fuel injectors and fuel pump what I found out

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I found other posts on this was so long I just posted this for anyone who needs help with a van that runs rough wont idle and dies out when u go to drive or any other. I don't use this van much just a project car and I decided to get her running right. first time I started it ran like crap. I had to keep pumping gas pedal to keep trying to run. at first I thought needs tune up so new plugs distributer cap and rotor no help at all. I started with a look around all the systems involved with fuel delivery. I found a vent line that runs to fuel tank just forward of the fuel filter had a rubber hose that was like soggy spongy and leaking behind the other lines that run by it. I would say follow line forward under van by fuel filter about a foot or more toward front.d I had hoped this was my problem because that has to do with the emission system which is suppose to be a closed loop. It had no effect but was happy I found it for when I do fix problem. I looked at fuel injectors while running and noticed not only a slight mist spray which is fine but was also leaking a line of fuel as well out of both injectors. So I buy two new fuel injectors replace no help. I finally got my fuel pressure test kit in and when I tested I only had about 3 lbs of pressure coming out which at the time did not realize it was telling my my fuel pump was working slightly but not the 17-20 lbs it should be. dropped tank (not that hard really there are videos on YouTube that will save you lots of timer on how) replaced pump and van ran like a champ! now only a strong mist of fuel like its suppose to be came out injectors. somehow I forgot to make sure that fuel gauge was working after removing sending unit. Was working but now its acting like its backwards f is E and Empty is full? I will drop it again to fix but these 4.3 engines are very strong and last a long time if oil changed and treated good. I bought new and always used synthetic oil because being a aircraft mechanic I knew of its great properties. everything else on van body will fall apart but that engine is like the 350 with 2 less cylinders. I know the emission system is working because of fix earlier of rubber hose that I still don't know why they didn't just run metal line all the way? I also bought a spark plug and IAC and injector test kit and knew my spark was not the problem they all tested great but changed IAC anyway. just thought this may help someone else. bottome line is if you suspect fuel problem first look at spray pattern of injectors if anything but a perfect circle of spray and with fuel running out from them dripping fast that would be fuel pressure problems and no one wants to drop tank but It is not that hard at all really. had whole job done in about 3 hours max.
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