Pontiac Grand Prix Intermittent Odometer

mdragemdrage Member Posts: 1
I have a 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix with an analog odometer. It is working intermittently. When it works, both the trip and overall odometer work. Occassionally the odoters wil reverse for a couple of tenths before going in the normal direction. I took the vehicle to a Pontiac dealership, but they had no idea where to begin. Any suggstions?


  • napa0356napa0356 Member Posts: 1
    hello my 96 has got a bug in it when i getup to 100kmh and let my foot of the gas pedal the speedometer drops to zero when i press on the gas the rpms jump to 4000 hard shift then it goes what could be wrong
  • 1warrenoleoie1warrenoleoie Member Posts: 2
  • 1warrenoleoie1warrenoleoie Member Posts: 2
    My 06 Pontiac Gran Prix speedometer started acting strange? It jumps up to about 40 when you start out driving and then it reads about? 110MPH when your going between 60-75? Is this a sensor problem? IF so where is the sensor located? Any help with this problem would be appreciated. It also started shifting hard but I haven't check all the posts yet for a hopeful solution for that. Thanks, Warren
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