Nissan Frontier Crew Cab (2000 & 2001)

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I've read the latest Car and Driver response to
the 2000 Frontier and it was scalding to say the
least. Other stories that I've read had nothing but
positive spins.


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    budget is with the specific magazine. Who would offend a company with a large advertising budget...kinda like slappin the hand that feeds ya. I have never been disappointed with Nissan's quality from their 300ZX, Maxima, and Hardbody series which I still own after 10 years. Don't think anything go to change in the near future regarding their quality of product. My $.02
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    Overpriced cracker jack box!!!!
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    Call that a back seat!! LOL
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    Could not have bought a better truck.It fits my needs perfectly.
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    I wouldn't listen to magazine that drives CARS all the time, they don't know how to test a truck. Read the reviews given by Trailer Life or any of the boat mags to get a non biased view. Plus those guys use nothing but trucks.But it's a
    Good truck at a great price(it's not overpriced, nobody else offers a crew cab at that price), excellent reliability, laughs at towing a 4000lb boat at the steep boat ramps or on the highway, more importantly it's not a RANGER!!!
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    found in the comics section?


    I agree, the ranger's back seat is a POS!!
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    Mahi, your kidding yourself along with anyone who knows about towing. A 4,000 lb boat with a truck that has 170HP and 200ft/lbs of torque! LOL! Nice story. Anyone can do the math, the two don't add up. Add your truck weight, people weight, gear weight...Yes, it may be able to barely pull it, but not as you wish or dream......
    "laughing" how about grunting.... LOL!!!!
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    You may be right, but prove yourself. Show us the math, or are you too dumb.
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    vince said over all the boards:

    Gooba, you are so lame! I really must have pissed
    you off when I showed you just how weak, cheap and
    where the Frontier stood in the compact truck food
    chain, at the bottom! LOL... Also, a solid diff
    better, ask any offroad shop. Just goes to prove
    once again, you don't offroad. When the Ranger
    switched in 97 there was quite a controversy.
    And why don't you tell everyone here what the 0=60
    times are for your 3.3 Supercharged bandaid? How
    about 9.5-9.9!! LOL... Why can't Nissan make a
    naturally aspirated engine to compete with
    Ford/GM/Toyota? Can you imagine a Supercharged
    4.0 in a RAnger?? it would absolutely trounce
    your weak 3.3 Supercharged! LOL....

    Once again, Bad Vince, for being happy with your
    Good gooba, cncman, mahi, for liking your Nissan.
    Same old story, never ends, Ford bad, Nissan good.
    I just pissed you guys off showing you why the
    Ranger is NUMERO UNO, number one for those of you
    who don't speak two languages..
    Live with your choice and don't challange any 4.0
    5spd Rangers with those weak 3.3's. And another
    word of advise, Really, don't challange any new
    SOHC 4.0 Rangers... [email protected]!!

    Mahi, your kidding yourself along with anyone who
    knows about towing. A 4,000 lb boat with a truck
    that has 170HP and 200ft/lbs of torque! LOL! Nice
    story. Anyone can do the math, the two don't add
    up. Add your truck weight, people weight, gear
    weight...Yes, it may be able to barely pull it,
    not as you wish or dream......
    "laughing" how about grunting.... LOL!!!!

    Ok, you Nissan whiners, just face it you bought
    the compact truck lowest on the food chain!! LOL!
    Enjoy your weak 3.3 and 2.4's. Ford has 3
    engines, but I guess you don't want to mention
    huh? Nor do you want to mention a 3.0 is only
    about 300 dollars more than a 2.5, Nor will you
    then mention a 3.0 has 150HP and 192f/lbs of
    torque, is available in ANY Ford RAnger, Along
    its 4.0 is Available in ANY Ford RAnger..
    Rangers rule! The Frontier doesn't even make the
    top 30!! LOL as far as sales numbers.. Nor has
    Nissan truck even broke the top 25 mark in sales,
    Why Cncman? If the Nissan is so superior why
    over 15 years hasn't Nissan taken the number one
    spot in sales? Sales do matter as much as all of
    you want to try to say they don't. Sales make
    money! Something Nissan hasn't done for years!
    Yes, I smoked one of your precious 4 door high
    tech 3.3 Frontiers with my older pushrod 4.0!
    See you in the Cascades
    Oh, I don't see Frontiers up there, they can't
    make it!! LOL....

    Anybody see a pattern?
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    I was seriously looking for a four door truck within the compact group, and that placed me into a category that was met only by the Nissan Frontier. The bed space was limited, and that suited my needs as if I needed to haul anything that did not fit into the bed, I have a super heavy duty 5X8 utility trailer in my garage to handle those loads. I liked the look of the truck,
    and so I started to look and shop for one. One of the articles that I read was in reprint form at Nissan dealers, and although some marks were fairly high, they addressed the power issue as being somewhat of a lightweight situation. The end of the article read that if more power was an issue, then wait for the new Dodge Dakota to emerge with an available V8 engine. I was so hot on the Nissan, but I had not yet found one with the stick that I could test ride. Finally, I called a dealer nearby and they had a unit in the SE class with a five speed, roof rack, LSD and a bed extender (which I couldn't care less about). It was an acceptable color, and I rushed over to test drive it and had mentally completed the purchase subject of course to price negotiations. What a disappointment followed. The clutch and brake were too close together for my large (12) feet, but it didn't really matter, because the power was so "wimpy." I thought that I might have to use my trailer to pull the truck. Then I looked at the article that had at the end recommended purchasing a Dodge Dakota if more power were needed and/or desired. Good advice, because when I told my wife the details of my test ride, she said;"you always loved your Dakota Club cab ('95 V8 5 speed LST) and I think it would be worth the wait." To end my saga, that's what I did and have not regretted my decision. Perhaps it is because the Japanese have smaller feet and care little about available power, that the design is such as it is. I still think it is a neat looking package, and cannot comment on reliability because I have never owned one. Nor do I intend to do so.

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    I'm sorry you don't have the credit or the money to buy a Frontier. But one day if you work hard and save yur money like a good little boy you should be able too!

    Why don't you come to FL and show me how my truck pull my boat? I'm inviting you, I'll take you out in the boat we'll do some fishing. Maybe you'll make it back....maybe you won't, who knows. The only thing you towed was your Ranger behind a AAA wrecker!!!!!LOL Have a good day Kitty Kat!
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    I'm 6'5" with size 15 feet with a 5spd extended cab Frontier and I have no problems driving, even when I first got it.
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    bookitty mentioned size 12 and you mentioned size 15. I think the dimensions you need to know is the width size. Maybe bookitty has size EEEEEEE width as would explain his side to side problem...
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    Here we go! Someone totally new enters the board and the Nissan crew jumps all over them. Truth hurts huh boys! LOL!! The Frontier is whimpy!
    Your kidding yourself with the 4K tow, you making me laugh along with anyone else who tows... Do the math yourself.... 170HP 200ft/lbs of torque
    4K boat + people + gear + trailer... would make it closer to 5K total... 200ft/lbs doesn't pull 5K lbs easily my friend, nice try though.....
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    Bill, I never drove the extended cab, only the crew cab. I wear triple E or double wide shoes and I had difficulty keeping my feet untangled. I did not mention this in my post, but the back seat was a bit small. I'm not trying to ditz the truck, only mentioning that it does not meet my needs. I also feel more comfortable purchasing American products although I realize that we are in an international market, and that there are many foreign made components in American vehicles
    and that there are offshore manufacturers with plants in the U.S. But as I said, I am more comfortable. Please realize that my post was completely subjective, but I said what I meant. Boy, you must really have a tough time purchasing footwear. I thought that I was the only one.

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    Congrats on your Dodge.Not all trucks fit everybody's situation.Enjoy.
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    vince posted once again on the boards:

    Here we go! Someone totally new enters the board
    and the Nissan crew jumps all over them. Truth
    hurts huh boys! LOL!! The Frontier is whimpy!
    Your kidding yourself with the 4K tow, you making
    me laugh along with anyone else who tows... Do the
    math yourself.... 170HP 200ft/lbs of torque
    4K boat + people + gear + trailer... would make it
    closer to 5K total... 200ft/lbs doesn't pull 5K
    lbs easily my friend, nice try though.....

    Gooba, you whine too much..
    Don't start getting down on me for the backlash
    you guys started! Between the 4 of you all I heard
    from the start is Ford bad, Ford garbage, Ford
    junk crap. I just showed you different and you
    guys didn't like it.
    And about the 3.0 option.. WRONG once again.. Its
    about a 300 dollar upgrade.. Yes, I will give you
    that the 2.4 will whip up on a 2.5... But Nissan
    only offers 2 engines, Ford 3..... If you look at
    the stats of the 2.5 vs the 3.0 MPG is only about a
    1 to 2 MPG difference...

    Gooba, nice paste.. you have no life? Frontier in
    the shop? YOu have proved to one other person you
    know NOTHING about offroading.. Your lame bud..Now
    enjoy your bottom of the food chain Frontier..LOL!
    Spoog, lies, lies, lies.. We have gone over these
    issues over and over again in the Ranger vs Toyota
    Room. Ranger does come with skidplates, Ranger does
    have a limited slip too.. The TRD has a useless
    locker.. Can only engage it in 4low and at under
    5mph per the manual, and when not engaged its an
    OPEN Axle, pretty expensive option you may use
    about 3% of your total driving time. The rest of
    your TRD is Bilsteins and springs.. You got taken
    bud.. Enjoy that sticker..

    Lockers don't help you in icy or snowy conditions.
    You want a limited slip diff. Lockers are more
    for straight away acceleration and not good for
    corners or turning. A limited slip has a clutch
    mechanism where one wheel slips and causes the
    clutch to engage the other tire. Locker is when
    both wheels spin at the same rpm at the same time
    constantly. Lockers are usually found on the folks
    who do some serious rock climbing or snorkling or
    serious offroading. Stats show that over 90% of
    4x4's don't even see gravel! I think for you a
    locker would be way over kill..

    Pattern continues.
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    What part don't you believe? That I tow a boat that big or that it pulls it? What you are displaying to everyone is how little YOU know about towuing every time YOU try to post about it. It doesn't just come down to JUST torque, maybe for you since your truck isn't geared correctly because you put bigger tires on your truck without changing your gears(nice and cheaply done by the way, as are the rest of your upgrades), but rather the whole package. I think this is why it's so hard for you to understand...THE FRONTIER IS A BETTER PAKAGE THAN THE SHOTTY, PROBLEM-MATIC, RECALL-RIDDEN, CHEAP INTERIOR PLAGUED RANGER.

    Oh by the way KITTY, if you weren't to lazy to really do your research(such as what the total weight of package that I tow)because I've posted it before(plus pictures)you wouldn't keep getting proven STUPID! Obviously you didn't graduate anything...because if you did you would know how to support your theory, facts or whatever you call it.
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    "Oh by the way KITTY, if you weren't to lazy to
    really do your research(such as what the total
    weight of package that I tow)because I've posted it before(plus pictures)you wouldn't keep getting
    proven STUPID! Obviously you didn't graduate
    anything...because if you did you would know how to support your theory, facts or whatever you call

    Mahimahi, prior to graduation (about second grade)
    I learned that the preposition "to" is not used in lieu of the adverb "too". Further, the quote from William Shakespeare, "Methinks that thou protests too much" is indeed indicative of your tendency to play defense before the game begins. I never in any posting now or prior, mentioned anything about you, your truck, your tow package or the ability to haul or tow anything. Nor, did I claim that I did research into the subject and/or offer or submit a theory. I would suggest that you re-read my posts keeping a dictionary by your side as you do so. My opinions, were just that, "opinions" and nothing more. My test drive experience again, was just what I encountered as relates to the difficulty in operating the brake and clutch with my feet, not your feet or anyone else's feet. The power of the engine felt extremely marginal and I did not believe that it would comfortably tow my particular trailer and loads. There are various definitions of tow, and my definition is that it should do so effortlessly. I guess one could tow a coal truck with a Pekingese dog if one had a whip, but that may prove to be excessive. Perhaps you are now dissatisfied with your vehicle, and if you are, bite the bullet and trade it in for another truck (whichever one you might choose). I would certainly appreciate you not mis-quoting me in any form, and when you grow up, you may respond.

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    Uh.... bookkitty,
    Vince was not refering to you I believe when he said "kitty", it is a name that Vince has somehow picked up!
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    If Mahimahi was not referring to my posts, it seems like I drew on the wrong guy. If I did so, then my apology is in order. Maybe it was me that played "defense." I am so used to being addressed as "Boo" or "Kitty" that I thought that I was being attacked. Now you can see what type of response system is installed. Marty, if you read this and were not addressing my fairly mild and totally subjective comments, then I am sorry that I responded thus. I have never claimed to be smart, only well educated. There is a difference.

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    If you guys were 1/2 as smart as bookitty with your posting in this forum, I might learn a thing or two about trucks other than mine. That's why I come to these boards so as to better educate myself. Call me crazy.

    It is sort of like golf (for me at least) I hit 1 or 2 good or even great shots during a round. That's just enough to get me back out for another round.
    Some people on this forum just throw insults back and forth but once and a while I learn something so I keep coming back.
    I'am not sure if bookitty was insulted or not. But the point is the TONE of his (Bookitty) post.In my humble opinion we NEED more post like his.A great TONE with substance.
    My .02$
    OR.)We could just throw down and kick the s*&# out of each other. I'am 6' 215lbs and have been lifting weights for 10 years.I'am in..Also have that size 12 shoe.hehehehe..

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    off the soap box now..

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    bigal31,the name fits.I am 5'8 and 160lbs.I am in also,but I do carry a track jack handle and a 475 Linebaugh just in case.
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    Allen, it seems that mahimahi was addressing another post. I became offended because I thought he was referring to something I said. The person he addressed as "kitty" was not meant to be me. So, no offense intended and none taken, but thanks for your kind words and support.

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    Thanks you were correct.

    I took me about two lines to figure out why your post was to me at first. I thought I can't believe this guy is defending Vince!!!
    Nope that post wasn't for you. I fully respect everyone and anyone's opinion except Vince. Although I did not drive the manual transmission, never intended to because of the driving around town here and the difference in towing capacity, but since I'm 6'1" and 226 with a size 12 shoe, I could see how they might be too close together. Even with my size I find that there is plenty of room in this truck.
    Just to let you know I wouldn't criticize your opinion because it's your opinion! You were serious about buying the truck, you drove the truck, you evaluated the truck and your opinion was developed. This is not the process that one "exceptional moron" aka [non-permissible content removed] Kat(Kitty)uses when he talks about the Frontier.

    I hope you enjoy your Dakota, they are a damn good looking truck.

    Thanks for the suggestion, I agree with you except it shouldn't come to that at all. It's just that Vince is my 'pin cushion' and after work I get to relieve at his stupidity. I think we all do, well everybody except the Ford owners that is.

    Oh by the way I'm in for the rumble, but I should warn you guys. My last name ends in a vowel and in cab I have a .45 caliber, 5-gallon bucket and a 30lb bag of ready-mix cement. You never know, right?:)
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    Oh c'mon gooba, it was hot out there! Plus there was alot of sand...did the enemy even fight back?
  • bigal31bigal31 Member Posts: 189
    At least for 1 day its been nice here.
    For what its worth (back on topic)
    Pro.. I like the Nissan Frontier Crew Cab I think they have made great strides. Once you get used to the front end which didn't take long.It is a great looking truck. I don't think it is easy to pull off and market a four door pickup that doesn't look strange.
    Con..At 210 hp with a super charger I think they would have been better served going with an optional V-8 (like the Dodge Dakotas) maybe they will make the change in the next few years. For some including myself It was one of the things that kept me from seriously looking into one..

    Vince8: If you are 280 and have been running for 15 years, has it been back and forth to Taco Bell or Burger king?? heheheheh..Oh and did you train Sumo wrestlers?? LOL

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    I still have not gotten used to the front end of the new 2001.It looks to me like they wanted to make it appear that the grille guard was built in.I do not think it works,besides I have been trying to picture it with a grille guard on the front and I think it would really be ugly.
    I agree that a V8 option would be great,as long as it was bigger in cubic inches.Not like Chevrolet with their 4.3l V6 and their 4.3L V8.

    bigal31,I like that.You forgot the Big Macs,although I wonder about the running part,or is that from the car to the door?Don't forget they usually order everything on the menu but a diet soda.I have not figured that out yet.
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    Fair....I think we all have alot to share with each other about our own trucks if we don't have to be worried about it being held against each other. We certainly could help those who want to join OUR elite "club" of pick up ownership. The way I see it, there are alot of people out there that are in the market for a pickup and have never owned anything except a car. I think they need to know how exciting it is to own a pickup(no matter what brand) and that if you have one that has problems or if over time it didn't perform the way they wanted..try another brand or model. I've owned both 2wd and 4wd' thing I like, even with 2wd's, the ground clearence. I like being able to pull over a curb when parking space runs out(I go to alot of football games) and it rains alot here in FL and I don't have to worry about running through semi-flooded streets. Ok enough rambling...I say we show these people how exciting it is to own a pickup.
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    Guys, great idea. I'm proud of both of you. This way, folks visiting the forum will receive the intelligent input and posting of which you are both capable. I'll even put away my "poison pen."


    PS Allen, be a good boy!
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    I am not sure but has everyone here addressed this topic. I think so....On this truck my final rating over all, 1 thumb up.

    Bookitty: It's a done deal.
    I have other fingers for other topics (trucks) if you know what I mean.) Sorry Boo I couldn't resist.

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    I know the action and drama in other rooms will fall off in the coming months. I do however agree that people may not enter a room if they see me and someone else throwing nasty comments and remarks at each other.. Peace..
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    I recently traded my 98 S10 ZR2 ex cab for a Nissan Crew Cab 4x4 SE.
    I think it is the coolest truck on the road.

    I know what a powerful compact pickup is i.e. my S-10, and I am happy with my 19+ MPG 4x4 Nissan crew cab.

    I am in sales and the 15 MPG S-10 was killing me at the pump.

    I have owned multiple Rangers, and multiple S-10's which the Rangers can't hold a candle to and I like this Crew Cab best. IMO and for what I do, alot of hwy miles and limited off roading to pick up my trophy bucks in the woods HA HA, it is the perfect truck for me.

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    I have pulled my 4000lbs travel trailer all summer (closer to 5000lbs when loaded for camping) and I have to say I don't break any speed records; it is a little loud; Gas mileage is low; but it has plenty of power for me!!! I have just come back from a hunting trip up north and I was fully loaded pulling two 400cc 4x4 Kawasaki ATV's and didn't even notice them back there. The roads I travelled would compare to driving over a huge washboard with potholes and rocks sticking out everywhere!!

    mahimahi - I believe you 100% when you say it pulls your boat fine!

    My suggestion for those who want more power - ask yourself why you need more power. unless your pulling a heavy construction trailer everyday for work; or you are camping every weekend (or retired)and travelling long distances with a 4500lb travel trailer; why do you need more power?

    This truck will easily pull a trailer of furniture for a weekend move; it will pull two snowmachines with full gear; it will pull two seadoos, or any tent trailer, and many 20ft travel trailers (if you want something bigger - get a full size truck with a fifth wheel). It will do all this EASILY. If you need more - get a full size truck that can handle the weight better - it all isn't just about the engine size.

    As to the other comments, yup.. there are things wrong with this truck. I personally have several pet peeves...and I can see bigger people feeling cramped.

    All told though - I still haven't seen any vehicle that can give you everything the CC does; namely: performance; reliablity; PRICE; Utility, attractiveness.

    I am not trying to justify to anyone why I bought my CC - I don't have to - it justifies itself everyday; especially on weekends!
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    I am going first thing am to make the deal on an 01 XE King Cab 4x4. I have driven the Frontiers several times over the past year, and have always truthfully found the acceleration to be just fine.

    I have driven only manual transmission models and have asked that the dealer get one for me. Considering I am coming out of a Jeep Cherokee (XJ with 190hp 4.0), I wonder what all the complaints about power are. I agree with the post above-if you are towing heavy construction equipment or something like that, why on earth are you looking at a little truck in the first place???

    I have long thought that Nissan built good vehicles, and I need a truck just like many of you-for hauling small loads but primarily ME back and forth to work.

    I am hopefull that I can tow my Suzuki Samurai with the truck, but I can't see it being a problem with the Zuki only weighing in around 2500 lbs including the lift and 31's.

    Just my .02 cents, and my congratulations to the kids who decided to stop fighting on here.

    Mr O
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    Just bought 2000 frontier, 2wd, crew cab. It'ts been in the shop more than on the road. New distributor, computer, service engine light on. The attorney is now involved. Any other similar problems out there. I've owned sever Nissans previously and this one does not meet the standard.
  • keaneckeanec Member Posts: 349
    You got a lemon!! Every car manufacturer has them; even Nissan. Hopefully you are from the states because most states have laws which force car companies to buy back lemons! Up here in Canada we are not so lucky; no such law! We have to fight tooth and nail and the small guy usually loses. We do have some help though - a guy named Phil Edmundson has a sight call the lemonaid guide and he fights (and wins) against the big guys for the rest of us.

    Good luck - make them buy it back and move on! To be honest, I think you wouldn't go wrong with another Frontier. Those problems you are haveing aren't showing anywhere else. The only problem that has ever surfaced has been a carrier bearing problem that is easy to dealer did it (and the whole driveshaft) in 35 minutes.
  • keaneckeanec Member Posts: 349
    congrads on your new purchase...You are going to like it!

    Don't worry about towing the Suzuki - the CC can pull 2500lbs without breathing hard!

    As for the power, I honestly believe you will find the engine to be reponsive, quick and plenty powerful for most everyday needs.
  • cheaplxcheaplx Member Posts: 3
    Thank you for the info. As it happens, I agree with you 100%. I drove a TON of little trucks before deciding on the Frontier, and I'll tell you it drives just fine in my mind. My wife and I took ours on a 50 or so mile trip yesterday shopping...on the highway I looked down and was traveling 90!

    I have owned a lot of fast cars in the past-if I wanted a fast car, I would have bought one. I absolutely love this truck, and I like that I got exactly the equipment I wanted (I had been looking for canary yellow...but when I saw a green one it was all over).

    Anyway, I'm expecting to have a bunch of good times with this truck. If I don't find some aftermarket parts sources soon, however, I may just go into business for myself. It appears that there are a number of 'enthusiasts' out there who would like to buy enhancements for their Nissans...and very little aftermarket to support it.

    The coming weeks will tell-Nissan releases the new line of accy's for the 01 in November.

    Thanks all,
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    2001 nissan cc is the truck for me> I bought mine 2 mo. ago and i love it the wife drives a pathfinder she loves it. I sold a 89 f-250 ext. cab 4x4 to get my nissan best thing i ever did LOL LOL next to my wife and kids, witch i might say fit very nice in the back. There is also plenty of room for my 2 neapolitan mastiffs, tottaling almost 400lbs. Its a great run around truck for the familie guy that still needs 4 doors and doesent want a 20ft. long 8ft. wide fullsize 4 door truck. I must say 2 thumbs up love my truck.
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    I just traded in my 97 ford taurus for the 2001 desert runner. I needed a truck and I did not like everything out on the market. I really enjoy the new look of the frontier. I was going to buy the quad cab but my boss already owns one. You can not buy the boss's car. (they will think they pay you too much) I notice one comment about the engine light coming on in the new models. I was told that you have to remove the key from the ignition completely when fueling the vehicle. If you do not then the engine light will come on. I have had mine for just a day and the comfort surprises me. I did not do any research on this vehicle at all so I am glad to hear responses.
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    Congrats on your new truck.As far as the Check engine light,I have never heard of having to remove the key completely when fueling.I do know that if you do not tighten the gas cap that the check engine light will come on.
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    Just bought 01 crew cab se.I have followed the progress of this truck since seeing its fore- father in barbados 8 years ago.All your possitive notes and my extensive research just re-assure me I made a right choice. I came from a 200sx ser and wanted a change, sure not near as fast but hey its a different vehicle purpose.I've noticed the extensive access. for the X-terra has any one found a source that has 2001 frontier access.
    yet. Waiting on delivery of my silver baby.!!
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    Does anyone know if the supercharger will go onto the existing 3.3 in the 2000 model??..I like my body style much more, and I don't want to loose over $4,000 to pep up my engine......I called the dealership and they said since they are so new, that they don't have any specifics on them...that would be great if they made it available to the other engine models...but knowing how most of these companies are, they make you buy the newest edition to get all the newest goodies!!....
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    It's my understanding that the supercharger won't fit under the hood of a 2000. That's why the hood line and front fenders on a 2001 are slightly taller. I've talked to several people that own S.C. 2001's, comparing them with my 2000, and the fuel mileage is substantially less (despite to published numbers). And with the price of premium fuel hanging around $2.00 these days,fitting a supercharger would be an expensive proposition. If you are looking for a little more power, without spending a fortune, try a K&N air filter and a cat-back exhaust upgrade. If that's not enough, try an MSD or Tech-ll ignition upgrade. Get a copy of Grassroots Motorsports magazine and look up some of the shops that specialize in Nissans. They can direct you in getting the most value/power for your buck.
  • lawkatlawkat Member Posts: 4
    Hi all! Right now I'm seriously thinking of trading in my '97 Maxima GLE for an '01 Frontier 4x4 SC CC. The Maxima has all the creature comforts as well as a solid, fast, smooth, luxurious ride. The truck would also be equipped with all the possible creature cab comforts (ie cd, leather, etc.) but am I trading in the ride as well? I like the convenience of the pick up bed versus trunk. (Soccer mom and I can't fit all the chairs, coolers etc in the trunk.) The truck also looks hot! So, how's the ride in it? I want a 4x4 as we visit friends in Arizona who live way off, and I mean way off - no paved roads - the beaten track. A 4x4 would make me fearless. Any suggestions?
  • keaneckeanec Member Posts: 349
    I don't have a '01 so i can't comment on its ride, but the '00 has a very good comfortable ride on and off road and should do you just fine! I have compared mine to a '00 Maxima a friend owns and I found that although the Maxima was quieter and tighter, it didn't ride a whole bunch smowhter or better. I hear they have even tightened up the suspension (which I would love!) in the '01 so I would suggest you take it for a test drive. Don't worry about taking off road for the drive because you will be happy with that part so just see if you are happy on-road.
  • lawkatlawkat Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info. I'm heading to the auto show this weekend to check it out. Then it's most likely off to a dealer. I've had two Nissan auto befor (240sx and Maxima) adn have had real good luck as far as reliability adn good ride. (125000 miles on the Maxima in 3 years!) Has your truck been as reliable? Has anyones?
  • brianphabrianpha Member Posts: 25
    I am getting ready to buy a truck and I have
    narrowed down to the Frontier and the Dodge Dakoda
    Quad cab....can anyone help me with my decision? I
    would appreciate any advice you can offer!

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