issue is that the gas gauge is not reading correctly. It will go to "full" when I fill it, but it drops very little as I use gas (I put 7 gallons in today, in an 11 gallon tank, and the gauge had been reading 3/4 full before I did that). I think that the speedo is also a little off (seems to read higher than I am going, by about 4-5 MPH).

I am most concerned with the gas gauge. Does anyone know if this could be a compatability issue with the cluster, or if the repair might have messed up something?

Many thanks -

Jason B


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    Hello I don't think the repair itself messed up anything. If your fuel gauge was working fine before you changed the cluster, then you have a defective cluster. If you had a problem with your fuel gauge before then you have a problem in your fuel tank. From an amateur mechanic.
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    I was recently installing a new radio in my car. Well, in my infinite stupidity I managed to get some wires crossed and now no power is getting to my radio or my dash lights. I have been unable to find the problem after checking the fuses. It is entirely possible I missed something, though. Note that the car doesn't ding when the door's open and the key is in the ignition, nor does it ding when the lights are left on (both things it does when working properly). The steering wheel also does not lock when the car is off (another thing it should do). The car itself is still running fine. The turn signals, heater, A/C, and status indicator lights all work properly. It's just the radio and the dash lights that are out. I'm thinking there might be a fuse I missed that could be the cause of this, but I'm not entirely sure, so I was hoping someone here could enlighten me on the matter. Any help would be appreciated.
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    have a 2007 corolla. just bought it. had to repace side mirror that had been ripped off. the wires had been ripped off and left hanging inside the door, and probobly shorted. the radio and side mirrors don't work. have checked all the fuses in the engine compartment fuse block. they are all good. is there another fuse block or fuseable link that I am missing? everything on the dash works fine, (A/C, heater blower, lights, wipers, ect.)
    any help would be appreciated
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