Lincoln TC 1990 trans rumble

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My 1990 TC has a rumble when changing gear from 2nd to 3rd (17mph to 27mph) no problem if you put your foot down on the gas hard. It's done 240K, I've had it a year and not changed the plugs or leads - or the trans fluid; could this be the cause? It has very little use, only started after I'd driven it for 10 miles(it was fine) then I stopped and thats when the problem started.


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    Having the same trany in our two cars and having experienced the shudder, rumbel, we learned that changing the transmission oil in both the trany and fluid coupling including the filter solved the shudder. Good Luck.

    P,.S. Be sure to drain the torque converter (fluid coupling)
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    Many thanks for the information, I'm going to order the parts from 'Rockautos' and get it changed - thanks again. :)
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    My wonderful 90'Lincoln Towncar w.sunroof is in super immaculate condition, FUN TO DRIVE, and low mileage, less than 65k! We call her 'Abe', short for Abby! Battery went low, and several times charged it, car started perfectly, no starter problems what-so-ever, perfect sounding start. It has a standard key, no electronic sensor on key. Several days later, thinking battery was fully charged, went to start, the engine only 'CLICKed', engine would not turn over, starter would not engage. All electrical appears fine inside car, stereo system, all lights, trunk lock, auto-door locks appear fine. Sometimes an ANTI-THEFT yellowish light on panel engages after the 'CLICK'! Is there some sort of electronic 'over-ride' for anti-theft? Thinking it might be a battery problem, replaced old battery with brand new one this morning -- but same thing happened, there's just a 'CLICK' sound from engine area when turning the key. Any ideas? It looks as if I now have two perfectly good batteries, with no car to use! GRRRRR! :(:( Oh, there are two wires attached with one wire to each pole of battery, and one appears to have an in-line FUSE attached to it, and have not yet checked if that fuse is blown. I'd never seen battery lines have direct attachments before owning this car! Could there be any sort of anti-theft device attached to the HOOD of the car? If so, where would it be located? Can that car start if HOOD is fully opened? Please help us help our ABBY!
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    This is a remote possibility, but if you park on a steep incline, either your hood or deck lid's interior light might go on causing a drain on the battery.
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