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Toyota RAV4 Audio Nav Sat DVD iPod Bluetooth

blainew1blainew1 Member Posts: 3
edited September 2014 in Toyota
im installing a sound system and need to drill a hole in the firewall near the diver side....but i cannot judge a good spot to drill....anyone know?


  • streakbreakerstreakbreaker Member Posts: 2

    It seems the base antenna they give you in the car kit for the MyFi is crap. They say the cable is so whimpy that if you crimp it, even slightly, it ruins the whole run!

    Has ANYONE had XM installed on their new Rav4 in a way that actually receives decent reception?

    Where do I run the cable? Antenna placement?


    Thanks in advance,
  • fdthirdfdthird Member Posts: 352
    Try putting the antenna on the far right corner of the dash and see what kind of reception you get.
  • rhoymerhoyme Member Posts: 10
    I had XM installed in my '06 RAV, but did not have the MiFy model; I got an XM Commander. The small XM Commander base unit mounted beautifully in the center console, and I used the jack in the console for power. I used the antenna from the Commander kit, routed it through the headliner and out the drivers side door, it is magnetically mounted right next to my sunroof. I mounted the Commander control module right next to the cigarette lighter on the dash using velcro. Looks very professional, no wires showing in the interior, and works great!
  • cesarjcacerescesarjcaceres Member Posts: 1
    I just bought the xm commander. Do you have pictures of your installed system? How did you atach the tunner in the center dash?
  • budman3budman3 Member Posts: 187
    I don't have the Rav4 but thought I might help. XM suggests to install the magnetic antenna on metal but I put the antenna with velcro on the black plastic by the windshield wipers. Nobody can tell that you have a MyFi in your car since it is somewhat hidden. I have 3 MyFis and have not had any issues with reception or antennas.
  • jcpoochjcpooch Member Posts: 1
    Just back from visiting 4 installers of XM Radios (Circuit City, Tweeters, Private Radio/Sound system installers). None had a perfect solution where to put the radio (MyFi or the Roady) No brackets can be mounted between dash parts as they are all hard metal or plastic. No suction cups will stick to dash as it is not smooth enough. All said sticky tape would come loose in heat of summer. Basically mounting on top of dash is not possible and I don't want to use the air vent mounts and block air to driver. With just 2 cup holders, thats ruled out. Two guys want to mount it on left side of steering wheel in the indentation (for coins) in dash just below the 3 knock-outs for lights, etc. I have 2 blank knock-outs and one could be removed and a custom bracket made to fit it. What do you all think? I want a nice solid professional looking mount. By the way, what do you think of the Delphi Roady or the Audiovox Xpress? Do you suggest I install the internal fm modulator unit that cuts off the fm external antenna for better reception? HELP Please! JD
  • budman3budman3 Member Posts: 187
    At first I had the myfi on the left side air vents but it wasn't the best for air flow and would sometimes come loose. I decided that I was going to keep the vehicle for a few years and used the self adhesive tape with the adjustable mount and put it next to the glove box. Not only can I see it better but it hasn't fallen down even with it being 110* today. :shades:
  • 06rav406rav4 Member Posts: 1
    I have the new rav4 sport v6 without the JBL audio system and would like have the speakers replaced with higher quality ones and a sub installed.
    Does anyone know what to do for the in-dash cd player- whether to leave it in (is it good enough) or replace it.
    My main question is what does an aftermarket cd player look like once installed because of the curved shape of the dash.

  • charles64charles64 Member Posts: 13
    I have a myfi and installed it myself as follows:

    Antenna - mounted on the roof at the back of the car - center of roof at the rear cargo door. The cable runs around the opening for the rear door on the outside of the weatherstripping until it gets to the bottom of the door, then it crosses into the inside of the vehicle. This is important for preventing leaks. I just used tape to secure the wire at points around the door frame - can't be seen unless the door is opened. When the wire comes inside it goes under the floor of the cargo area, between the right (passenger side) rear seat and the door - tucked in under the plastic molding around the rear passenger side door. Then the cable goes under the front seat and across to the center console - then around the back of the center console (tucked under the housing) and then it comes out of the console on the driver's side right about where the cup holders are, then it goes up to the place where I have my bracket mounted, following the "seam" where the dash meets the console. There is just enough length to the cable to do this on my 2006 rav4.

    Bracket - I use the bracket that came with the unit, and the mounting tape that came with it. I mounted it on the brushed aluminum part of the center dash - to the left and just below the radio - beside the AC controls. When the unit is in the bracket the screen is a little obscured by the wiper control, but I can lean over a bit and see it - and I can easily reach the controls. There is a little swivel action to the mount, so you can adjust the angle. It's not really in the way of anything else in that spot and the tape has been on since Feb with no signs of coming up (now Oct) - not even in our code red 100+ degree days this summer.

    Power - I use the outlet in front of the cup holders but you could also use the one inside the console. Keep the extra cable tied up with a twistie or run it around under something if needed.

    You might be able to mount the whole thing inside the console but you'd have to open it and look down to see the controls or change stations (unless you use the remote). That's where I had my prior XM (roady) installed in my prior vehicle. I liked the fact that it was concealed and there weren't wires running around everywhere but It was a pain to have to open the armrest to view/change - and sometimes the presets would get pushed when I closed the top.

    HTH -
  • sandiegochefsandiegochef Member Posts: 2
    Hello everyone, it seems that the JBL stereo problem discussions are spread out among several threads and I would like to unite this problem into one discussion. It's apparent from several posts that the stereo is not really "satellite ready", and it is assumed that Toyota is has acknowledged, and is working on the problem. After having Sirius since it first came out I really have become a fan of there content (NFL Network, 2 NPR channels, Howard), and don't want to switch to XM.

    The best response I have found regarding this issue in these threads was post by gmarshall56 on Oct 10, 2006. Here is the content of his post, any update/[non-permissible content removed]/success story on this subject is greatly appreciated:

    "Heres a heads up concerning the Sirius satellite radio:

    I've got a RAV4 Sport due in later this week. I asked my dealer rep about the sat. radio option. Here is his email response (take note of the "complication"):

    The JBL system is satellite ready and the cost is about $400 to install the antenna and receiver. I believe this may also come with a one year paid subscription. There is a complication. Toyota has released a technical service Bulletin or TSB indicating that there are problems with the Sirius radios. They have asked us not to install any more in the RAV4 or the Landcruiser until they rectify the situation. After delivery of your vehicle to you, we need to keep in close contact to make you aware of when this can be installed.

    .... thought you might want to know this....
  • rscotts54rscotts54 Member Posts: 47
    I just installed the trailer hitch wiring and found the "secret" path to get through the firewall.

    If you look up under the dash, you will find a large gromet with a bundle of wires about the size of a quarter. It is very high under the dash on the driver's side and "outboard."

    If you look closely at the gromet you will see a "dimple" on the outside ring of the gromet. That dimple actually seems to be an extra hole. I was able to pass a probe through the hole, attach the power wire and pull it back through.

    I used a mechanical "grabber" as the probe. You might be able to do the same with a coat hanger. Probe must go from inside to outside. The "exit wound" is hidden in the engine compartment.

    Of course, YMMV.

    Good Luck. Let us know if you found the path.
  • blainew1blainew1 Member Posts: 3
    the wire is about the size of a nickel....will it fit...and its in an 07 rav4
  • rscotts54rscotts54 Member Posts: 47
    I don't know. The hole itself easily threaded a single power wire. I don't know how much space there is to expand that hole.

    Just Curious. What part of your stereo requires a wire that big?
  • myblack96myblack96 Member Posts: 1
    Just installed a Starmate 4 on my 07 Limited. Antenna on roof back, receiver beside LH pillar on suction cup,direct connect to aux jack in armrest, 12V power from there also. 6' lead reaches if you route through the steering wheel cutout. Only problem is picking up a faint ignition whine audible on quiet stations, peaking at 2-3000 rpm. Not affected by changing cable or receiver location. Not audible on most stations but if I was more picky it would annoy me.
  • theeconomisttheeconomist Member Posts: 4

    I'm shopping for a new small SUV. I like the RAV4 but it doesn't have an integrated navigation system as an option (it does have bluetooth).

    Does anyone know of aftermarket navigation options. I found a Pioneer system (bluetooth integration, MP3 server, back-up camera) that looks promising but it is difficult to know whether it will "fit".
    I would be willing to spend up to about $2500.
  • wsommariva1wsommariva1 Member Posts: 4
    Maybe you guys can help me. I need to remove my radio in my 2002 to install an FM relay for my Sirius radio. Any ideas?


  • blainew1blainew1 Member Posts: 3
    post a pic of it and ill tell you how to take it out
  • wsommariva1wsommariva1 Member Posts: 4
    Sorry, I have no idea of how to post a picture. The radio is the stock one and I need to remove the antenna from the radio.

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Your CarSpace page has albums that make it easy to upload photos. Then you can link to them or tell people to visit your page to see the pics.

    You can visit people's CarSpace pages by clicking on their member name in a post title and hitting the link there, or just type in
  • wsommariva1wsommariva1 Member Posts: 4
    ok, I'll try this.

    Well, seems I need to load my own photos which I can't do. Hopefully some one can guide me pictureless?

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Well, you're almost there - when you go to your Carspace page, click on Manage Albums (you may have to Add an Album first - it's been a while).

    Then you wind up at a form screen that lets you browse your hard disk for jpg photos (the file extension must be .jpg).

    When you see the one you want to upload, you click the Add Photos button. Rinse and repeat. :shades:
  • wsommariva1wsommariva1 Member Posts: 4
    Ok, I'll try it
  • car20car20 Member Posts: 12
    I too was thinking of that car and NAV is the issue...i really want one... so now looking at Honda CRV and Acura RDX...check with circuit city and they will tell you exactly which after mkt fit the RAV4. I didn't get that far yet. Good luck and let me know what you find out.
  • troutguytroutguy Member Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 2007 Limited RAV4 with bluetooth. It works flawlessly with my LG Chocolate phone. For my navigation system I bought a Garmin Nuvi 350 which has text to speech technology and mounts securely on the windshield and plugs into the lighter socket. The mounting bracket can be left on full time as the unit clips in very easily and is automatically turned on when you start the car. It can also be used to navigate cities on foot by slipping it into your pocket for a walking tour in larger cities. There is a newer model out now that has Bluetooth capabilities (Nuvi 360), but the 350 works so well with its own built in speaker I don't see the need for it. I bought it online for under $500 and couldn't be happier with the way it works. The windshield mount is a heavy duty suction cup that can be switched between vehicles.
  • cards28cards28 Member Posts: 145
    I recently purchased the above Garmin GPS and it is as good as troutguy says it is. We live in the Chicago area and we will be relocating to Texas (please, don't ask why-family down there) after my wife retires in less than 2 years. We went house shopping and the Garmin was a God send. Just punch in your location and watch the screen and listen to the prompts and you'll never get lost. I paid only $350 for it.

    I'm also shopping for a 2007 Rav4 V6 Sport and got a deal of $500 over "invoice", as they say. The salesman is a friend of mine, also. I think they have their limits. Is there anything that I should look for or avoid, of course I like the performance of the V6. I test drove it in the rain and it handled very well and it was the 2WD model. If any of you can give me a heads up on it, I would appreciate it.

  • theeconomisttheeconomist Member Posts: 4
    Cards.... the engine is truly incredible. Lots of power and torque -- truly the best in its class.

    I like the 4WD much better than the 2WD. If you really test it out at its limits, it handles so much better.

    Right now I'm favoring the Acura RDX which is slightly more expensive (with "technology package"), but it has better gadgets and handles considerably better IMO.
  • yogi_bearyogi_bear Member Posts: 1
    I'm also upgrading the stereo system in my 2007 Rav4 and need to find the best place to drill a hole in the fire wall to run a 0-guage power cable thru (about the same size as a nickel). Anyone have a good suggestion?
  • justa232justa232 Member Posts: 2
    We are getting an error message "antenna" when we use the sirius radio feature on our new RAV4. It plays fine but you do not know what sirius channel you are listening to. Called sirius and they said to check the antenna connection. Any one know where this is on the JBL radio? The antenna is mounted inside the vehicle on the windshield behind the rear view mirror. Wire goes under the head liner to the right front pillar and I have no idea where from there. I don't want to be messing around where air bags and such could be located. Dealer ship where purchased is about 55 miles away. One of the problems of not buying local. There are 2 Toyota dealers with in 25 miles but they did not come close to the price I got by going out of town.
  • joecarnutjoecarnut Member Posts: 215
    XM411 also XMFAN

    They have message boards and their own stores where you can look at brackets and mounts to get installation ideas.

    I'm very interested in this subject as what vehicles have this option will affect what I buy.
  • dtown40dtown40 Member Posts: 18
    I have a 2007 Rav4 with a factory radio. I use the input in the armrest for my Zune. Sometimes, I get a static noise in playback mode, yet sometimes it works perfect. Has anyone out there had any experiance with a Zune player in their Rav?
  • djankovdjankov Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone installed an indash navigation system like Pioneer AVIC-Z2 on the 2007 RAV4?
    I am looking to buy a 2007 RAV4 4WD LTD and am also considering navigation products. Here in Toronto Toyota offers something called Toyota Navigation System as an accessory, no idea exactly what they build in or if it's available on the RAV4, I still have to check with the dealership, but I suppose I would want something on the high-end side and AVIC-Z2 looks real nice.
    From what I read on AVIC forums, it seems there are kits available for installing double DIN navigation systems. Has anyone actually done it and can you tell me if you did it through your Toyota dealership or some other shop?
  • spaceman210spaceman210 Member Posts: 50
    Suggest you check which will indicate models that are compatible.
  • rlc3rlc3 Member Posts: 1
    I have a Samsung Bluetooth-equipped phone that will not pair with the handsfree system in my new RAV4. My Samsung phone works just fine with a Bluetooth headset and is compatible with remote bluetooth car kits.

    The RAV4 system searches for devices with the pairing PIN displayed but never recognizes the phone. Any suggestions?
  • szfriedszfried Member Posts: 1
    I too just bought a new 2007 RAV4 Limited with the JBL stereo and have ordered the Sirius radio installation. Is there anything else since Oct that you can share with me. What I'm reading says maybe I don't want them to do anything with it. Thanks.
  • mochikomochiko Member Posts: 1
    Have you tried taking it back to your dealer to have them pair it for you? When I picked up my new RAV, the dealer paired both my phone and my husband's.
    I find the RAV's bluetooth system so much better than the one that I have with my phone. I can't believe how clear it is. Very convenient, no fumbling around.
    Hope you are successful. :)
  • fandswfandsw Member Posts: 37
    You are not alone, a lot of other 06 & 07 RAV4 owners are having this problem. Pick up a PAC SNI-1/3.5 Noise Filter, it solves the problem for under $20. Works great!
  • dtown40dtown40 Member Posts: 18
    Sorry, but Im not even sure what that is or where I would get it. Could you give a bit more detail please?
  • tedkintedkin Member Posts: 1
    Any Toyo dealer will handle repairs and warranty items. In fact, they love the business because they get paid for warranty work by the factory. You'll receive the same service from any dealer, even if you didn't purchase the car there.
  • dtown40dtown40 Member Posts: 18
    I found the noise filter that fandsw was talking about at Crutchfield, and it works fantastic. Thanks for the info Fandsw.
  • merdiemerdie Member Posts: 12
    Do you know what they did to pair your phone/RAV 4? I took my RAV4 to the dealer today and they tried to pair my phone and we can get it to pair but it won't stay paired? Was that your problem? Any help appreciated.
  • l2rmbl2rmb Member Posts: 2
    I'm having the same issue with my phone. I also have a Samsung (a427) phone and have noticed when I turn off the vehicle, I lose the connection. Every time I want to use the bluetooth function, I need to go through the entire setup again. What a pain. I've had the vehicle for the past week and will be returning this up-coming week to try and resolve this issue. I'll repost with what I can find out. Good luck to everyone else.
  • merdiemerdie Member Posts: 12
    I went back to the dealer and they tried to pair my Samsung 437 Bluetooth capable phone in my RAV4. No luck, it would not stay paired, each time the connection is broken, you have to start over and re-pair. I called Samsung tech support and after the 4th person, I was told the 437 might not pair with the car. The Toyota dealership recommended I try to get another phone, they suggested Motorola because Motorola, they said, pioneered the Bluetooth pairing. Luckily I had got the Samsung 437 with ATT two weeks ago and had renewed a two year contract and I had 30 days to exchange my phone and they recommended I got to the ATT store and get help with a phone more suitable. I got a Motorola V365 (a RAZR would have worked also) and the ATT guy went to my car, paired it and it works perfectly. So Samsung lost a customer and I am happy with my Bluetooth in my car now. As suggested by someone else on this forum, you can go to and see a list of phones that are suitable for your vehicle. The Samsung 437 is NOT listed. Good luck.
  • jrobcetjrobcet Member Posts: 1
    So it seems my wife is not alone....

    She has a Samsung A437, and we are having the same problem. It simply will not pair automatically. Luckily, she has only had the phone for about 2 weeks. I plan to take it back and exchange it for another phone.

    Incidentally, I have a Samsung A727 that works perfectly with the hands free system.
  • wyo757wyo757 Member Posts: 3
    Here are pix from an install a guy did last year. I only bookmarked the photos, but there's probably more info on the rav4world website.
  • esp6952esp6952 Member Posts: 4
    My BlackBerry paired just fine with the RAV Bluetooth but when I talk to people using it they all tell me it sounds like I'm talking from under water. Anyone else having this experience? If so, any ideas to improve the sound at the other end?

  • esp6952esp6952 Member Posts: 4
    My iPod generally works well except for an annoying sound I sometimes hear between songs that sounds like a high-pitched whirring sound. This sound will go higher as I accelerate the car. Anyone else having this issue?

  • sumrx4sumrx4 Member Posts: 40
    I have an 2007 with the basic CD tuner. I know there is an input jack in the console for an IPOD but what about satellite radio. Is there a way to run it via the radio's AUX mode or would I simple have to use some sort of FM modulator. I would really rather not have any additional components visible in the vehicle. What are my options here?

  • silvshadowsilvshadow Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Rav4 black- what can i do to pimp my ride- I like the RAV4, good on gas, small but can be awsome- what can I do-

    open to suggestions
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Check out the Hot Products links at SEMA/Enjoy the Drive.
  • xcaretxcaret Member Posts: 4
    I bought a 06 Rav4 the other day ,it has cd/player with logo MP3/WWA I think its wwa ,anyway I burned a mp3 disc on my computer with songs on it .and burned another cd in cd format ( not MP3) the cd songs play nice ,but the MP3 disc just says no music plays in my computer and other vehicle with aftermaket mp3
    Any ideas whats wrong ??
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